8 Days To Pittsburgh Nationals: How Many Pennsylvania Wrestlers Compete For DI Programs?

PITTSBURGH, PA – We are counting down the days until the 2019 NCAA National Tournament comes to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Photo of Jordan Wood by Sam Janicki.

After combing through every single NCAA Division I roster – I have an answer for the official total number of wrestlers on a NCAA Division I program, with a hometown in Pennsylvania. That number for the 2018-2019 season is 296

It’s actually quite incredible when you look at the number of high school programs and participants in the State of Pennsylvania. That nearly 300 wrestlers are on a NCAA Division I roster this season is impressive even to a guy who studies Pennsylvania Wresting for a living. 

Not all 296 wrestlers have competed this season for their respective schools but that doesn’t really matter. They put in the work and have earned a spot. When breaking down the total number of wrestlers, it’s no surprise District 7 leads the field with 71 total wrestlers on the list, compared to the second highest in District 3 with 48. Below is a breakdown of each district’s representation and also the list of 296 wrestlers broken down by school.


Number of Wrestlers by PA District


District 1:  26

District 2:  7

District 3:  48

District 4:  21

District 5:  5

District 6:  23

District 7:  71

District 9:  14

District 10:  19

District 11:  38

District 12:  5

Prep:  19


Current PA NCAA Division I Wrestlers 

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