PAPC10: Guest Matt McCutcheon Discusses Having Fun and Chasing Goals

PAPC10:  Pennsylvania native and Penn State starter Matt McCutcheon joins the podcast to discuss how the Nittany Lions have so much fun, what he expects to accomplish with his senior season, and how he helped created a viral video this summer. 

The dynamic duo of @WarnTriz and @Beck_Diggity take listeners on an hour’s worth of a wrestling adventure. They discuss a variety of topics in episode 10 including match-ups for the NWCA All-Star Classic, Super 32 memories, and why wrestle-off results can be strange. Take a listen below!

Show Breakdown

01:30 – Whacky Wrestle-Off Results & Why They Happen 

05:45 – Celebrating 26 Years of Brilliance

06:30 – Recruiting Blitzkreig (Bop)

18:00 – Homeward Bound: The Story of Mason’s Stolen Backpack

26:00 – PA Recognized As Worldwide Wrestling Hotbed (Naturally)

28:15 – Jeff Gordon Shirts, Crocs, & Teammates Turned Rivals

34:00 – 197 Preview

39:00 – Two Disgruntled Former Athletes

47:15 – Matt McCutcheon Joins to Discuss Having Fun & Being a Multi-Sport Athlete

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