DeSanto, Lizak and Schutz Headline Week 3 College Action

College wrestling is heating up and results from Week 3 reflect that uptick in action. Several prominent programs and Pennsylvania wrestlers made headlines over the weekend including Austin DeSanto (Drexel/Exeter), Ethan Lizak (Minnesota/Parkland) Andy Schutz (Bloomsburg/Wyoming Area). 

PIAA State Champion and true-freshman Austin DeSanto won the Keystone Classic at 133 lbs. while redshirt senior Andy Schutz won the Black Knight Open at 133 lbs. defeating fellow Keystone State wrestler DJ Fehlman (Lock Haven/Warren) in the finals. Returning NCAA Runner-up Ethan Lizak was down (8-1) to All-American Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State) but stormed back, dominating from top, winning (10-9).

Below are results from Week 3 with Pennsylvania wrestlers in red.


Pittsburgh 21 CSU Bakersfield 18

125 Sergio Mendez (CSU Bakersfield) over Brendan Price (Pittsburgh) (Dec 9-5)
133 Sean Nickell (CSU Bakersfield) over Jake Cherry (Pittsburgh) (TF 15-0 3:55)
141 Russell Rohlfing (CSU Bakersfield) over Nick Zanetta (Pittsburgh) (SV-1 7-5)
149 Robert Lee (Pittsburgh) over Kalani Tonge (CSU Bakersfield) (Dec 8-1)
157 Taleb Rahmani (Pittsburgh) over Coleman Hammond (CSU Bakersfield) (Fall 3:35)
165 Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh) over Lorenzo De La Riva (CSU Bakersfield) (TF 15-0 5:41)
174 Bryan Battisto (CSU Bakersfield) over Thomas O`Brien (Pittsburgh) (Dec 4-2)
184 Gregg Harvey (Pittsburgh) over Dom Ducharme (CSU Bakersfield) (Dec 15-9)
197 Matt Williams (CSU Bakersfield) over Kellan Stout (Pittsburgh) (MD 11-3)
285 Ryan Solomon (Pittsburgh) over Jarrod Snyder (CSU Bakersfield) (MD 10-0)


Wisconsin 26 Pittsburgh 6

125 Ethan Rotondo (Wisconsin) over Brendan Price (Pittsburgh) (Dec 4-1)
133 Michael Cullen (Wisconsin) over Jake Cherry (Pittsburgh) (Dec 6-5)
141 Nick Zanetta (Pittsburgh) over Cole Martin (Wisconsin) (Dec 7-3)
149 Alexander Wick (Wisconsin) over Robert Lee (Pittsburgh) (Dec 6-3)
157 Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) over Taleb Rahmani (Pittsburgh) (Dec 3-1)
165 Evan Wick (Wisconsin) over Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh) (Dec 6-3)
174 Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin) over Thomas O`Brien (Pittsburgh) (MD 11-0)
184 Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin) over Zach Bruce (Pittsburgh) (MD 9-1)
197 Hunter Ritter (Wisconsin) over Kellan Stout (Pittsburgh) (Dec 5-4)
285 Ryan Solomon (Pittsburgh) over Ben Stone (Wisconsin) (Dec 4-0)


Iowa 48 Iowa Central Community College 0

125 Justin Stickley (Iowa) over Kevin Radcliff (Iowa Central Community College) (TF 15-0 4:49)
133 Phillip Laux (Iowa) over Todd Small (Iowa Central Community College) (Dec 8-5)
141 Vincent Turk (Iowa) over Eric Clarke (Iowa Central Community College) (TF 18-3 4:09)
149 Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) over Yarhoski Aldiva (Iowa Central Community College) (TF 23-8 4:50)
157 Michael Kemerer (Iowa) over Alex Leone (Iowa Central Community College) (Fall 2:47)
165 Kaleb Young (Iowa) over Tyler Helfrich-Meyers (Iowa Central Community College) (TF 20-5 3:07)
174 Joseph Gunther (Iowa) over Jonah Egli (Iowa Central Community College) (MD 22-10)
184 Mitchell Bowman (Iowa) over Brady Vogel (Iowa Central Community College) (Fall 3:17)
197 Cash Wilcke (Iowa) over Tyree Sutton (Iowa Central Community College) (Dec 10-4)
285 Samuel Stoll (Iowa) over Jordan Hill (Iowa Central Community College) (Fall 1:49)


Iowa 38 North Dakota State 6

125 Paul Bianchi (North Dakota State University) over Justin Stickley (Iowa) (Fall 1:53)
133 Phillip Laux (Iowa) over Tirso Lara (North Dakota State University) (TF 18-0 3:16)
141 Vincent Turk (Iowa) over Sam Hampton (North Dakota State University) (TF 19-4 5:27)
149 Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) over Kyle Gliva (North Dakota State University) (MD 11-3)
157 Michael Kemerer (Iowa) over Clayton Ream (North Dakota State University) (TF 17-2 4:40)
165 Kaleb Young (Iowa) over Andrew Fogarty (North Dakota State University) (Dec 3-2)
174 Joseph Gunther (Iowa) over Dylan Urbach (North Dakota State University) (MD 10-2)
184 Mitchell Bowman (Iowa) over Tyler McNutt (North Dakota State University) (Dec 5-4)
197 Cash Wilcke (Iowa) over Cordell Eaton (North Dakota State University) (Dec 5-3)
285 Samuel Stoll (Iowa) over Daniel Stibral (North Dakota State University) (Fall 6:13)


Mercyhurst 58 Sierra College 0

165 Gavin Wilkerson (Mercyhurst) over Michael Passaglia (Sierra College) (Fall 1:06)
174 Nick Konyk (Mercyhurst) over Unknown (For.)
184 Trevor Johnson (Mercyhurst) over Unknown (For.)
197 Wes Phipps (Mercyhurst) over Amir Griffin (Sierra College) (Fall 0:50)
285 Jacob Robb (Mercyhurst) over Sebastian Brynda (Sierra College) (Fall 0:30)
125 Eric Bartos (Mercyhurst) over Unknown (For.)
133 Aidan Burke (Mercyhurst) over Carlos Perez (Sierra College) (Fall 1:11)
141 Kevin Kinyua (Mercyhurst) over Jeremy Newman (Sierra College) (MD 13-4)
149 Logan Grass (Mercyhurst) over Kobe Woltz (Sierra College) (Fall 1:09)
157 Owen Watkins (Mercyhurst) over Jacob Allen (Sierra College) (Fall 2:10)


Pitt-Johnstown 24 Kutztown 10

125 Mathew Siszka (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) over Anthony Petril (Kutztown) (Dec 8-4)
133 Lucas Miller (Kutztown) over Sam Holandez (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) (Dec 8-2)
141 Chris Eddins (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) over Jacob Jones (Kutztown) (Dec 7-1)
149 Corey Falleroni (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) over Chad Haegele (Kutztown) (Dec 6-3)
157 Cody Law (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) over Michael O`Brien (Kutztown) (Dec 7-4)
165 Devin Austin (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) over Connor Rogovitch (Kutztown) (MD 12-4)
174 Tyler Reinhart (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) over James Meyer (Kutztown) (TF 17-2 3:18)
184 Jeff Reimel (Kutztown) over Brodie Englert (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) (MD 10-0)
197 Levi Niebauer (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) over Evan Kauffman (Kutztown) (Dec 6-3)
285 Ryan Appleby (Kutztown) over Damon Sims Jr. (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) (Dec 5-3)


Virginia Tech 28 Chattanooga 7

125 Kyle Norstrem (Virginia Tech) over Alonzo Allen (Chattanooga) (MD 17-6)
133 Dennis Gustafson (Virginia Tech) over Wade Cummings (Chattanooga) (TF 17-1 4:39)
141 Mike Pongracz (Chattanooga) over Brent Moore (Virginia Tech) (MD 10-2)
149 Solomon Chishko (Virginia Tech) over Roman Boylen (Chattanooga) (Dec 3-1)
157 BC LaPrade (Virginia Tech) over Dylan Forzani (Chattanooga) (MD 16-7)
165 David McFadden (Virginia Tech) over Chad Pyke (Chattanooga) (Dec 9-5)
174 Justin Lampe (Chattanooga) over Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech) (SV-1 6-4)
184 Zachary Zavatsky (Virginia Tech) over Bryce Carr (Chattanooga) (SV-1 3-1)
197 Jared Haught (Virginia Tech) over Scottie Boykin (Chattanooga) (Dec 10-8)
285 Andrew Dunn (Virginia Tech) over Connor Tolley (Chattanooga) (Dec 5-2)


Lehigh 27 Edinboro 14

285 Jordan Wood (Lehigh) over Jon Spaulding (Edinboro) (MD 9-0)
125 Sean Russell (Edinboro) over Aaron Burkett (Lehigh) (TF 19-4 5:09)
133 Scott Parker (Lehigh) over Korbin Myers (Edinboro) (Fall 5:33)
141 Luke Karem (Lehigh) over Nate Hagan (Edinboro) (Dec 6-1)
149 Peter Pappas (Edinboro) over Jonathan Mele (Lehigh) (Dec 11-10)
157 Andrew Shomers (Edinboro) over Ian Brown (Lehigh) (Dec 5-3)
165 Gordon Wolf (Lehigh) over Austin Matthews (Edinboro) (MD 16-8)
174 Jordan Kutler (Lehigh) over Fritz Hoehn (Edinboro) (MD 14-5)
184 Dylan Reynolds (Edinboro) over Andrew Price (Lehigh) (Dec 5-2)
197 Jake Jakobsen (Lehigh) over Aaron Paddock (Edinboro) (Fall 0:52)


Iowa 33 Buffalo 6

125 Kyle Akins (Buffalo) over Justin Stickley (Iowa) (Dec 8-4)
133 Bryan Lantry (Buffalo) over Paul Glynn (Iowa) (Dec 2-0)
141 Vincent Turk (Iowa) over Blake Retell (Buffalo) (MD 12-2)
149 Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) over Jason Estevez (Buffalo) (Fall 4:41)
157 Michael Kemerer (Iowa) over Kobe Garrehy (Buffalo) (Fall 1:34)
165 Kaleb Young (Iowa) over Derek Holcomb (Buffalo) (MD 12-4)
174 Joseph Gunther (Iowa) over Austin Weigel (Buffalo) (Dec 3-1)
184 Mitchell Bowman (Iowa) over Brett Perry (Buffalo) (Dec 10-4)
197 Cash Wilcke (Iowa) over Joe Ariola (Buffalo) (MD 14-3)
285 Samuel Stoll (Iowa) over Jake Gunning (Buffalo) (TB-2 4-3)


Mercyhurst 28 Embry-Riddle 13

125 Eric Bartos (Mercyhurst) over Unknown (For.)
133 Collin Anderson (Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)) over Aidan Burke (Mercyhurst) (Dec 6-2)
141 Kevin Kinyua (Mercyhurst) over David Salazar (Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)) (Dec 12-6)
149 Logan Grass (Mercyhurst) over Cameron Huizar (Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)) (TF 16-0 0:00)
157 James Williams (Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)) over Owen Watkins (Mercyhurst) (TF 18-2 0:00)
165 Gavin Wilkerson (Mercyhurst) over Taylor Owens (Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)) (MD 14-5)
174 Kody Davis (Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)) over Nick Konyk (Mercyhurst) (TF 19-2 0:00)
184 Trevor Johnson (Mercyhurst) over Payton Mair (Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)) (Dec 4-2)
197 Wes Phipps (Mercyhurst) over Elias Mason (Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)) (Dec 4-1)
285 Jacob Robb (Mercyhurst) over David Rupp (Embry-Riddle (Ariz.)) (MD 12-1)


Minnesota 20 South Dakota State 12

184 Owen Webster (Minnesota) over Martin Mueller (South Dakota State) (Dec 6-2)
197 Brady Ayers (South Dakota State) over Robert Steveson (Minnesota) (SV-1 8-6)
285 Rylee Streifel (Minnesota) over Alex Macki (South Dakota State) (Dec 4-1)
125 Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) over Connor Brown (South Dakota State) (MD 11-0)
133 Seth Gross (South Dakota State) over Mitch McKee (Minnesota) (Dec 9-4)
141 Thomas Thorn (Minnesota) over Henry Pohlmeyer (South Dakota State) (MD 13-4)
149 Hunter Marko (Minnesota) over Colten Carlson (South Dakota State) (Dec 3-2)
157 Luke Zilverberg (South Dakota State) over Jake Short (Minnesota) (Dec 5-2)
165 Nicholas Wanzek (Minnesota) over Zach Carlson (South Dakota State) (Dec 8-5)
174 David Kocer (South Dakota State) over Christopher Pfarr (Minnesota) (Dec 6-2)


Virginia 30 Gardner-Webb 11

125 Louie Hayes (Virginia) over Keegan Duncan (Gardner-Webb) (Fall 2:48)
133 Jack Mueller (Virginia) over Philip Anderson (Gardner-Webb) (TF 18-1 2:32)
141 Denton Spencer (Gardner-Webb) over Sam Martino (Virginia) (Dec 4-0)
149 Sam Krivus (Virginia) over Joby Armenta (Gardner-Webb) (MD 11-2)
157 Tyler Marinelli (Gardner-Webb) over Fred Green (Virginia) (TF 18-1 5:00)
165 Andrew Atkinson (Virginia) over Brett Stein (Gardner-Webb) (Fall 1:43)
174 Will Schany (Virginia) over Christian Maroni (Gardner-Webb) (Dec 9-7)
184 Cole Graves (Gardner-Webb) over Jack Walsh (Virginia) (Dec 5-2)
197 Jay Aiello (Virginia) over Anthony Perrine (Gardner-Webb) (Dec 6-0)
285 Tyler Love (Virginia) over Lathan Bumgarner (Gardner-Webb) (Dec 5-2)


York 23 College of New Jersey 10

125 Jacob Falleni (The College of New Jersey) over Brendan McDonough (York (PA)) (Dec 5-4)
133 Jake Giordano (The College of New Jersey) over Zachary Dwyer (York (PA)) (Dec 4-2)
141 Ryan Erwin (The College of New Jersey) over Alex Hin (York (PA)) (MD 18-5)
149 Gregory Warner (York (PA)) over David Santiago (The College of New Jersey) (TF 16-0 4:01)
157 Eric Hutchinson (York (PA)) over Anthony Gagliano (The College of New Jersey) (SV-1 12-8)
165 Jackson Drum (York (PA)) over Luke Balina (The College of New Jersey) (Dec 8-2)
174 David Keith (York (PA)) over Kellen Whitney (The College of New Jersey) (Dec 7-4)
184 Francis Krauss (York (PA)) over Daniel Kilroy (The College of New Jersey) (Dec 11-6)
197 Hasan Alic (York (PA)) over Alex Mirabella (The College of New Jersey) (Dec 10-4)
285 Stefanos Karpontinis (York (PA)) over Kyle Cocozza (The College of New Jersey) (Dec 11-5)


Seton Hill 20 Millersville 18

125 Aaron Wildonger (Millersville) over Alan Diltz (Seton Hill) (Fall 2:43)
133 Alex Baider (Millersville) over Rodney Sunday (Seton Hill) (SV-1 6-4)
141 Joseph Alessandro (Seton Hill) over Keegan Worley (Millersville) (TF 18-2 3:30)
149 Doug (DJ) Mele (Millersville) over Logan McKoy (Seton Hill) (Dec 5-3)
157 Seth Decker (Millersville) over Zach Recklein (Seton Hill) (Dec 3-1)
165 Shane Ruhnke (Millersville) over Zach Voytek (Seton Hill) (Dec 8-6)
174 Damon Greenwald (Seton Hill) over Unknown (For.)
184 Nathan Bowlen (Seton Hill) over Evan Morrill (Millersville) (Dec 9-4)
197 Jake Temple (Seton Hill) over Colton Dull (Millersville) (Dec 6-3)
285 Jody Crouse (Seton Hill) over Zachary Yackenchick (Millersville) (Dec 7-5)


Arizona State 32 Pittsburgh 6 

125 Ryan Millhof (Arizona State) over Brendan Price (Pittsburgh) (Fall 0:57)
133 Ali Naser (Arizona State) over Jake Cherry (Pittsburgh) (MD 12-4)
141 Nick Zanetta (Pittsburgh) over Nicholas Villarreal (Arizona State) (SV-2 5-3)
149 Joshua Maruca (Arizona State) over Robert Lee (Pittsburgh) (Dec 7-2)
157 Joshua Shields (Arizona State) over Taleb Rahmani (Pittsburgh) (Dec 4-2)
165 Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) over Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh) (MD 15-3)
174 Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) over Austin Bell (Pittsburgh) (Fall 1:58)
184 Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State) over Gregg Harvey (Pittsburgh) (Dec 6-3)
197 Kellan Stout (Pittsburgh) over Cade Belshay (Arizona State) (Dec 2-0)
285 Tanner Hall (Arizona State) over Ryan Solomon (Pittsburgh) (Dec 2-0)


Lehigh 27 Michigan 8

125 Darian Cruz (Lehigh) over Drew Mattin (Michigan) (Dec 7-0)
133 Scott Parker (Lehigh) over Michael Volyanyuk (Michigan) (Fall 5:33)
141 Luke Karam (Lehigh) over Salvatore Profaci (Michigan) (Dec 9-2)
149 Cortland Schuyler (Lehigh) over Malik Amine (Michigan) (Dec 8-3)
157 Ian Brown (Lehigh) over Alec Pantaleo (Michigan) (Dec 7-5)
165 Logan Massa (Michigan) over Cole Walter (Lehigh) (TF 18-2 4:56)
174 Jordan Kutler (Lehigh) over Myles Amine (Michigan) (Dec 5-4)
184 Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) over Domenic Abounader (Michigan) (Dec 3-1)
197 Jake Jakobsen (Lehigh) over Jackson Striggow (Michigan) (Dec 2-0)
285 Adam Coon (Michigan) over Jordan Wood (Lehigh) (Dec 6-2)


Oklahoma State 30 Minnesota 3

125 Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) over Nicholas Piccininni (Oklahoma State) (Dec 10-9)
133 Kaid Brock (Oklahoma State) over Mitch McKee (Minnesota) (Dec 9-7)
141 Dean Heil (Oklahoma State) over Thomas Thorn (Minnesota) (Dec 3-1)
149 Geordan Martinez (Oklahoma State) over Hunter Marko (Minnesota) (MD 9-1)
157 Jonce Blaylock (Oklahoma State) over Jake Short (Minnesota) (SV-1 3-1)
165 Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma State) over Nicholas Wanzek (Minnesota) (Dec 3-2)
174 Jacobe Smith (Oklahoma State) over Christopher Pfarr (Minnesota) (MD 10-1)
184 Keegan Moore (Oklahoma State) over Owen Webster (Minnesota) (Dec 7-5)
197 Andrew Marsden (Oklahoma State) over Robert Steveson (Minnesota) (MD 12-3)
285 Derek White (Oklahoma State) over Rylee Streifel (Minnesota) (Dec 5-2)


Black Knight Invite


NCAA – 125
1st Place – Nick Suriano of Rutgers
2nd Place – Alonzo Allen of Chattanooga
3rd Place – Trey Chalifoux of Army
4th Place – Steven Bulzomi of Binghamton
5th Place – Josiah Kline of Lock Haven
6th Place – Willy Girard of Bloomsburg

NCAA – 133
1st Place – Andy Schutz of Bloomsburg
2nd Place – DJ Fehlman of Lock Haven
3rd Place – Lane Peters of Army
4th Place – Alex Mackall of Rutgers
5th Place – Jacob Nicholson of Binghamton
6th Place – Kyle Dinapoli of Rutgers

NCAA – 141
1st Place – Kyle Shoop of Lock Haven
2nd Place – Joseph Russ of Binghamton
3rd Place – Mike Van Brill of Rutgers
4th Place – Pete Lipari of Rutgers
5th Place – Chris Debien of Chattanooga
6th Place – Mike Pongracz of Chattanooga

NCAA – 149
1st Place – Ronald Perry of Lock Haven
2nd Place – Frank Garcia of Binghamton
3rd Place – Roman Boylen of Chattanooga
4th Place – Nicholas Santos of Rutgers
5th Place – William Lucie of Army
6th Place – Knox Fuller of Army

NCAA – 157
1st Place – Luke Weiland of Army
2nd Place – Alex Klucker of Lock Haven
3rd Place – Tristan Rifanburg of Binghamton
4th Place – Dylan Forzani of Chattanooga
5th Place – Brett Donner of Rutgers
6th Place – James Saylor of Army

NCAA – 165
1st Place – Chance Marsteller of Lock Haven
2nd Place – Andrew Mendel of Army
3rd Place – Chad Pyke of Chattanooga
4th Place – Vincent Deprez of Binghamton
5th Place – Dominic Perucelli of Chattanooga
6th Place – Anthony Vetrano of Bloomsburg

NCAA – 174
1st Place – Joe Grello of Rutgers
2nd Place – Jordan Pagano of Rutgers
3rd Place – Justin Lampe of Chattanooga
4th Place – Anthony Lombardo of Binghamton
5th Place – Nunzio Crowley of Binghamton
6th Place – Graham Ratermann of Army

NCAA – 184
1st Place – Bryce Carr of Chattanooga
2nd Place – Noah Stewart of Army
3rd Place – Corey Hazel of Lock Haven
4th Place – Trevor Allard of Bloomsburg
5th Place – Jeremiah Imonode of Army
6th Place – Rod Jones of Chattanooga

NCAA – 197
1st Place – Scottie Boykin of Chattanooga
2nd Place – Mark Tracy of Binghamton
3rd Place – Kevin Mulligan of Rutgers
4th Place – Rocco Caywood of Army
5th Place – Tristan Sponseller of Lock Haven
6th Place – Alex Hopkins of Army

NCAA – 285
1st Place – Thomas Haines of Lock Haven
2nd Place – Razohnn Gross of Rutgers
3rd Place – Connor Calkins of Binghamton
4th Place – Connor Tolley of Chattanooga
5th Place – Bruce Graeber of Bloomsburg
6th Place – Ralph Normandia of Rutgers


Wolfpack Open


125 LBS
1st Sean Fausz NC (Unattached – NCSU) DEC Lamont Taylor UT (Utah Valley University), 8-3
3rd Thomas Cox NC (Unattached – NCSU) F Zurich Storm NC (Unattached – NCSU), 4:50
5th Killian Cardinale VA (unattached ODU) DEC Sam Book VA (UVa unattached), 8-4
7th Paxton Rosen OK (Unattached Campbell) NC Charles Lenox PA (Unattached – NCSU)

133 LBS
1st Jamel Morris NC (Unattached – NCSU) DEC Tariq Wilson NC (Unattached – NCSU), 10-5
3rd James Szymanski NC (UNC Unattached) DEC Dominic Latona VA (Unattached VT), 11-9 SV
5th Cole Manley PA (Unattached VT) DEC Will Clark NC (Unattached – NCSU), 5-4
7th Nolan Whitely SC (Newberry College) NC Bradley Beaulieu VA (unattached ODU)

141 LBS
1st Brock Zacherl PA (Clarion University) MD Jaime Hernandez NC (Unattached UNC), 16-4
3rd Tyler Wicken SC (Newberry College) DEC Isaiah Royal SC (Newberry College), 6-1
5th Denton Spencer NC (Gardner-Webb) NC Zachary Barnes IA (Unattached Campbell)
7th Jonathan Millner NC (Unattached App State) NC Jarod Maynes UT (Utah Valley University)

149 LBS
1st Jamal Morris NC (Unattached – NCSU) DEC Beau Donahue NC (Unattached – NCSU), 3-2
3rd Joshua Heil OH (Unattached Campbell) DEC Robert Rizzolino NC (Unattached – NCSU), 8-2
5th Matt Zovistoski NC (Unattached App State) NC Kevin Budock MD (unattached ODU)
7th Jake Keating VA (Virginia) NC Matthew Ontiveros UT (Utah Valley University)

157 LBS
1st Mitchell Finesilver CO (Blue Blood Wrestling Club) DEC Cameron Coy PA (UVa unattached), 2-1
3rd Mac Tanner PA (Clarion University) F Rhonny Ghaida VA (Virginia Tech), 5:00
5th Tony Palumbo PA (Davidson) DEC Benjamin Anderson UT (Duke unattached), 8-6
7th Avery Shay CT (Clarion University) NC Eric Milks (UNC Pembroke)

165 LBS
1st Mehki Lewis VA (Unattached VT) DEC Demetrius Romero UT (Utah Valley University), 9-4
3rd Zachary Finesilver CO (Blue Blood Wrestling Club) MD Max Wohlabaugh FL (Clarion University), 10-2
5th Cade Moisey PA (WVU Unattatched) FOR Rodney Shepard NC (Unattached)
7th Cade Hepner OH (unattached ODU) NC Stephon Halliburton NC (Queens University of Charlotte)

174 LBS
1st Evan Delong PA (Unattached Clarion) DEC Cody Hughes VA (Virginia Tech), 7-3
3rd Adis Radoncic (Unc) DEC Noah Curreri NC (Queens University of Charlotte), 8-5
5th Devin Kane NC (Unattached UNC) NC Taylor Cahill PA (Clarion University)
7th Dom Rigous PA (Clarion University) NC Shawn Mosca MD (Unattached-Maryland)

184 LBS
1st Nick Reenan NC (Unattached – NCSU) DEC Greg Bulsak PA (Clarion University), 12-5
3rd Will Sumner UT (Utah Valley University) TF Ryan Deloach PA (Unattached Campbell), 16-0 2:48
5th Gary Jantzer UT (Utah Valley University) NC Stanley Smeltzer VA (Unattached VT)
7th LJ Castellano NJ (Blue Blood Wrestling Club) NC Conor Fenn GA (Davidson)

197 LBS
1st Dustin Conti PA (Clarion University) DEC Tanner Orndorff UT (Utah Valley University), 3-1 SV
3rd Christopher Kober PA (Unattached Campbell) M FOR Tyler Johnson NC (Unattached – NCSU)
5th Haszell West SC (Newberry College) DEC John Borst VA (Unattached VT), 10-7
7th Jordan Lacelle SC (Newberry College) NC Nick Weldon SC (Newberry College)

285 LBS
1st Michael Boykin NC (Unattached – NCSU) DEC David Orndorff UT (Unattached), 7-4
3rd Andrew Gunning NC (Unc) DEC Patton Gossett SC (Newberry College), 2-1
5th Dustin Dennison UT (Utah Valley University) FOR Quinton Miller GA (UVa unattached)
7th Edgar Ruano IL (Clarion University) NC Toby Cahill PA (Clarion University


Keystone Classic


125 LBS
1st Sebastian Rivera Evanston, IL (Northwestern) DEC Gerald Wert Lawrence Township, NJ (Rider), 7-2
3rd Jonathan Tropea Lawrence Township, NJ (Rider) M FOR Zack Fuentes Philadelphia, PA (Drexel), 0-0 0:00
5th Thayer Atkins Durham, NC (Duke University) DEC Tanner Shoap Philadelphia, PA (Drexel), 6-4

133 LBS
1st Austin DeSanto Philadelphia, PA (Drexel) MD Noah Gonser Ypsilanti, MI (Eastern Michigan), 26-12
3rd Joshua Finesilver Durham, NC (Duke University) DEC Colin Valdivez Evanston, IL (Northwestern), 5-4
5th Anthony Cefolo Lawrence Township, NJ (Rider) NC Corey Keener PA (Penn State)

141 LBS
1st Jered Cortez PA (Penn State) DEC Tyson Dippery Lawrence Township, NJ (Rider), 4-3
3rd A.J. Jaffe St. Charles, IL (Harvard) MD Alec Mckenna Evanston, IL (Northwestern), 9-1
5th Brett Kulp Lancaster, PA (Franklin & Marshall) NC Bradley Irwin Boone, NC (Appalachian State)

149 LBS
1st Zain Retherford PA (Penn State) MD Ryan Deakin Evanston, IL (Northwestern), 10-2
3rd Hunter Ladnier Rocky River, OH (Harvard) DEC Kyle Springer Ypsilanti, MI (Eastern Michigan), 9-7
5th Trevor Elfvin Levittown, PA (Drexel) NC Gino Fluri Lawrence Township, NJ (Rider)

157 LBS
1st Jason Nolf PA (Penn State) F Joseph Velliquette Philadelphia, PA (Univ of Pennsylvania), 5:39
3rd Shayne Oster Evanston, IL (Northwestern) MD Jon Errico Philadelphia, PA (Univ of Pennsylvania), 11-2
5th Laken Cook Boone, NC (Appalachian State) NC Bryant Clagon Lawrence Township, NJ (Rider)

165 LBS
1st Chad Walsh Lawrence Township, NJ (Rider) DEC Maaziah Bethea Philadelphia, PA (Univ of Pennsylvania), 6-2
3rd Ebed Jarrell Philadelphia, PA (Drexel) F Zac Carson Ypsilanti, MI (Eastern Michigan), 1:37
5th Thomas Flitz Boone, NC (Appalachian State) MD Mike Sepke Evanston, IL (Northwestern), 18-4

174 LBS
1st Mark Hall PA (Penn State) F Josef Johnson Piscataway Township, NJ (Harvard), 0:50
3rd Forrest Przybysz Boone, NC (Appalachian State) DEC Johnny Sebastian Evanston, IL (Northwestern), 5-2
5th Matthew Finesilver Englewood, CO (Duke University) M FOR Wayne Stinson Lawrence Township, NJ (Rider)

184 LBS
1st Bo Nickal PA (Penn State) F Mitch Sliga Evanston, IL (Northwestern), 0:48
3rd Alan Clothier Boone, NC (Appalachian State) DEC Michale Fagg-Daves Lawrence Township, NJ (Rider), 3-2
5th Taylor Jackson Boone, NC (Appalachian State) DEC Josh Murphy Philadelphia, PA (Drexel), 3-1

197 LBS
1st Anthony Cassar PA (Penn State) DEC Frank Mattiace Philadelphia, PA (Univ of Pennsylvania), 7-4
3rd Stephen Loiseau Philadelphia, PA (Drexel) DEF Matt McCutcheon PA (Penn State)
5th Ethan Laird Lawrence Township, NJ (Rider) NC Randall Diabe Boone, NC (Appalachian State)

285 LBS
1st Nick Nevills PA (Penn State) DEC Jacob Kasper Mansfield, OH (Duke University), 3-1
3rd Gage Hutchison Ypsilanti, MI (Eastern Michigan) F Conan Jennings Evanston, IL (Northwestern), 0:27
5th Cary Miller Boone, NC (Appalachian State) NC Ryan Cloud Lawrence Township, NJ (Rider)

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