Live Bout-by-Bout from the Championship Finals of the Trojan Wars

Most of the top seeds held up through a grueling semifinal round to set up the championship bouts for the Trojan Wars at Chambersburg High School.

PA Power Wrestling has you covered with a blow-by-blow account of each bout in the championship finals.



Erik Roggie (1), St. Christopher’s vs. Michael Dolan (2), St. Marys: 

There was a lot of hand-fighting early, as the wrestlers spent the first 20 seconds feeling each other out. Roggie struck first by securing a leg and getting around for a takedown along the edge with 1:30 left in the period. He used his lanky frame to control on top and held a 2-0 lead at the end of one period. Roggie took bottom to start the second. He was able to get to his knees in the first 15 seconds and spin behind to earn a reversal 20 seconds into the frame. Up 4-0, Roggie looked for a cradle, but Dolan was able to fight off the move and keep the score the same at the end of two. Dolan avoided being suffocated on bottom by taking neutral. He took a shot and got in on his opponent, but Roggie was able to stay in neutral. Five second later, Roggie was on top again for a takedown and a 6-0 lead with 1:30 left in the match. Dolan tried to sit out on a restart with 1:10 left, but Roggie swallowed up his opponent. Dolan was hit for stalling, which gave Roggie another point. Dolan escaped but was taken down in the final 10 seconds, giving Roggie a 9-1 major decision.


No. 8 Kole Biscoe (8), Southern Columbia vs. No. 3 Jackson Arrington (6), Forest Hills: 

The wrestlers spent most of the first period hand-fighting and in ties. Neither wrestler could gain an advantage, and the period ended scoreless. Arrington chose bottom to start the second. He got to his feet on the whistle, but Biscoe returned him to the mat with a thud. Arrington got to his feet again, this time escaping for a 1-0 lead with 1:35 left in the second. Arrington was the aggressor, and picked the left leg of Biscoe, sliding behind for a takedown and 3-0 advantage. Biscoe got to his feet, but Arrington was able to hold on to the leg. Biscoe escaped with 25 seconds left in the period but trailed 3-1 heading to the third. Biscoe took bottom to start the third. This time, Arrington was able to apply forward pressure and burn 50 seconds before Biscoe escaped to close the gap. Arrington didn’t sit on his heels. He shot in on a leg with 50 seconds left, but a stalemate was called and no points awarded. Arrington shot on a late restart and secured a leg, but Biscoe wrapped around for a cradle and a five-point move for a 7-3 decision.


No. 1 Ryan Crookham (1), Notre Dame-Green Pond vs. No. 4 Cole Wilson (2), Northeastern: 

It didn’t take long for Crookham to get firing, as he had a takedown in the first 20 seconds of the opening period. The Super 32 champ was a monster on top and suffocated his opponent. After a restart, Wilson was able to elevate the leg, but Crookham remained on top for a 2-0 lead after one period. Crookham took down to start the second. A short 17 seconds later, Crookham slipped out and around for the reversal and a 4-0 lead. Wilson was hit for stalling on bottom, as Crookham worked a bar to try and turn his opponent. Wilson received a point for a technical violation, but Crookham remained in control 4-1 after two. Wilson went neutral in the third, and the two wrestlers battled in the position for the first minute of the stanza. Crookham finally broke through with a takedown and upped his lead to 6-1. Crookham went back to the bar but couldn’t turn Wilson, forcing a potentially dangerous situation. Crookham couldn’t turn Wilson, but he was brutal on top and secured the 6-1 decision.


No. 12 Dalton Gimbor (1), Hamburg vs. Dylan Ramsey (2), Shippensburg: 

Ramsey was able to pick the ankle in the first 30 seconds, but Gimbor stepped out and kept the match scoreless with a minute left in the first period. Gimbor was on the attack with 50 seconds left, cinching in a leg. He couldn’t finish, however, and a stalemate was called. Neither wrestler could score in the last 40 seconds, and the match remained knotted at zero. Gimbor chose down to start the second. Ramsey locked in a tight waste on top and looked to turn Gimbor in the first 30 seconds. Gimbor was able to fight it off, but he remained on bottom when a stalemate was called with 50 seconds left in the period. Ramsey wrestled Gimbor to the mat on the restart, but he was curiously hit for stalling with 32 seconds left in the frame. There was no change, and the second elapsed with no scoring. It was Ramsey’s turn on bottom to start the third. He got to one knee on the start and to his feet seconds later. Gimbor got him back down to a base, but Ramsey got to his feet a second time and was out with 1:30 remaining. Gimbor went after Ramsey and secured a leg with 1:10 left. Ramsey used his lanky fram to reach around and grab a leg, pulling over top for a takedown and a 3-0 lead. Once on top, Ramsey stayed out of trouble and rode Gimbor the rest of the way for the 3-0 decision.


No. 8 Chase Shields (1), Bishop McDevitt vs. No. 2 Ty Varndell (3), Cambridge Springs: 

Shields drop to his knees and reached for a leg in the first 10 seconds. He almost pulled it in, but Varndell was able to shake free. Shields secured the right leg of Varndell, this time not letting go. The two battled on the mat for position before a stalemate was called with 42 seconds left in the period. The two wrestlers spent the rest of the period hand-fighting, with neither gaining an advantage. Varndell took bottom to start the second. He got to his feet and was able to spin away for a 1-0 lead in the first 10 seconds of the period. Shields latched on to a single soon after and grabbed the opposite heel to get the takedown with 1:20 left. He was forced to let Varndell go seconds later, and the match was deadlocked at 2 with 46 left in the second period. This time, it was Varndell getting a single. He pulled it tight and grabbed the second leg for a takedown along the edge with 20 seconds left. Shields was able to escape before the whistle, and Varndell held a 4-3 lead at the end of two. Shields was on bottom in the third. He got to his feet to even the match at 4 with 1:46 left in the final period. Varndell was able to use Shields’ arm to gain position, but the McDevitt star didn’t allow a score. But, Varndell kept coming and was able to score a takedown with 50 seconds left. Shields escaped to close to 6-5 with just over 30 seconds left. With 16 seconds left, a restart occurred. Varndell stayed away the rest of the match and took the 6-5 decision.


No. 2 Tyler Williams (1), Souderton vs. No. 12 T.T. Elhajj (3), Lower Dauphin: 

Williams was able to get the right arm of Elhajj and a leg, but the Lower Dauphin ace fought off the move and was able to force a restart. Williams went after Elhajj’s elbows again but couldn’t get the takedown. Williams faked the elbow a third time and latched on to a leg, pulling the second one in for a takedown in the last 25 seconds of the period. Williams deferred, and Elhajj took bottom trailing 2-0. Elhajj pulled off a Granby and escaped to close the gap to 2-1. But Williams was too much in neutral at this point in the match and was behind for a second takedown with a minute left in the period. Elhajj escaped to bring the mark to 4-2, but Williams was strong on the elbow and arm, which allowed him to control neutral and set up his offense. Elhajj made a late surge at the end of the second but still trailed 4-2 heading to the third. Williams was on bottom in the final two minutes. He cleared in the first 10 seconds to up his lead to 5-2. Williams kick-started the offense again, scoring on a single into a double along the edge for a 7-2 advantage. Elhajj escaped off a restart with 55 seconds left and was able to grab a leg. Williams fought it off and almost had a takedown of his own. Elhajj hopped over Williams and got behind for a takedown near the buzzer, but Williams earned the 7-5 decision.


No. 7 Tyler Martin (1), Bishop McDevitt vs. No. 9 Tate Nichter (2), Chambersburg: 

Martin was aggressive early, securing a leg. Nichter tried to shake it off but couldn’t get free. The two scrambled along the edge, and a restart followed with no points awarded. The two wrestlers spent most of the period hand-fighting and went to the second scoreless. Nichter was on bottom to start the second and escaped for a 1-0 lead. Martin went on the attack, but Nichter was able to fight off the advance along the edge to force another restart. The action was furious in the last minute. Both wrestlers took shots and fought off flurries to prevent any scoring. Martin finally broke through along the edge with a double to take a critical 2-1 lead with :07 left in the period. Martin chose bottom to start the third. The Crusaders ace escaped in the first 20 seconds to extend his lead to 3-1, but this match was far from over. The two wrestlers continued to hand-fight and take shots in the last 45 seconds. Martin made sure he stayed out of trouble and hung on for the 3-1 decision.


No. 6 Andrew Cerniglia (1), Notre Dame-Green Pond vs. Sammy Toggas (2), Evengel Christian: 

Cerniglia reached in for a leg and, while going for the takedown, he stuck Toggas on his back to earn the pin in 26 seconds.


No. 1 Clayton Ulrey (1), Lower Dauphin vs. No. 8 Dylan Reinert (2), Gettysburg: 

This one had action from the opening whistle, with both wrestlers trying to gain position. Reinert was in on a leg, but Ulrey was able to scramble, flip around, and get a takedown for a 2-1 lead 30 seconds into the period. Reinert escaped, immediately, the match was 2-1 with a minute left. Ulrey got inside for a double and stood up. A stalemate was called, forcing another restart with no points scored. Ulrey got inside on a single for an apparent takedown, but the wrestlers were ruled out of bounds. Reinert struggled to keep Ulrey out of his kitchen, but he did manage to fight off repeated shots and keep the score 2-1 at the end of one entertaining period. Reinert took bottom start the second period. Ulrey tried to work a tilt, but Reinert escaped to even the match at 2. Ulrey latched on to another single and tried to sit into Reinert. Ulrey looked to stack Reinert, and the Gettysburg ace had to give up the takedown. He escaped to close to 4-3, but Ulrey went right back on the attack and appeared to have a takedown along the edge that was waved off. The period ended with no more scoring, and Ulrey led 4-3. Ulrey took bottom in the third, and Reinert cut him to get back to neutral. Ulrey went on the attack and scored a takedown in the first 10 seconds to make it 7-3. Reinert escaped, but Ulrey was a beast on the restart and was behind for another takedown to go up 9-5 with 1:30 left. Ulrey was too good on his feet and in neutral the rest of the way, scoring two more takedowns to take the 13-6 decision.


No. 2 Luke Nichter (1), Chambersburg vs. Max Hale (2), Downingtown West: 

Nichter came out firing with an inside trip, putting Hale to his back for a quick 4-0 lead at the end of one period. Nichter was down to start the second, but he cleared and escaped in the first five seconds to up the advantage to 5-0. Once in neutral, Hale shot, and Nichter countered for a takedown and a 7-0 lead with a minute left in the second. Hale was bloodied, which slowed the match, but it didn’t slow Nichter down. The Trojans standout continued to ride Hale the rest of the period and head to the third up 7-0. Hale chose neutral to start the third, and Nichter responded with a takedown along the edge. He cut Hale loose with 1:40 left and went back to work on his feet. Nichter scored off a Hale shot with another takedown and cut Hale loose again. He added another takedown as time ran out and took the 13-2 major decision.


Jackson Turley (1), St. Christopher’s vs. No. 7 Tyler Mousaw (2), Unionville: 

Mousaw spun off a Turley shot and got in on a leg, but he couldn’t finish along the edge. Turley countered by getting in deep and bringing Mousaw to the mat for a takedown with 1:25 left in the period. Turley turned Mousaw loose and earned another takedown, this time putting his opponent on his back for a 7-1 lead. Mousaw reversed with 50 seconds left in what was an entertaining period. The two wrestlers were back in neutral with 20 seconds left. Turley used the arm to rip Mousaw to his back for a five-point move and 13-3 lead. Turley took neutral to start the second, and why not? He overwhelmed Mousaw in the position in the first and continued it in the second with an early takedown. The Saints standout was looking for the tech but gave up a reversal to make it 15-5. Turley escaped with 45 seconds left in the period and went to work, pulling in a single from the edge for an 18-5 lead at the end of the second. Mousaw took bottom to start the third. Turley cut him and latched in a double to make it 20-6. He but Mousaw one more time, earning another takedown for the 22-7 tech fall in 4:22.


No. 1 Gaige Garcia (1), Southern Columbia vs. No. 19 Bruno Stolfi (2), Souderton: 

Garcia’s headgear came off during some early hand-fighting, which was the only thing that slowed him down. He earned a takedown on the restart and went to work on Stolfi in the top position. When he couldn’t turn Stolfi, he cut him loose. Moments later, Garcia had Stolfi on his back for the fall in 1:19.


Thomas Mukai (1), J.W. Robinson vs. No. 2 Nate Schon (2), Selinsgrove: 

Schon tried an inside trip but couldn’t pull it off. There was a scramble along the edge, but both wrestlers were out of bounds before points could be scored. Schon got in on a leg and was able to turn it into a takedown. Mukai escaped, and the score was 2-1 with a minute left in the period. There were a couple of minor scrambles the rest of the way, but neither wrestler could score. Schon was on bottom to start the second. He spun away and was able to escape in the first 15 seconds for a 3-1 advantage. Mukai got a bad cut along near his right eyebrow, which led to 2:08 of blood time and a wrap around his head. Schon didn’t slow down and earned a takedown with 1:20 left in the period. Mukai escaped to close to 5-2, but it was tough to mount offense. Mukai took a shot off a restart, but the athletic Schon spun away. Mukai kept coming and got a leg, but it was along the edge. The period ran out with Schon up 5-2. Mukai was on bottom to start the third. He got to his feet and escaped to get within two. Schon used the arm, spun quick, and ripped in the single for a takedown. Mukai got to his feet with 42 seconds left, but he trailed 7-4. He took a shot that Schon fought off, and more blood time followed. The match restarted with 18 seconds left, and Schon held Mukai at bay for a 7-4 decision.


No. 4 Kyler Wuestner (1), Lower Dauphin vs. Alex Hazard (3), J.W. Robinson: 

Wuestner charged Hazard at the 1:30 mark, but Hazard fought off the move, and the match remained scoreless. There was a lot of hand-fighting and pushing in the first minute, as the two wrestlers were looking to get inside. Wuestner secured a single off a restart and got behind for a takedown with 30 seconds left in the period. The takedown stood, and Wuestner held a 2-0 lead after one. Hazard was on bottom to start the second. He escaped in the first five seconds to close the gap to 2-1. Hazard looked for an inside trip, but Wuestner fought it off and reshot along the edge. Another restart followed, and Hazard received his first stall warning. Blood time for Hazard followed, and Wuestner received another point at the end of the period on a stall call. He added two more, and the Falcons standout earned a takedown for a 5-1 lead after two periods. Wuestner was on bottom to start the third and escaped 10 seconds in for a 6-1 lead. Wuestner was able to get Hazard on his back off a takedown one more time and secure the fall in 4:46.

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