PAPC36: Clarion, Bloomsburg, and F&M Season Previews from The Open Room Podcast

PAPC36:  The Open Room with Rob Waltko @Rob_SwagginU and Joe Youngblood @CoachYBee close out their team previews of Pennsylvania programs with a look at Clarion, Bloomsburg, and Franklin & Marshall. They make bold predictions for all three teams and are joined by Clarion head coach Keith Ferraro for a special interview. You can now listen to all of PA Power Wrestling’s podcasts on Spotify!

Show Breakdown

00:50 – Steelers and Eagles are struggling

01:30 – Clarion 2019 Line-up Preview

16:40 – Predicting Clarion’s Postseason Success 

17:35 – Richard Perry Health Update

19:40 – Bloomsburg Season Preview

35:24 – Holy Matt Moley

36:45 – Franklin & Marshall Season Outlook

53:00 – Clarion Head Coach Keith Ferraro

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