Escape The Rock Semifinals Set to Feature State and Nation’s Best Wrestlers on Sunday

Snow is a non-factor here is Newtown, PA where the 2019 Escape The Rock will conclude on Sunday from Council Rock South High School. Saturday’s quarterfinals only had a few surprises but they set the stage for some monster semifinals featuring many of Pennsylvania’s top wrestlers going head-to-head. Below is a look at the quarterfinal results, semifinal match-ups, and my five favorite bouts to watch. 


Five Must See Semifinals


145: #3 Cameron Robinson (Council Rock North) vs. #6 Jagger Condomitti (Northampton)

Junior Cam Robinson was a PIAA State Medalist last season and thus far has notched wins over both #4 Nick Coy and #5 Trey Howard. The tall and lanky Robinson placed fourth at the prestigious POWERade in December and is currently ranked #17 in the Nation by Flo. Condomitti is just a sophomore but considered one of the best in the c/o 2021. The 2018 PIAA State Qualifier was seventh at the Beast of The East and won the Hurricane Classic Championship. At the Beast Jagger lost (13-9) to Waynesburg senior Trey Howard. Robinson, on the other hand, defeated Howard (7-0) at POWERade. 


152: #1 Ryan Vulakh (Pope John Paul II) vs. #1 Dan Mancini (Owen J. Roberts)

You are in fact reading that correctly. Two wrestlers ranked #1 in the State will clash in the ETR Semifinals. 2-time PA State Medalist and senior Ryan Vulakh will take on OJR stud Dan Mancini on Saturday morning. These two are very evenly matched and both come in ranked in the Nation at #2 and #10 respectively. Many fans were surprised to see Mancini seeded at the #5 spot but he DNP at Escape The Rock in 2018 despite a terrific Fargo performance over the summer and his fourth place finish in the State last year. It is safe to say this one will be a must watch.


160: #1 Clayton Ulrey (Lower Dauphin) vs. #5 Luca Frinzi (Bethlehem Catholic)

A pair of 2018 PIAA State Medalist will meet in the ETR semifinals at 160 pounds as Lower Dauphin junior Clayton Ulrey looks to defend his current #1 ranking in the State. Last season at the ETR Luca Frinzi knocked off Ulrey in the semifinals (9-7). Ulrey was a 2018 Super 32 Medalist and a Fargo All-American. Frinzi is a senior headed to Lehigh. 


170: #2 Luke Nichter (Chambersburg) vs. #5 Lenny Pinto (Stroudsburg)

2018 PIAA State Finalist Luke Nichter was fourth at the ETR last season and is currently ranked #2 in the State and #12 in the Nation. He will take on solid sophomore Lenny Pinto who is ranked #5 in the State. Pinto DNP at the ETR last season but has done will this season placing at POWERade. It will be a good test for him to see where he is against Nichter.


182: #2 Gerrit Nijenhuis (Canon McMillan) vs. Trey Sizemore (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH)

Two Nationally ranked wrestlers will meet in the ETR Semifinals at 182 pounds with Canon-McMillan BigMac Gerrit Nijenhuis taking on Ohio’s Trey Sizemore. Gerrit is a 2-time Pennsylvania third place finisher and was a ETR runner-up in 2018. The junior jumped up two weights this season but has proven he belongs – ranked #5 in the Nation at 182 pounds by Flo. He was POWERade runner-up in December and also a Super 32 runner-up in October. His opponent is a senior from Cincinnati LaSalle who was third at the ETR in 2018. Sizemore DNP at the Super 32 losing to New Jersey’s John Poznanski (5-2) in the consolation round. Nijenhuis beat John Poznanski (8-3) en route to his finals appearance. 



Quarterfinal Results


National Ranking by Flo/State Ranking by PA Power


106 pounds

#2 Kyle Waterman (Council Rock South) DEC Nasir Wilkinson (St. Paul’s, MD), 4-0

Joseph Manno (St. Joseph Regional, NJ) DEC #3 Matt Vulakh (Pope John Paul II), 7-2

#4 Kyle Hauserman (Council Rock North) DEC Evan Holloway (New Kent, VA), 3-1

Cole Skinner (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH) DEC Erik Roggie (St. Christopher’s, VA), 2-0 SV


113 pounds

#15 Nico Nardone (Delbarton, NJ) TF #12 Alex Hanley (Northampton), 19-3 (5:16)

#16 Jimmy Baxter (Canon McMillan) F Georgio Mazzeo (Paulsboro, NJ), 5:09

Dayton Delviscio (Malvern Prep) F Luke Kowalski (St. John’s College, DC), 2:41

Wil Guida (St. Paul’s, MD) DEC #3 Kole Biscoe (Southern Columbia), 5-0


120 pounds

#13 Anthony Clark (Delbarton, NJ) DEC Camron Lacure (Legacy Christian, OH), 9-2

Christopher Kim (Germantown Academy) F Justin Bierdumpfel (St. Joseph Regional, NJ), 5:43

#2 Cameron Enriquez (Stroudsburg) DEC #8 Eamonn Logue (Father Judge), 13-6

#2 Lucas Byrd (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH) F #15 TJ England (William Tennent), 5:52


126 pounds

#9 Sammy Alvarez (St. Joseph Regional, NJ) F #14 Luke Lucerne (Council Rock North), 1:27

Antoine Allen (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH) DEC #10 Shane Hanson-Ashworth (Council Rock South), 5-2

#6 Patrick Noonan (Stroudsburg) DEC Brandon Wittenberg (Battlefield, VA), 7-2

Joey Olivieri (Hanover Park, NJ) DEC #11 Kenny Hayman (Canon McMillan), 9-4


132 pounds

#8/#2 Julian Chlebove (Northampton) F Beau Curtis (Battlefield, VA), 3:25

Casey Wiles (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH) DEC #5 Patrick Edmonson (Southern Columbia), 6-4

Nicholas Vafiadis (New Kent, VA) TF Dom Difrancescantonio  (Hanover Park, NJ), 16-1 (5:45)

#13/#3 Kenny Herrmann (Bethlehem Catholic) DEC Finnegan McFadden (Kingsway, NJ), 3-0


138 pounds

#9 Malyke Hines (Osceola High School, FL) DEC Jacob Perez-Eli (Paulsboro, NJ), 5-2

Connor Alexander (St. Christopher’s, VA) DEC #9 Troy-Thomas Elhajj (Lower Dauphin), 8-4

Dylan Weaver (Lyndhurst, NJ) DEC Dalton Harkins (Malvern Prep), 9-8

#14/#5 Matt Lackman (Bethlehem Catholic) DEC Jake Niffenegger (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH), 8-3


145 pounds

#1/#1 Ryan Anderson (Bethlehem Catholic) DEC #8 Tate Nichter (Chambersburg), 7-1

#9 Antonio Petrucelli (Owen J. Roberts) DEC Gabe Onorato (Paulsboro), 5-4

#6 Jagger Condomitti (Northampton) MD #15 Eric Woloshyn Council Rock South), 17-5

#17/#3 Cameron Robinson (Council Rock North) MD Stefano Sgambellone (St. Joseph Regional, NJ), 14-2


152 pounds

#2/#1 Ryan Vulakh (Pope John Paul II) DEC #6 Jackson Erb (Neshaminy High School), 6-3

#10/#1 Daniel Mancini (Owen J. Roberts) DEF Henry Hague (Malvern Prep)

#16 Michael Kistler (Northampton) F George Worthy (Paulsboro), 3:09

#13/#2 Cole Handlovic (Bethlehem Catholic) DEC Sammy Toggas (Evangel Christian), 8-2


160 pounds

#10/#1 Thayne Lawrence (Frazier) F Matthew Kidwell (Father Judge), 4:20

160 Nicholas Feldman (Malvern Prep) MD Gaven Krazer (Easton), 11-2

#16/#1 Clayton Ulrey (Lower Dauphin) DEC Thomas Stewart (St. John’s College, DC), 9-3

#7 Luca Frinzi (Bethlehem Catholic) DEC #15 Dillon Sheehy (Council Rock North), 7-2


170 pounds

#12/#2 Luke Nichter (Chambersburg) F Seamus Selmi (St. John’s College, DC), 2:15

#5 Leonard Pinto (Stroudsburg) F #17 Nik Korbich (Council Rock South), 5:19

Brandon Green (Paulsboro, NJ) DEC Jack Farinaro (St. Joseph Regional, NJ), 2-0

#6 Angel Garcia (Mariana Bracetti) DEC #20 Isaiah Reinert (Easton), 7-3


182 pounds

#7 Jackson Turley (St. Christopher’s, VA) DEC John Stout (Southern Regional, NJ), 12-8

Santino Morina (Paulsboro, NJ) DEC #4 Scott Joll (Belle Vernon), 4-3

#17 Trey Sizemore (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH) DEC Nicholas Florschutz (Malvern Prep), 5-3

#5/#2 Gerrit Nijenhuis (Canon McMillan) DEC Kieran Calvetti (Delbarton, NJ), 8-3


195 pounds

#7/#2 Gaige Garcia (Southern Columbia) F Jack Files (Pope John Paul II), 1:17

Luke Chakonis (Delbarton, NJ) TF Anthony Morina (Paulsboro, NJ), 16-0 (4:24)

#3 Jake Miller (Boyertown) DEC #8 Joe Kurtz (Bethlehem Catholic), 3-2

Michael Baker (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH) TF #19 Logan Green (Pennridge), 15-0 (3:11)


220 pounds

Thomas Mukai (JW Robinson, VA) DEC Andrew Balukas (Easton), 8-5

#18 Preston Zachman (Southern Columbia) F Flynn Leaf (Paulsboro, NJ), 2:40

P.J. Casale (Delbarton) F JT Cornelius (Southern Regional, NJ), 0:40

Wade Wheeler (Amherst County, VA) F Sean Horner (Kingsway, NJ), 4:56


285 pounds

#5 John Birchmeier (Broad Run, VA) MD #10 Lear Quinton (Southern Columbia), 16-7

#4 Kyler Wuestner (Lower Dauphin) MD #21 Cory Border (Parkland), 14-5

#15 Jase Crouse (Bethlehem Catholic) F Robert Brown (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH), 5:14

#16 Sami Khamis (Stroudsburg) DEC Austin Mooney (Paulsboro, NJ), 8-5



Semifinal Match-Ups


National Ranking by Flo/State Ranking by PA Power


106 pounds

#2 Kyle Waterman (Council Rock South) vs. Joseph Manno (St. Joseph Regional, NJ) 

#4 Kyle Hauserman (Council Rock North) vs. Cole Skinner (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH)


113 pounds

#15 Nico Nardone (Delbarton, NJ)  vs. #16 Jimmy Baxter (Canon McMillan) 

Dayton Delviscio (Malvern Prep) vs. Wil Guida (St. Paul’s, MD) 


120 pounds

#13 Anthony Clark (Delbarton, NJ)  vs. Christopher Kim (Germantown Academy)

#2 Cameron Enriquez (Stroudsburg)  vs. #2 Lucas Byrd (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH) 


126 pounds

#9 Sammy Alvarez (St. Joseph Regional, NJ) vs. Antoine Allen (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH) 

#6 Patrick Noonan (Stroudsburg)  vs. Joey Olivieri (Hanover Park, NJ) 


132 pounds

#8/#2 Julian Chlebove (Northampton) vs. Casey Wiles (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH) 

Nicholas Vafiadis (New Kent, VA) vs. #13/#3 Kenny Herrmann (Bethlehem Catholic)


138 pounds

#9 Malyke Hines (Osceola High School, FL) vs. Connor Alexander (St. Christopher’s, VA) 

Dylan Weaver (Lyndhurst, NJ)  vs. #14/#5 Matt Lackman (Bethlehem Catholic)


145 pounds

#1/#1 Ryan Anderson (Bethlehem Catholic) vs. #9 Antonio Petrucelli (Owen J. Roberts) 

#6 Jagger Condomitti (Northampton) vs. #17/#3 Cameron Robinson (Council Rock North) 


152 pounds

#2/#1 Ryan Vulakh (Pope John Paul II)  vs. #10/#1 Daniel Mancini (Owen J. Roberts)

#16 Michael Kistler (Northampton)  vs. #13/#2 Cole Handlovic (Bethlehem Catholic)


160 pounds

#10/#1 Thayne Lawrence (Frazier) vs. Nicholas Feldman (Malvern Prep) 

#16/#1 Clayton Ulrey (Lower Dauphin) vs. #7 Luca Frinzi (Bethlehem Catholic)


170 pounds

#12/#2 Luke Nichter (Chambersburg) vs. #5 Leonard Pinto (Stroudsburg) 

Brandon Green (Paulsboro, NJ)  vs. #6 Angel Garcia (Mariana Bracetti) 


182 pounds

#7 Jackson Turley (St. Christopher’s, VA) vs. Santino Morina (Paulsboro, NJ)

#17 Trey Sizemore (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH) vs. #5/#2 Gerrit Nijenhuis (Canon McMillan) 


195 pounds

#7/#2 Gaige Garcia (Southern Columbia)  vs. Luke Chakonis (Delbarton, NJ) 

#3 Jake Miller (Boyertown) vs. Michael Baker (Cincinnati LaSalle, OH) 


220 pounds

Thomas Mukai (JW Robinson, VA)  vs. #18 Preston Zachman (Southern Columbia) 

P.J. Casale (Delbarton) vs. Wade Wheeler (Amherst County, VA) 


285 pounds

#5 John Birchmeier (Broad Run, VA) vs. #4 Kyler Wuestner (Lower Dauphin) 

#15 Jase Crouse (Bethlehem Catholic)  vs. #16 Sami Khamis (Stroudsburg) 


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