PAPC15: Vegas Preview, Lehigh Vs Penn State, & Special Guest Mike McMullan

PAPC15:  Pennsylvania native, four-time All-American, and current Northwestern University Assistant Coach Mike McMullan joins the program to discuss how he views his career in hindsight, what it took for him to change the landscape of heavyweight wrestling, the unique challenges of coaching college wrestling*, and much more.

The dynamic duo of @WarnTriz and @Beck_Diggity take listeners on more than an hour’s worth of a wrestling adventure. They discuss a variety of topics in episode 15 including a preview of the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational, a breakdown of the Lehigh/Penn State dual, and a couple groups of people that need to calm down with their reactions to results. (Photo courtesy of Northwestern University Athletics)

*Link to Mike’s article on collegiate coaching:  

Show Breakdown

01:00 – Tristan and Mason are the Proud Parents of a Teenage Podcast

06:00 – OW’s and Challenge Bricks of the Weekend

14:30 – #AskTnT

17:00 – Week 4 Recap

22:00 – Vegas, Baby!! CKLV Preview

42:30 – Lehigh Vs Penn State Preview

49:30 – Mike McMullan joins the program and discusses competing, coaching, and what the future may hold

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