PAP33: Recap of 2018 TIF Report with Guest Cole Rees

PAP33: The 2017 – 2018 Season is upon us and to kick-off the start PA Power Wrestling took a look at the future of Pennsylvania Wrestling with the Top Incoming Freshmen Report of 2018. PA Power Wrestling’s Jeff Upson @PAPowerWrestle and Eric Knopsynde@KnopsKnotes discuss the Report and how Jeff apparently has no life. They also talk about the recent probation of Bishop McCort and their new coach – as well as Northern Lebanon’s Rusty Wallace’s two week suspension. They welcome on guest Cole Rees of Wyoming Seminary who was named Pennsylvania’s #1 Top Incoming Freshman! Take a listen below. 

Show Breakdown

01:00 – The Season is here!

01:20 – The Top Incoming Freshmen Report of 2018 Released

4:00 – Jeff Explains the TIF Report Process

19:45 – Mel Kiper Jr. is like the Easter Bunny

36:30 – PA Power’s Media Day is Sunday!!

39:45 – Bishop McCort drama continues; name new head coach

46:15 – Northern Lebanon’s Rusty Wallace Jr. Suspended for 2 Weeks

51:20 – Guest Cole Rees talks being named PA Power’s TIF of 2018 

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