Pennsylvania’s 200 Pound-For-Pound Wrestlers Released

Post Super 32, Journeymen, and Fargo means a ton of shifting in the PA Power Wrestling Rankings. With that in mind – we thought it would be exciting to rank the top 200 wrestlers in Pennsylvania regardless of weight or grade (photo of Clayton Ulrey by Sam Janicki). Several factors were used to come up with the top 200 including…

  • Overall career performance during the scholastic school year (i.e. major in-season tournaments and PIAA & National Prep post-seasons)
  • Results from Freestyle & Greco styles (i.e. PAWF States, Fargo, and FloNationals)
  • A wrestler’s performance at off-season Folkstyle events (i.e. Super 32, Journeymen, The Surge, etc.)
  • The FloWrestling National Rankings were also considered.

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