Live Updates From District 3 Quarterfinal #13 Dallastown vs. #23 Cumberland Valley

#13 Dallastown 33#23 Cumberland Valley 31 

138 pounds – Jacob McKenzie (CV) dec Brooks Gable (DT), 7-5 SV.

The wrestlers spent the first half of the period feeling each other before McKenzie shot and secured a single. It didn’t last long, as Gable shook free without going to the mat. McKenzie had another chance at a single with 15 seconds left but couldn’t pull it tight, and the first period ended scoreless. McKenzie took down to start the second. He was out within 10 seconds to take a 1-0 lead. McKenzie kept the pressure up and latched in a double with 1:20 left in the second to up his advantage to 3-0. Gable closed the gap with an escape to make it 3-1 with a minute left. McKenzie was better on his feet, shooting for another single. But instead of scoring, he slipped off, and Gable got behind for a takedown to even the match at 3 by the end of the second. Gable took down to start the third, and McKenzie cut him to fall behind 4-3. It was the right decision, as McKenzie ducked under with 30 seconds left and turned it into a double to take a 5-4 lead. Gable escaped with 10 seconds left to send the match to overtime deadlocked at 5. McKenzie used a duck under into another single with 35 seconds left for a 7-5 decision.

145 pounds – Cade Reichart (CV) tech fall Sam Druck (DT), 15-0 (4:36).

It didn’t take long for Reichart to show his dominance in neutral. He scored on a takedown with 1:20 left and turned into two near-fall points 20 seconds later for a 4-0 lead. Reichart continued to pour it on as the period slipped away, scoring three more near-fall points on a tilt for a 7-0 lead. Druck took top to start the second but struggled to keep Reichart down. Reichart, eventually, slipped away for a reversal and a 9-0 lead with just over a minute left in the period. Once on top, Reichart went to work on top, executing another tilt for two more near-fall points. The period ended with Reichart holding a commanding 11-0 lead. Reichart was looking for the tech fall and chose top in the third. He scored on another tilt, increasing his lead to 14-0 with 1:30 left in the match. Druck was hit for stalling twice, giving Reichart the 15-0 tech fall in 4:36.

152 pounds – Hunter Sweitzer (DT) dec Ben Belga (CV), 1-0.

Belga had a couple of shots but couldn’t make a dent in Sweitzer’s defense, which lead to a scoreless first period. Belga took neutral to start the second. Sweitzer got in on a single with 1:20 left in the period, but Belga was able to fight it off without giving up any points. Sweitzer got in on another single but couldn’t score. Belga was hit with a stalling warning, and the match remained scoreless. Sweitzer took down to start the third and was out in a hurry to take a 1-0 lead.  Belga came forward, and Sweitzer tried a double. Sweitzer couldn’t finish, and both wrestlers failed to mount offense the rest of the way. Sweitzer took the 1-0 decision.

160 pounds – John Ligon (DT) pin Evan Boyd (CV), 0:53.

Ligon went to work early, securing a takedown and taking Body down to his back. He wasn’t able to secure the pin, but he did register three near-fall points for a 5-0 lead. Moments later, Ligon latched in a cradle and planted Boyd in 53 seconds to get the Wildcats on the board.

170 pounds – Franklin Klinger (DT) dec Matthew Barrick (CV) 4-1.

There was very little action in the first period, as the wrestlers spent most of the two-minute period feeling each other out. With the match scoreless, Barrick chose down to start the second. He was out in the first 15 seconds and took a 1-0 lead that stood up through the end of the period. Klinger opted for the down position in the third. He got to his feet at the start, but Barrick brought him down to the mat. A short 10 seconds later, Klinger spun away and evened the match at 1. With 40 seconds left in the match, Klinger finally got a hold of a single. Barrick stretched along the edge, and a restart was called. Klinger shot at the start, but Barrick sprawled. Barrick got under Klinger and dumped him along the edge. Klinger countered and almost had a takedown of his own. Time ran out before either wrestler could score, which sent the match to overtime tied at 1. Klinger almost had a takedown along the edge with just over 25 seconds, but he was out of bounds. The wrestler went back to the middle and were deadlocked in a tie, sending the match into tiebreaker. Barrick was down to start the first 30-second period. He tried to roll out with just over 10 seconds left, and Klinger caught him in a headlock for three near-fall points. Klinger was down in second 30-second stanza, and Barrick almost put him on his back. Klinger was able to avoid giving up points and took the 4-1 decision.

182 pounds – Jacob Lucas (CV) pin Blake Feeney (DT), 1:58.

Needing bonus points for his team, Lucas went to work with an early takedown. Feeney escaped, but Lucas took him down a second time for a 401 lead with just under a minute left in the period. Lucas kept the pressure on Feeney, putting him on his back and getting a fall in 1:58.

195 pounds – Jarrett Feeney (DT) pin Dontey Rogan (CV), 4:32.

Feeney, ranked 11th in the state, scored on an early takedown and worked for back points. Rogan did a good job fighting off the attempt and scored on an escape at the buzzer to close the gap to 2-1. Feeney was down to start the second and got to his base in the first 15 seconds. Rogan was forced to cut his opponent and fell behind 3-1. Feeney was better on his feet and was close to a takedown along the edge. He didn’t get the points, but he did force a stall call. Rogan came after Feeney, but the Wildcats ace slipped around the side and latched onto a leg. He couldn’t pull it tight, and the match remained 3-1. Rogan was hit with another stall call, and Feeney took a 4-1 lead to the third. Rogan took down to start the third. Feeney ripped in a standing cradle, but Rogan rolled through and only gave up two near-fall points. Feeney executed the same move moments later and had the fall in 4:32.

220 pounds – #5 Jamal Brandon (DT) md Connor Mundis (CV), 19-7.

Brandon kept the Wildcats’ momentum going in the first period, putting Mundis on the mat for a 2-0 lead. Mundis received a neutral escape with just over a minute left, and Brandon scored again for a 4-1 lead. Brandon took bottom to start the second period and was out in the first five seconds to increase his advantage to 5-1. Mundis was no match for Brandon in the neutral position. The Wildcats ace continued to cut Mundis and score on a variety of takedowns. By the time the period came to a close, Brandon had built a 13-4 lead. Mundis was down to start the third. Brandon continued to work for near-fall points, but Mundis was able to keep hi opponent at bay. Mundis escaped with 1:20 left, which gave Brandon another opportunity to score. He didn’t disappoint and had Mundis down on the mat with 1:00 left in the period. Brandon played the escape-takedown game for the rest of the period and earned the 19-7 decision.

285 pounds – #5 Raymond Christas (DT) wins by forfeit.

106 pounds – Caden Dobbins (DT) tech fall Noah Groelly (CV), 15-0 (5:24).

Each wrestler had a chance to score early. Groelly had the best opportunity on a single, but Dobbins managed to shake free and keep the match scoreless. Dobbins drew first blood in this won, taking a 2-0 lead on a go-behind. He rolled Groelly on his back for two near-fall points and led 4-0 after one period. Groelly took neutral to start the second. The move back-fired, as Dobbins worked for a go-behind and increased his lead to 6-0. He added another three near-fall points with 52 seconds left in the period to take a 9-0 lead. Dobbins added another three near-fall points before the end of the period and was flirting with a tech fall at 12-0. Dobbins took top to start the third for good reason. He worked a bar and then a tight waste while looking for the tilt. Groelly fought it off, but Dobbins got the arm and tilted his opponent for a 15- 0 tech fall in 5:24.

113 pounds – Ben Monn (CV) pin Adam Karlie (DT), 4:37. 

With his team needing bonus points, Monn scored on a takedown early. Karlie escaped to make it 2-1 at the 1:00 mark of the first period. Monn latched in a single and pulled Karlie in for a takedown. Monn couldn’t turn Karlie and took a 4-1 lead to the final period. Monn deferred, putting Karlie on bottom. He got Karlie on his back for two near-fall points and a 6-1 lead. Monn continued to press on top but allowed Karlie to escape. Monn went back to work to score a takedown for an 8-2 lead. He locked in a half nelson and was able to add two near-fall points, but Karlie avoided the fall. Monn took neutral to start the third. The Eagles worked Karlie for the takedown and scored a fall with a cradle at 4:37.

120 pounds – Ruston Dzielak (CV) md Carter MacDonald (DT), 13-0. 

Dzielak continued to give the Eagles life with a takedown for a 2-0 lead. He added three near-fall points on a double bar, taking a 5-0 lead at the end of one period. McDonald was down to start the third and remained there until blood time was called 26 seconds into the period. McDonald got to his feet, but Dzielak elevated and brought his opponent back to the mat with just over a minute left. Dzielak continued to press, which forced a stall call on McDonald. Before the period expired, Dzielak added two near-fall points for a 7-0 lead. This time, McDonald was on top. Dzielak executed a Granby and got on top for a reversal. He also forced another stall call to increase his lead to 10-0 with 1:19 left. The restart was much like the others … Dzielak on . top looking for the fall. McDonald did a good job getting to his feet and not giving anything up. Finally, Dzielak was able to fight McDonald over. He scored the three near-fall points but couldn’t get the fall and earned the 13-0 major.

126 pounds – Kyle Miller (CV) md Donovan Trauger (DT), 14-1.

The two wrestlers traded early shots but couldn’t score. Trauger got off a good single attempt, but Miller fought it off and got behind for a 2-0 lead. Miller kept coming, adding two more near-fall points by the end of the period for a 4-0 lead headed to the second. Miller deferred, and Trauger took neutral. It didn’t pay off, as Miller scored on a double with 1:20 left to increase his lead to 6-0. Miller added more points with 25 seconds left on a tilt and held a 9-0 lead headed to the final two minutes. Miller was down to start the third and was out in a hurry to take a 10-0 lead. Trauger was hit with a stalling warning, and Miller added a takedown with 45 seconds left. Another stalling call led to a 13-0 lead by Miller. Another stall call made it 14-0, and Miller cut Trauger for a 14-1 lead with 10 seconds left. Trauger held Miller off late and gave up the 14-1 major.

132 pounds Mason Viehman (CV) dec Cael Turnbull (DT), 4-0. 

Turnbull came out as the aggressor and latched on to a single. Viehman shook it off and kept the match scoreless with 1:20 left in the first period. There was no scoring the rest of the period. Turnbull was on bottom to start the second. Viehman looked for a half and cross face but couldn’t get Turnbull on his back the first minute of the period. Turnbull was hit for stalling with 10 seconds left, but it mattered little as the period ended scoreless. Viehman chose top to start the third period. He went to work, and Turnbull was hit for stalling, which gave the CV ace a 1-0 lead. Turnbull was hit again for stalling with just under a minute left. Still, Viehman needed a pin and couldn’t turn the Wildcats wrestler. Viehman was awarded two points for another stall call, but the 4-0 decision wasn’t enough.


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