Gavin Teasdale makes history, becomes 13th four time Pennsylvania State Champion

HERSHEY – It was a feat he dreamed of. Becoming a four-time Pennsylvania State Champion for Jefferson-Morgan. The comparisons to the first four-timer from Jefferson Morgan, Pennsylvania Wrestling legend Cary Kolat, have been made since his freshman season. 

For senior Gavin Teasdale his final season was a rollercoaster ride – and he wanted off.

When asked if he felt relieved that the feat is over, Gavin smiled and laughed.

“It’s been a long year. Heck of a rollercoaster senior season.” 

Teasdale has his sights set on the next chapter in his story. That includes a career at Penn State and continuing with his Freestyle prowess. “I want to make a World Team and become a World Champion.”

First he will be making an appearance in the Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic where he will get a rematch with New Jersey’s Patrick Glory. The two have a long history, but the most recent match went Glory’s way in Flo’s Who’s #1? event in October 2017.

“I’m looking forward to getting revenge on him. I plan on wrestling a different match this time and running through him.”

Fow now, Gavin is happy to have the pressure of finishing his career a four timer off his mind.

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