Help Determine Pennsylvania’s Top Incoming Freshmen of 2020

With Labor Day weekend in the past, it’s time to start talking about which freshmen wrestlers across Pennsylvania will make an impact in their rookie seasons. The list of previous Top Incoming Freshmen include names like Spencer Lee, Gavin Teasdale, Luke Pletcher, and Ryan Crookham. Who will make the top 75 in the 2020 TIF Report? Which wrestler will be named Pennsylvania’s overall Top Incoming Freshman? Those are answers that you can help determine!

Simply complete the form below to voice your opinion on who should be featured on the list. The TIF of 2020 Report will be released in November following PA Power Wrestling’s pre-season tournament The Surge. Last season two of the top five rookies on the TIF of 2019 Report won Surge Championships over upperclassmen.

All rookies wishing to be considered for the TIF of 2020 Report are encouraged to register and compete in The Surge!



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