The Iowa Hawkeye Intrasquad Preview – Pennsylvania Edition

Every season, about two weeks before the first competition, the Iowa Hawkeyes will have wrestle-offs. Though this year they are taking a slightly different approach to these wrestle-offs. Instead of having true wrestle-offs to determine the starter at each weight, Coach Brands has thrown together 16 Intrasquad matches. These Intrasquad matches will showcase the talent of five PA natives. 


Below is the lineup of matches between the two days for the intra-squad matches.    

     Thursday, Nov. 7 @ 3:30 p.m.

  1. Aaron Cashman / *Spencer Lee
  2. Paul Glynn / *Gavin Teasdale
  3. Carter Happel / Justin Stickley
  4. Zach Axmear / Pat Lugo
  5. Cobe Siebrecht / Vince Turk
  6. *Michael Kemerer / Jeremiah Moody
  7. Sam Cook / Connor Corbin
  8. Zach Glazier / Jacob Warner
  9. Tony Cassioppi / Aaron Costello


     Friday, Nov. 8 @ 3:30 p.m.

  1. *Austin DeSanto / Aaron Meyer
  2. Winner #4 / Winner #5
  3. Zach Axmear / *Kaleb Young
  4. Joe Kelly / Alex Marinelli
  5. Nelson Brands / Jeremiah Moody
  6. Abe Assad / Cash Wilcke
  7. Jacob Warner / Winner #7

*= PA Native

Now below I will take a look at the matchups for the PA competitors


Match 1: Aaron Cashman vs. Spencer Lee

The PA native and 2-time National Champ, Spencer Lee will take on Redshirt Freshman and Cadet World Team Member, Aaron Cashman. Last year when the two faced off during wrestle offs Lee came out on top with a fall. 

Even though there is a pretty good chance the 2-time national champ will win in the intrasquad matchup and earn the starting spot, there is also a good chance we see Aaron Cashman in the lineup for a couple duals. As Spencer stated earlier in the preseason, he will be taking the Kyle Snyder route and wrestling folkstyle and freestyle this winter to try and qualify for the Olympic Trials in April and ultimately make the Olympic Team and get gold in Tokyo.


Match 2: Paul Glynn vs. Gavin Teasdale

Will Teasdale go 133, 141, or will he redshirt? 133 is where all the questions lie for Hawkeye fans this preseason. 

In this Intrasquad bout the 4-time Pennsylvania State Champ and former Penn State wrestler, Gavin Teasdale will face off against senior Paul Glynn. I’m really excited to see how this match plays out as Teasdale, as we all know, is a very talented wrestler, but with a year away how will he fare against the Iowa native and former starter for the Hawkeyes. Glynn is a very solid wrestler, I think he would be an NCAA qualifier if he becomes the starter this year for the Hawks. Last year Glynn was awarded the “Most Improved” and “Coaches Appreciation” Awards at the annual team banquet at the end of last season.


Match 6: Michael Kemerer vs. Jeremiah Moody

After the PA State Champ was out all year due to injury, we will get to see him back in action this season starting on Thursday when he will face senior, Jeremiah Moody. Kemerer, the Franklin Regional Alum, is a 2-time NCAA All-American, placing fourth in 2018 and third in 2017 both times at 157. Now up two weights, don’t expect anything different from Kemerer. I still expect to see him on the podium in Minneapolis this season.


Match 11: Austin DeSanto vs. Aaron Meyer

Austin DeSanto, the PA state champ, is also usually mentioned in all the questions about the Hawkeyes. Hawkeye fans were wondering if DeSanto would move up to 141 for this season to make room for Teasdale at 133. I think these intrasquad matches will somewhat answer our questions about 133. Though these intrasquad matches technically mean nothing in the case of determining the starters – Teasdale is wrestling Paul Glynn who is listed at 133 and Desanto is listed at 141. Again these matches technically mean nothing, but it’s just something to take note of.

Also, Max Murin, PA State Champ is not listed anywhere in these intrasquad matches. We can speculate that this means he’s nursing an injury.


Match 12: Zach Axmear vs. Kaleb Young

Last but not least, the PA State Champ from my hometown of Punxsutawney, PA, will take on Zach Axmear. Kaleb Young, the #2 ranked wrestler in the country at 157, was an All-American at 157 last year. Zach Axmear was a State Champ in Iowa as a senior. Don’t expect anything different from Young this year as I expect him to on the podium again this year in Minneapolis.


Aside from the PA guys, these preseason intra-squad matches are always fun. For one, we get our first look at the Hawkeyes for the season. Second, it is always fun to see how the true freshman fare against the veterans of the team. For example this year, True Freshman Cobe Siebrecht will take on Senior Vince Turk.

All I can say is that I am excited to see how these intrasquad matches play out this week. I am especially excited to see how this season plays out and ultimately the NCAA tournament in Minneapolis, MN. My pick to win the NCAA title this year? The Iowa Hawkeyes!

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