Iowa’s Spencer Lee Stops Nathan Tomasello in Columbus

COLUMBUS, OH – It wasn’t the way Nathan Tomasello wanted to end his Buckeye home dual career in front of a jam packed Jerome Schottenstein Center but it was true freshman Spencer Lee (Franklin Regional/Iowa) who stole the show right out of the gate at 125 lbs. The hostile atmosphere didn’t phase the true freshman.

“You have to focus on the match, not the environment. I’ve been in big matches before.”

The first period started as expected with each feeling the other out and fighting hands. Tomasello nearly finished on several high crotch attempts but Spencer showed his flexibility fighting the assaults off. For his efforts Spencer worked hard for a two-on-one but was unable to garner any real penetration. The first period ended scoreless with Nathan Tomasello not hesitating to choose the down position. 

From the get-go Spencer Lee looked solid from top nearly scoring a cheap suck back for two. Spencer fought wrists and appeared to be forcing heavy forward pressure. Twice near the edge NATO cleared wrists and got to his feet but Lee had a huge mat return for a restart. The last moments of the third period Tomasello had is head on the match and his body language indicated he was content going into the third scoreless.

“My coaches told me to wrestle seven minutes. If it goes longer I’ll wrestle for eight or nine minutes. They told me to have a hard ride and go for turns and that was the plan” stated Spencer Lee.

Spencer Lee, already with two minutes of riding time accumulated, took down to start the third period. Tomasello would go optional start and elect to give Spencer the escape. The former NCAA National Champion would attempt to win it from his feet. Tomasello pushed the action forward and connected on a takedown with the crowd going absolutely nuts. Spencer escaped right away to to knot it up (2-2) with under 50 seconds left. Tomasello again got into a deep high crotch attempt but Spencer somehow fought it off. Spencer Lee held on collecting the (3-2) victory.

The true freshman showed his maturity after notching the monumental victory by simply standing up and shaking Tomasello’s hand. Spencer said he has a lot of respect for Tomasello and he can remember being the young eighth grader drilling with Tomasello who was going for his fourth Ohio High School State Championship. 

“I’ve known him for a while. I went to a camp where he was when I was in seventh or eighth grade. He was the star. I have a lot of respect for him because I know how he trains.”  

In total there were five Pennsylvania wrestlers who competed in this Big Ten showdown going (3-2) on the day. At 133 lbs. #2 Luke Pletcher (Greater Latrobe/Ohio State) collected a (8-2) win for the Buckeyes over Iowa’s Paul Glynn. At 157 lbs. #2 Michael Kemerer (Franklin Regional/Iowa) out scored #6 Micah Jordan (Ohio State) with a (8-4) decision to give Iowa the lead. Former Penn Hills super stud #13 Te’Shan Campbell (Penn Hills/Ohio State) was unable to pull the upset over #8 Alex Marinelli (Iowa) at 165 lbs. dropping a (4-1) decision. At 174 lbs. Kaleb Young (Punxsutawney/Iowa) was able to hold off a major decision against #3 Bo Jordan (Ohio State) falling (10-5).  


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