Kiski Wins Westmoreland County; Christie Downs Griffiths

One of the State’s premier breeding grounds of high level wrestling is Westmoreland County and on Saturday night 14 wrestlers claimed Championship titles at the 65th Annual Westmoreland County Coaches Association Tournament. Keeping with tradition the 2018 WCCA featured some of Pennsylvania’s top wrestlers. Eight bouts in the championship finals saw wrestlers going head-to-head who are ranked Top 10 in the State.

Highlights included #4 Darren Miller (Kiski Area) holding off #8 Gabe Willochell (Latrobe) in a wild finals match at 120 lbs. which ended (10-9). #1 Luke Kemerer (Hempfield) earning his third WCCA title over #3 Cam Connor (Kiski Area) with a dominating (9-1) performance. At 152 lbs. #13 Corey Christie (Burrell) had himself a tournament knocking off #2 Brock Godzin (Belle Vernon) in the semifinals (3-2) before taking on PIAA State Finalist and 2x County Champion Tyler Griffiths (Southmoreland) in the finals. The two went into ultimate tiebreaker with the score knotted at (1-1) after eight minutes of wrestling. In UTB Christie was able to break his leg away from Griffiths as time was running out to take the 152 lbs. title. For his performance Corey was named the Tournament’s Outstanding Wrestler award winner.

View the medalists below and see full brackets on the FloArena.


106 LBS
1st #1 Kurtis Phipps (Norwin) DEC #5 Brady Sherback (Latrobe), 8-2
3rd #9 Carter Dibert (Franklin Regional) MD Ethan Berginc (Hempfield), 10-2
5th #3 Trent Valovchik (Burrell) MD #6 Kace Sabedra (Derry), 11-0


113 LBS
1st #4 @106 Kyle Burkholder (Hempfield) DEC #6 Ian Oswalt (Burrell), 1-0
3rd Chanz Shearer (Kiski Prep) MD #23 Doug Bittner (Mt. Pleasant), 18-6
5th Marino Angelicchio (Latrobe) DEC Sammy Starr (Kiski Area), 11-6


120 LBS
1st #4 Darren Miller (Kiski Area) DEC #8 Gabe Willochell (Latrobe), 10-9
3rd #18 Ty Cymmermen (Derry) DEC Trent Bechtold (Burrell), 4-3
5th Tyler Williams (Hempfield) M FOR Brett Ginther (Penn Trafford)


126 LBS
1st Logan Seliga (Belle Vernon) DEC John Alteri (Norwin), 7-2
3rd #13 Shawn Broadway (Derry) DEC Zach McCann (Franklin Regional), 1-0
5th #14 Bryan Gaul (Burrell) F Jared Brean (Hempfield), 5:38


132 LBS
1st #2 Colton Camacho (Franklin Regional) DEF #8 Nick Coy (Penn Trafford)
3rd AJ Corrado (Burrell) DEC #12 Al Miscovich (Mt. Pleasant), 6-2
5th #13 Jason Baker (Derry) MD Jared Curcio (Kiski Area), 13-0


138 LBS
1st #4 Noah Levett (Kiski Area) MD #8 Ty Linsenbigler (Hempfield), 11-1
3rd Jason Miller (Norwin) DEC Nate Smith (Franklin Regional), 3-1
5th Dajauhn Hertzog (Greensburg Salem) DEC #15 Onreey Stewart (Derry), 3-2


145 LBS
1st #1 Luke Kemerer (Hempfield) MD #3 Cam Connor (Kiski Area), 9-1
3rd #7 Job Chishko (Penn Trafford) DEC Neiko Kuntz (Belle Vernon), 6-0
5th Dom Jellison (Derry) DEC Ian Ewing (Greensburg Salem), 3-0


152 LBS
1st #13 Corey Christie (Burrell) DEC Tyler Griffiths (Southmoreland), 2-1 UTB
3rd #18 Jack Blumer (Kiski Area) DEC #2 Brock Godzin (Belle Vernon), 3-2
5th Bryce Long (Norwin) F Joseph Williams (Greensburg Salem), 3:24


160 LBS
1st #2 Zachary Hartman (Belle Vernon) DEC #8 Nick Delp (Kiski Area), 10-5
3rd #9 Luke Ewing (Greensburg Salem) DEC Jimmy O’Neil (Franklin Regional), 3-2
5th #16 Shaun Gates (Burrell) MD Tommy Abraham (Hempfield), 11-2


170 LBS
1st #4 Scott Joll (Belle Vernon) DEC #7 Jesse Quatse (Greensburg Salem), 6-1
3rd #16 Noah Hutcherson (Valley) F Dallyn Wood (Hempfield), 2:16
5th Collin Murray (Kiski Area) DEF #23 Ryan Weinzen (Norwin)


182 LBS
1st #13 Jaden Datz (Southmoreland) DEC Logan Pollick (Kiski Area), 3-1
3rd Mason Nickelson (Belle Vernon) DEC AJ Detore (Norwin), 1-0
5th John Bachar (Penn Trafford) F Colin Choby (Hempfield), 1:59


195 LBS
1st #17 Danny Starr (Kiski Area) DEC John Meyers (Greensburg Salem), 4-3
3rd Justin Cramer (Hempfield) DEC Zack Charlesworth (Mt. Pleasant), 4-0
5th Colton Moorhead (Burrell) F Sam Alamili (Franklin Regional), 0:39


220 LBS
1st #1 Dom Deluca (Derry) MD #21 Ryan Mauro (Southmoreland), 9-0
3rd Dillon Ferretti (Hempfield) DEC Troy Kuhn (Kiski Area), 9-7 SV
5th Chad Metikosh (Belle Vernon) DEC Will Gongaware (Greensburg Salem), 3-2


285 LBS
1st #7 Dave Schuffert (Valley) F #24 Isaiah Vance (Hempfield), 0:53
3rd Cody Vokes (Mt. Pleasant) DEC Trent Patrick (Greensburg Salem), 5-2
5th Zack Insko (Kiski Area) DEF Dylan Singleton (Franklin Regional


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