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The Open Room Podcast Talks “Pennsylvania Midwest”, Lehigh vs. Michigan and Much More

PAPC37:  The Open Room with Rob Waltko @Rob_SwagginU and Joe Youngblood @CoachYBee recap action from several notable Pennsylvania wrestlers and school in Episode 37. They discuss the Iowa Hawkeyes and how they are now “Pennsylvania Midwest” loaded with talent. Looking ahead at some solid action this weekend from the Keystone Classic to Michigan vs. Lehigh. You can now listen to all of PA Power Wrestling’s podcasts on Spotify! Photo of Max Murin by (Brian Ray/

Show Breakdown

00:59 – Never to Early to Promote The 2019 Surge

02:25 – Rob has a Fantasy Football Addiction

04:00 – Iowa aka “Pennsylvania Midwest”

13:13 – Lehigh’s Lineup vs. Michigan

23:14 – Lock Haven at Journeymen

34:08 – Keystone Classic Preview

41:56 – True Freshmen Sammy Sasso and Trent Hidlay Going Hard

47:00 – #1 Carter Starocci Signs with Penn State

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