Pennsylvania Claims 25 Beast of The East Medalists; Michael Beard Wins 2nd Title

NEWARK, DE – Malvern Prep senior once again grabbed a major Championship on Sunday as he won the 2017 Beast of The East crown. In his third straight finals appearance Beard made his second Championship look easy taking the 195 lbs. title with a (17-6) major decision over Tony Wuest of Smyrna, Delaware.

PIAA State Champion and Pennsylvania star Sammy Sasso (Nazareth Area) competed at 152 lbs. taking on the number one ranked wrestler in the Nation, David Carr (Massillon, OH), in the finals. Carr connected on three takedowns while Sasso earned three escapes to close out a (6-3) win for Carr. For Sasso it was his first high school defeat since falling to Luke Pletcher in the 2016 PIAA State Tournament quarterfinals. 

Also making an appearance in the Beast finals was Central Dauphin senior Chris Wright who advanced into the 126 lbs. finals where he ran into buzzsaw Patrick Glory (Delbarton, NJ). Wright picked up a solid win in the semifinals against Blair’s Travis Mastrogiovanni but was dominated by Glory (9-0) in the finals. 

Overall 25 Pennsylvania wrestlers finished in the top eight in Delaware with Waynesburg Central leading the way coming home with four medalists (Caleb Morris/8th/132), (Jackson Henson/4th/138), (Trey Howard/7th/152), (Kyle Homet/4th/170). Both Malvern Prep and Bethlehem Catholic each had three Pennsylvania wrestlers place. View the team scores and Pennsylvania Medalists from the Beast of the East below!


Team Scores (Top 20)

1 Blair Academy 288.0
2 Bergen Catholic 237.0
3 Lake Highland Prep 188.5
4 Delbarton 150.5
5 Brecksville 146.0
6 Malvern Prep 131.5
7 Pope John XXIII 109.0
8 St Pauls School for Boys 108.0
9 Bethlehem Catholic 107.0
9 Mount St Joes 107.0
11 McDonogh 105.0
12 Hanover Park 102.5
13 Perry (Massillon) 102.0
14 Waynesburg 97.5
15 Nazareth 93.0
16 Christiansburg 87.5
17 Central Dauphin HS 78.0
18 St Vincent St Mary 74.5
19 Don Bosco Prep 68.0
20 Northampton 66.5



106 lbs.

1st Place – Nick Kayal of Bergen Catholic
2nd Place – Will Guida of St Pauls School for Boys
3rd Place – Nico Nardone of Delbarton
4th Place – Cooper Flynn of McDonogh
5th Place – Ryan Miller of Blair Academy
6th Place – Jack Stanley of Brecksville
7th Place – Chris Kim of Germantown Academy
8th Place – Jake Wohltman of Lake Highland Prep

1st Place Match
Nick Kayal (Bergen Catholic) 5-0, So. over Will Guida (St Pauls School for Boys) 11-1, So. (Dec 4-3)

3rd Place Match
Nico Nardone (Delbarton) 5-1, Fr. over Cooper Flynn (McDonogh) 5-2, Fr. (Dec 3-0)

5th Place Match
Ryan Miller (Blair Academy) 4-2, So. over Jack Stanley (Brecksville) 47-15, Jr. (Dec 8-3)

7th Place Match
Chris Kim (Germantown Academy) 8-2, So. over Jake Wohltman (Lake Highland Prep) 5-5, So. (Dec 5-0)


113 lbs.

1st Place – Kurt McHenry of St Pauls School for Boys
2nd Place – Trevor Mastrogiovanni of Blair Academy
3rd Place – Anthony Clark of Delbarton
4th Place – Eddie Ventresca of Pope John XXIII
5th Place – Joey Olivieri of Hanover Park
6th Place – Chris Barnabae of Mount St Joes
7th Place – Dylan Shawver of Elyria
8th Place – Ryan Chauvin of Lake Highland Prep

1st Place Match
Kurt McHenry (St Pauls School for Boys) 8-0, Jr. over Trevor Mastrogiovanni (Blair Academy) 4-1, So. (Dec 4-3)

3rd Place Match
Anthony Clark (Delbarton) 5-1, So. over Eddie Ventresca (Pope John XXIII) 40-9, So. (Dec 3-0)

5th Place Match
Joey Olivieri (Hanover Park) 6-2, Fr. over Chris Barnabae (Mount St Joes) 51-12, So. (Dec 8-2)

7th Place Match
Dylan Shawver (Elyria) 51-14, So. over Ryan Chauvin (Lake Highland Prep) 9-6, Sr. (Dec 6-1)


120 lbs.

1st Place – Michael Colaiocco of Blair Academy
2nd Place – Julian Tagg of Brecksville
3rd Place – Robert Howard of Bergen Catholic
4th Place – Samuel Alvarez of St. Joes Regional
5th Place – King Sandoval of St Mary Ryken
6th Place – RYAN JACK of Danbury
7th Place – Matt Lackman of Bethlehem Catholic
8th Place – Robbie Rosser of Milford

1st Place Match
Michael Colaiocco (Blair Academy) 5-0, Jr. over Julian Tagg (Brecksville) 48-3, So. (Dec 3-0)

3rd Place Match
Robert Howard (Bergen Catholic) 7-1, So. over Samuel Alvarez (St. Joes Regional) 5-2, Jr. (M. For.)

5th Place Match
King Sandoval (St Mary Ryken) 14-4, Sr. over RYAN JACK (Danbury) 5-3, So. (Fall 2:38)

7th Place Match
Matt Lackman (Bethlehem Catholic) 5-2, So. over Robbie Rosser (Milford) 12-3, 1st. (Dec 4-0)


126 lbs.

1st Place – Patrick Glory of Delbarton
2nd Place – Chris Wright of Central Dauphin HS
3rd Place – Travis Mastrogiovanni of Blair Academy
4th Place – Kenny Herrmann of Bethlehem Catholic
5th Place – Mark Salvatore of Malvern Prep
6th Place – Sean Pierson of Nazareth
7th Place – James Wilson of Cedar Cliff
8th Place – Christopher Rivera of Fort Myers

1st Place Match
Patrick Glory (Delbarton) 6-0, Sr. over Chris Wright (Central Dauphin HS) 51-5, Sr. (MD 9-0)

3rd Place Match
Travis Mastrogiovanni (Blair Academy) 6-1, Fr. over Kenny Herrmann (Bethlehem Catholic) 5-2, So. (Dec 5-1)

5th Place Match
Mark Salvatore (Malvern Prep) 117-33, Sr. over Sean Pierson (Nazareth) 5-3, Jr. (Dec 8-3)

7th Place Match
James Wilson (Cedar Cliff) 11-2, Jr. over Christopher Rivera (Fort Myers) 61-8, So. (Dec 3-0)


132 lbs.

1st Place – Nicholas Raimo of Hanover Park
2nd Place – Joey Silva of Lake Highland Prep
3rd Place – Connor McGonagle of Timberlane
4th Place – Gabriel Tagg of Brecksville
5th Place – Jake Rotunda of Pope John XXIII
6th Place – Carmen Ferrante of Bergen Catholic
7th Place – Lucas Revano of Camden Catholic
8th Place – Caleb Morris of Waynesburg

1st Place Match
Nicholas Raimo (Hanover Park) 5-0, Jr. over Joey Silva (Lake Highland Prep) 13-1, Sr. (M. For.)

3rd Place Match
Connor McGonagle (Timberlane) 103-6, Jr. over Gabriel Tagg (Brecksville) 85-12, Jr. (Dec 1-0)

5th Place Match
Jake Rotunda (Pope John XXIII) 96-20, Sr. over Carmen Ferrante (Bergen Catholic) 5-3, Sr. (Dec 3-2)

7th Place Match
Lucas Revano (Camden Catholic) 49-6, Jr. over Caleb Morris (Waynesburg) 10-3, Sr. (Dec 4-3)


138 lbs.

1st Place – Quinn Kinner of Kingsway Regional
2nd Place – Marshall Keller of Christiansburg
3rd Place – Joseph Aragona of Pope John XXIII
4th Place – Jackson Henson of Waynesburg
5th Place – Jarred Papcsy of Bethlehem Catholic
6th Place – Malcolm Robinson of Blair Academy
7th Place – Luke Wymer of St Vincent St Mary
8th Place – Devon Britton of Northampton

1st Place Match
Quinn Kinner (Kingsway Regional) 5-0, Sr. over Marshall Keller (Christiansburg) 4-1, Sr. (MD 11-3)

3rd Place Match
Joseph Aragona (Pope John XXIII) 82-5, Jr. over Jackson Henson (Waynesburg) 7-2, Sr. (SV-1 4-2)

5th Place Match
Jarred Papcsy (Bethlehem Catholic) 4-2, Sr. over Malcolm Robinson (Blair Academy) 3-3, Sr. (SV-1 3-1)

7th Place Match
Luke Wymer (St Vincent St Mary) 10-4, Sr. over Devon Britton (Northampton) 50-26, Jr. (MD 12-3)


145 lbs.

1st Place – Ricky Cabanillas of DePaul Catholic
2nd Place – Victor Voinovich of Brecksville
3rd Place – Kai Bele of Lake Highland Prep
4th Place – PJ Crane of Malvern Prep
5th Place – Ryan Vulakh of Pope John Paull II
6th Place – Wade Unger of Bergen Catholic
7th Place – Robbie Garcia of Pope John XXIII
8th Place – Logan Kissell of Garretsville

1st Place Match
Ricky Cabanillas (DePaul Catholic) 6-0, Jr. over Victor Voinovich (Brecksville) 5-1, Fr. (Dec 6-2)

3rd Place Match
Kai Bele (Lake Highland Prep) 13-4, So. over PJ Crane (Malvern Prep) 118-24, Sr. (Dec 3-2)

5th Place Match
Ryan Vulakh (Pope John Paull II) 6-2, Jr. over Wade Unger (Bergen Catholic) 5-3, Jr. (Dec 2-1)

7th Place Match
Robbie Garcia (Pope John XXIII) 74-17, Jr. over Logan Kissell (Garretsville) 11-3, Sr. (M. For.)


152 lbs.

1st Place – David Carr of Perry (Massillon)
2nd Place – Sammy Sasso of Nazareth
3rd Place – Jake Hart of Fort MIlls
4th Place – John Manning of St. Thomas Villanova Catholic
5th Place – Tony Asatrian of Bergen Catholic
6th Place – Zach Feight of Battlefield HS
7th Place – Trey Howard of Waynesburg
8th Place – William Kaiser of Blair Academy

1st Place Match
David Carr (Perry (Massillon)) 10-0, Sr. over Sammy Sasso (Nazareth) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 6-3)

3rd Place Match
Jake Hart (Fort MIlls) 105-19, Sr. over John Manning (St. Thomas Villanova Catholic) 9-3, Sr. (Dec 5-2)

5th Place Match
Tony Asatrian (Bergen Catholic) 5-2, Jr. over Zach Feight (Battlefield HS) 15-3, Sr. (Dec 5-3)

7th Place Match
Trey Howard (Waynesburg) 10-2, Jr. over William Kaiser (Blair Academy) 4-3, Sr. (Dec 3-2)


160 lbs.

1st Place – Andrew Merola of Blair Academy
2nd Place – Phil Conigliaro of Belmont Hill
3rd Place – Shane Griffith of Bergen Catholic
4th Place – Tim Fitzpatrick of Holy Spirit
5th Place – Erich Byelick of Lake Highland Prep
6th Place – Kevon Freeman of Lake Catholic
7th Place – Ronald Miller of Battlefield HS
8th Place – Matthew Liberato of Hanover Park

1st Place Match
Andrew Merola (Blair Academy) 6-0, Sr. over Phil Conigliaro (Belmont Hill) 37-2, Sr. (TB-1 5-2)

3rd Place Match
Shane Griffith (Bergen Catholic) 7-1, Sr. over Tim Fitzpatrick (Holy Spirit) 44-11, Sr. (MD 12-1)

5th Place Match
Erich Byelick (Lake Highland Prep) 13-3, Sr. over Kevon Freeman (Lake Catholic) 15-5, Sr. (Dec 3-2)

7th Place Match
Ronald Miller (Battlefield HS) 15-2, Sr. over Matthew Liberato (Hanover Park) 5-3, Sr. (Dec 6-0)


170 lbs.

1st Place – Julian Ramirez of Blair Academy
2nd Place – Emil Soehnlen of Perry (Massillon)
3rd Place – Christopher Foca of Bergen Catholic
4th Place – Kyle Homet of Waynesburg
5th Place – A. J. Lonski of Delbarton
6th Place – Ryan DeVivo of Xavier
7th Place – Luke Nichter of Chambersburg
8th Place – Nicholas Florschutz of Malvern Prep

1st Place Match
Julian Ramirez (Blair Academy) 5-0, Jr. over Emil Soehnlen (Perry (Massillon)) 9-2, Sr. (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match
Christopher Foca (Bergen Catholic) 5-1, Jr. over Kyle Homet (Waynesburg) 10-2, Sr. (Fall 1:51)

5th Place Match
A. J. Lonski (Delbarton) 8-2, Jr. over Ryan DeVivo (Xavier) 5-3, Sr. (Fall 1:37)

7th Place Match
Luke Nichter (Chambersburg) 36-13, So. over Nicholas Florschutz (Malvern Prep) 39-9, . (Dec 4-2)


182 lbs.

1st Place – Leonardo Tarantino of Blair Academy
2nd Place – Jacob Cardenas of Bergen Catholic
3rd Place – Josh Stillings of Pennridge
4th Place – David Heath of St Vincent St Mary
5th Place – Jack Parr of St Pauls School for Boys
6th Place – Garrett Beam of St. Joes Regional
7th Place – Jack Wimmer of McDonogh
8th Place – David Schultz of Mount St Joes

1st Place Match
Leonardo Tarantino (Blair Academy) 5-0, Sr. over Jacob Cardenas (Bergen Catholic) 4-1, Jr. (Dec 3-2)

3rd Place Match
Josh Stillings (Pennridge) 9-1, Sr. over David Heath (St Vincent St Mary) 9-4, Sr. (Dec 3-1)

5th Place Match
Jack Parr (St Pauls School for Boys) 10-2, Jr. over Garrett Beam (St. Joes Regional) 7-3, Sr. (M. For.)

7th Place Match
Jack Wimmer (McDonogh) 42-15, So. over David Schultz (Mount St Joes) 46-14, Sr. (M. For.)


195 lbs.

1st Place – Michael Beard of Malvern Prep
2nd Place – Tony Wuest of Smyrna
3rd Place – Peyton Craft of Blair Academy
4th Place – Chris Vasquez of Mountain View
5th Place – Elijah Rodriguez of Long Beach
6th Place – Chris Langguth of Rootstown
7th Place – Austin Stith of Mount St Joes
8th Place – Zach Brown of Eastern View

1st Place Match
Michael Beard (Malvern Prep) 55-0, . over Tony Wuest (Smyrna) 14-1, Sr. (MD 17-6)

3rd Place Match
Peyton Craft (Blair Academy) 5-1, Fr. over Chris Vasquez (Mountain View) 9-2, Sr. (Dec 6-4)

5th Place Match
Elijah Rodriguez (Long Beach) 15-2, Sr. over Chris Langguth (Rootstown) 55-9, Jr. (Fall 2:52)

7th Place Match
Austin Stith (Mount St Joes) 46-13, Sr. over Zach Brown (Eastern View) 81-12, Jr. (Fall 1:21)


220 lbs.

1st Place – Ben Goldin of Lake Highland Prep
2nd Place – Owen Trephan of Blair Academy
3rd Place – Trent Ragland of New Kent
4th Place – Peter Acciardi of Don Bosco Prep
5th Place – Ian Edenfield of Laurel Highlands
6th Place – Ryan Boyle of Rootstown
7th Place – Thomas Mukai of JW Robinson
8th Place – James Momon of South County

1st Place Match
Ben Goldin (Lake Highland Prep) 12-1, Sr. over Owen Trephan (Blair Academy) 4-1, Jr. (Dec 1-0)

3rd Place Match
Trent Ragland (New Kent) 124-28, Sr. over Peter Acciardi (Don Bosco Prep) 38-5, Sr. (Dec 2-1)

5th Place Match
Ian Edenfield (Laurel Highlands) 62-19, Sr. over Ryan Boyle (Rootstown) 49-17, Jr. (TB-1 6-5)

7th Place Match
Thomas Mukai (JW Robinson) 44-8, Jr. over James Momon (South County) 51-8, Sr. (M. For.)


285 lbs.

1st Place – John Birchmeier of Broad Run
2nd Place – Curtis Ruff of Lake Highland Prep
3rd Place – Gerald Brown of West Mifflin
4th Place – Isaac Reighter of Mount St Joes
5th Place – PJ Mustipher of McDonogh
6th Place – John High of Bergen Catholic
7th Place – Ramses Montalvo of Brooke Point
8th Place – Derek Devine of North Allegheny

1st Place Match
John Birchmeier (Broad Run) 15-0, Jr. over Curtis Ruff (Lake Highland Prep) 12-4, So. (Dec 6-0)

3rd Place Match
Gerald Brown (West Mifflin) 8-1, Sr. over Isaac Reighter (Mount St Joes) 10-2, So. (DQ)

5th Place Match
PJ Mustipher (McDonogh) 43-10, Sr. over John High (Bergen Catholic) 4-3, Jr. (Fall 2:15)

7th Place Match
Ramses Montalvo (Brooke Point) 14-2, Sr. over Derek Devine (North Allegheny) 35-22, Sr. (Dec 3-2)


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