Why State Champs #1 Hillegas and #2 Chlebove Will be on the Same Side of the State Bracket

Everyone has been asking and speculating. Will Sammy Hillegas and Julian Chlebove be on the same side of the 132 pound PIAA State bracket?

The answer? Probably.

There seems to be some confusion in the Wrestling Community about what classifies as automatic separation. According to PIAA Executive Director Bob Lombardi – the only automatic separation occurs when two wrestlers, who both won State Championships in the previous season, win their respective regions. So, despite Julian Chlebove winning PIAA State titles in 2016 and 2017, he is not a returning PIAA State Champion due to him not winning a Championship in the previous season.

Many people assume that since they both have been State Champions in their careers that they will automatically be separated if they each win their respective regions – which is simply untrue. Instead the Regional Champions from across the State are seeded based on two criteria the PIAA has set forth.. The first is winning percentage  and the second is prestige points based on the previous year’s performance.

Unfortunately for Julian Chlebove he will only get points based on his winning percentage and will get zero prestige points. This will significantly hurt his chances of getting anything but the fifth seed at 132 pounds.

Should Sammy Hillegas win the Southwest Regional he will have a total of 200 points and be the top seeded Regional Champion without question.

His 200 points come from being undefeated (38-0), which gives him 100 points, and being a returning PIAA State Champion, which gives him another 100 points.

Should Chlebove win the Northeast Regional on Saturday he will enter the PIAA State Tournament with a season record of (45-3). For criteria #1, winning percentage, would be 45 ÷ 48 = 93.75 which equals 94 points. Unless some major upsets happen on Saturday it is unlikely Chlebove with have enough points to get higher than the fifth seed. Even so, should he get the fourth seed, he will still be on the same side of the bracket with #1 Hillegas.

If things go as planned and the top ranked wrestlers at 132 pounds from each region win here is what the seeds will look like. If anyone but Cade Balestrini wins the NW Region then Chlebove moves up to the fourth seed. But that is as far as he can go considering both SE Regional Finalists each will get prestige points. Michael Cassidy has already locked up his SC Regional title and will have 140 total points. 

Here is how the seeds will look.


1st Seed:  (SW – 1) – Sammy Hillegas – North Hills (200 Points)

2nd Seed:  (SE – 1) – Gunnar Fuss – Harry S. Truman (156 Points)

3rd Seed: (NW – 1) – Cade Balestrini – Shikellamy (144 Points)

4th Seed:  (SC – 1) – Michael Cassidy – Cedar Cliff (140 Points)

5th Seed:  (NE – 1) – Julian Chlevoce – Northampton Area (94 Points)


So if they meet it will be on the top half semifinals at 132 pounds. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter tagging @PAPowerWrestle or on Facebook @PAPowerWrestling


Prestige Point Explanation

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