PAPC24: Year 5 Struggles, Jason Nolf’s Knee, & Navy Assistant Coach Nate Engel Joins the Show

PAPC24:  Naval Academy Assistant Coach Nate Engel joins the program to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities that service academies present, what has gone into Navy’s huge uptick in recruiting, and how his Greco-Roman background influences his coaching.

The dynamic duo of @WarnTriz and @Beck_Diggity take listeners on more than an hour’s worth of a wrestling adventure. They discuss a variety of topics in episode 24 including Jason Nolf’s injury and what it means for the team race at NCAAs, Chance Marsteller’s first big win of his collegiate career, and the looming super dual between Penn State and Ohio State (Photo Credit: Naval Academy Athletics).

Show Breakdown

01:00 – The Best Time of the Year Has Arrived

03:00 – R.I.P. to Randy Stottlemyer

10:00 – Outstanding Wrestlers of the Weekend

16:30 – Listener Questions

29:00 – PSU/Rutgers & Nolf’s Knee

35:00 – Weekend Results

42:00 – Penn State vs Ohio State Thoughts

48:00 – The Only Team in the NCAA with Multiple Sebastian’s

52:30 – Year 5 Trials & Tribulations

61:00 – Naval Academy Assistant Coach Nate Engel Joins the Show

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