#1 Reynolds Looks to Defend It’s Crown Against #2 Southern Columbia in Class AA Finals

HERSHEY – It is a match that fans have been talking about since the PIAA State Dual Team Championships ended in 2017. Reynolds had just completed an undefeated season en route to a PIAA State Championship while Southern Columbia ended their season in third place. All the talk was about a Southern Columbia team who returned virtually their entire starting line-up. The question was, could Southern Columbia have enough to tackle the Champion Raiders in 2018. The question will be answered inside the GIANT Center on Saturday afternoon. 

These two are the unanimous #1 vs. #2 in the State’s Class AA division. Reynolds will need to continue their impressive performance across the entire line-up to hold off a nagging Southern Columbia. In total there will be 15 wrestlers competing who are currently ranked in the State by PA Power Wrestling; 7 from Reynolds and 8 from Southern Columbia. The dual will also feature 3 wrestlers who own individual PIAA State Championships; Beau Bayless, Jaret Lane, and Cole Matthews.

Championship Finals


#1 Reynolds vs. #2 Southern Columbia


Updated Brackets


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Semifinal Results


#1 REYNOLDS def #6 MUNCY (40-16)


195- #7 Jarod Miller, (REYNOLDS) Fall Cael Hembury, (MUNCY) 1:01

220- #3 Hunter Poust, (MUNCY) Dec Wyatt Owen, (REYNOLDS) 4-2

285-Derrick Skeehan, (REYNOLDS) Fall Coty Steele, (MUNCY) 3:06

106- #3 Gary Steen, (REYNOLDS) Dec #1 Jacob Blair, (MUNCY) 5-3

113- #1 Beau Bayless, (REYNOLDS) Dec #9 Mario Barbario, (MUNCY) 5-0

120- #7 Andrew Ischo, (REYNOLDS) Dec Christian Good, (MUNCY) 6-5

126-Bryce Vollman, (MUNCY) Dec Kaeden Berger, (REYNOLDS) 2-1

132- #2 Joseph Klock, (MUNCY) Major #15 Rocco Bartolo, (REYNOLDS) 10-2

138- #1 Cole Matthews, (REYNOLDS) Fall Ethan Gush, (MUNCY) 1:46

145- #11 Hunter Michaels, (REYNOLDS) Dec #12 Coleman Good, (MUNCY) 3-0

152- #18 Noah Gush, (MUNCY) Dec Mason Wilkerson, (REYNOLDS) 9-8

160-Hunter Thompson, (REYNOLDS) Fall Gavyn Eisenhower, (MUNCY) 3:29

170- #11 Michael Kustanbauter, (MUNCY) Dec Bryce McCloskey, (REYNOLDS) 1-0

182-Cole Toy, (REYNOLDS) Major Josh Hall, (MUNCY) 13-2




195- #14 Lear Quinton, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) Dec #23 Austin Crouse, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) 5-2

220-Duane Knisely, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) Dec Sean Sprauge, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) 3-1

285- #17 John C Fulmer, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) Fall Dalton Seace, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) 0:53

106- #16 Kai Burkett, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) TF Nicholas Dorkoski, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) 15-0

113- #19 Patrick Edmonson, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) Dec Nathan Holderbaum, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) 4-3

120- #1 Jaret Lane, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) Fall David Bowser, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) 0:58

126-Gryphon Callihan, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) Dec Ian Yoder, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) 1-0

132-Jacob Renn, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) Dec Seth Harbaugh, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) 9-4

138-Michael Miner, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) Dec Cody Brown, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) 5-4

145- #24 Scott Miller, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) Dec Tyler Waltman, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) 3-2

152- #1 Justin McCoy, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) Major #6 Cade Linn, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) 13-5

160- #3 Jared McGill, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) Dec #9 Cal Haladay, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) 5-1

170- #4 Gaige Garcia, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) Fall Brodie Harbaugh, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) 1:00

182- #20 Levi Hobson, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) For Any Wrestler, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA)


Quarterfinal Results



#6 MUNCY def. #5 SAUCON VALLEY (39-31)


170-Michael Kustanbauter, (MUNCY) Major Braydyn Lugardo, (SAUCON VALLEY) 15-2

182-Jarrett Hirschbeck, (SAUCON VALLEY) Fall Josh Hall, (MUNCY) 4:25

195-Dane Csenesits, (SAUCON VALLEY) Fall Cael Hembury, (MUNCY) 1:35

220-Hunter Poust, (MUNCY) Fall Jared Harka, (SAUCON VALLEY) 2:50

285-Nickolas Warnke, (SAUCON VALLEY) Fall Coty Steele, (MUNCY) 2:06

106-Jacob Blair, (MUNCY) For Ermal Duka, (SAUCON VALLEY)

113-Mario Barbario, (MUNCY) TF Dane Druckenmiller, (SAUCON VALLEY) 16-1

120-Christian Good, (MUNCY) Fall Kevin Dyer, (SAUCON VALLEY) 4:00

126-Joshua Jones, (SAUCON VALLEY) Major Bryce Vollman, (MUNCY) 16-5

132-Joseph Klock, (MUNCY) DQ , (SAUCON VALLEY)

138-Justin Kyra, (SAUCON VALLEY) Dec Ethan Gush, (MUNCY) 9-3

145-Jason Jones, (SAUCON VALLEY) For Any Wrestler, (MUNCY)

152-Angelo Mahaffey, (SAUCON VALLEY) Dec Coleman Good, (MUNCY) 3-1

160-Noah Gush, (MUNCY) Fall Thomas Spirk, (SAUCON VALLEY) 2:24




170-Bryce McCloskey, (REYNOLDS) TF Justin Piper, (BISHOP MCDEVITT) 15-0

182-Cole Toy, (REYNOLDS) Fall Cayetano Reyes, (BISHOP MCDEVITT) 3:18

195-Jarod Miller, (REYNOLDS) Fall Dray Donley, (BISHOP MCDEVITT) 3:32

220-Wyatt Owen, (REYNOLDS) Dec Marquin McArthur, (BISHOP MCDEVITT) 6-2

285-Derrick Skeehan, (REYNOLDS) Dec Tahir Layton, (BISHOP MCDEVITT) 2-0

106-Gary Steen, (REYNOLDS) For Any Wrestler, (BISHOP MCDEVITT)

113-Beau Bayless, (REYNOLDS) Dec Nate Smith, (BISHOP MCDEVITT) 3-1

120-Kaeden Berger, (REYNOLDS) Fall Jackson Shields, (BISHOP MCDEVITT) 3:44

126-Chase Shields, (BISHOP MCDEVITT) Dec Andrew Ischo, (REYNOLDS) 3-2

132-Rocco Bartolo, (REYNOLDS) Major Jack Cunningham, (BISHOP MCDEVITT) 10-2

138-Cole Matthews, (REYNOLDS) Major Tyler Martin, (BISHOP MCDEVITT) 17-6

145-Hunter Michaels, (REYNOLDS) For Any Wrestler, (BISHOP MCDEVITT)

152-Tanner Updegraff, (BISHOP MCDEVITT) Fall Ethan Kasbee, (REYNOLDS) 2:49

160-Hunter Thompson, (REYNOLDS) Dec Elisha Cooksey, (BISHOP MCDEVITT) 7-6




170-Jared McGill, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) TF Zach Martin, (BOILING SPRINGS) 27-12

182-Levi Hobson, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) Dec Nick Kostyak, (BOILING SPRINGS) 3-2

195-Austin Crouse, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) Fall Colby Tennyson, (BOILING SPRINGS) 1:31

220-Austin Taylor, (BOILING SPRINGS) Fall Duane Knisely, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) 1:49

285-Damon James, (BOILING SPRINGS) Dec Dalton Seace, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) 4-1

106-Kai Burkett, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) Fall Austin Mahoney, (BOILING SPRINGS) 1:25

113-Nathan Holderbaum, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) Dec Andrew Stafford, (BOILING SPRINGS) 9-6

120-Gryphon Callihan, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) Major Peyton Stauffer, (BOILING SPRINGS) 13-1

126-Collin Nester, (BOILING SPRINGS) Fall Seth Harbaugh, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) 0:45

132-Jack Coulston, (BOILING SPRINGS) Dec Cody Brown, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) 3-0

138-Lucas Shoop, (BOILING SPRINGS) Dec Scott Miller, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) 11-6

145-Kollin Myers, (BOILING SPRINGS) Fall Ty Claycomb, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) 3:41

152-Justin McCoy, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) TF Kaiden Karper, (BOILING SPRINGS) 16-1

160-Brodie Harbaugh, (CHESTNUT RIDGE) Dec Andrew Uhler, (BOILING SPRINGS) 10-4




170-Anthony Scicchitano, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) Dec Elliot Park, (BROOKVILLE AREA) 5-2

182-Gaige Garcia, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) Fall Braden MacBeth, (BROOKVILLE AREA) 4:50

195-Xavier Molnar, (BROOKVILLE AREA) Dec Lear Quinton, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) 8-3

220-Tyler Cook, (BROOKVILLE AREA) Major Sean Sprauge, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) 12-4

285-John C Fulmer, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) Dec Colby Whitehill, (BROOKVILLE AREA) 8-6

106-Cayden Walter, (BROOKVILLE AREA) Dec Nicholas Dorkoski, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) 6-4

113-Patrick Edmonson, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) TF Parker Fleming, (BROOKVILLE AREA) 19-4



132-Steven (Kai) Sorbin, (BROOKVILLE AREA) Dec Jacob Renn, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) 6-2

138-Dontae Constable, (BROOKVILLE AREA) Major Michael Miner, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) 11-0

145-Tyler Waltman, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) Dec Jacob Cable, (BROOKVILLE AREA) 4-2

152-Caleb Hetrick, (BROOKVILLE AREA) Dec Cade Linn, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) 6-1

160-Cal Haladay, (SOUTHERN COLUMBIA AREA) Dec Cole LaBenne, (BROOKVILLE AREA) 6-2




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