Previewing Daton Fix vs. Austin DeSanto at Beat The Streets

New York – The match-up Wrestling fans have been craving will take place on Wednesday in a unique format in an even more unique venue – Time Square. The blockbuster match between Austin DeSanto and Daton Fix is slotted to go down on Wednesday at the 2017 Beat The Streets Benefit in a specially constructed mat in New York’s historic Times Square.

The match will preclude the main event between Team USA vs. Team Japan on Wednesday afternoon in New York City. The format is an unusual one with a winner decided by the first to score five takedowns. There is no mention of time limitations but it can be assumed once a takedown is scored the wrestlers will be brought up to their feet. In another twist if a wrestler scores two push-outs it will be equal to a takedown. 

The format benefits Daton Fix, slightly, who if has any weakness it is from bottom. When facing strong opponents on top Fix has struggled. This is how Luke Karam (BECAHI) upset Fix in the 2015 Super 32 Semifinals. DeSanto, however, is not known for his top game, often times cutting his opponents to get back to his attacks from neutral. 

Fix has loads of National and International experience on the Freestyle Circuit, unlike DeSanto who is primarily a Folkstyle student. Fix is a 2-time UWW World Bronze Medalist and was the Junior National Champion last month in Las Vegas. Fix is no stranger to wrestling in Times Square as the 4-time undefeated Oklahoma State Champion competed in the “United in the Square” event last year against Iran which he won by tech-fall.  

The Pace

Austin DeSanto is known for his pace. After every match it appears Austin could wrestle nine more times if need be. His pace was partly why he outlasted Spencer Lee in the State Finals and again why he dominated Justin Mejia at the Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic. This high energy pace will be matched by Fix who will not wear out. Fix will match DeSanto’s quickness and cat-like attacks. 

The Takedown

Austin DeSanto loves to push the action from his feet with a left hand lead. He routinely uses his body to penetrate into his opponent looking for an underhook to a firemen’s. This plays right into the hands, literally, of Daton Fix whose signature takedown is an inside trip. Flo Wrestling’s Mike Mal breaks down Fix’s inside trip on Behind the Dirt. Fix also uses a slick slide by when his opponents push hard into him, like DeSanto does, and this could be a deciding factor in the bout. Fix also hits a boot scoot routinely, a move I can see being being a go to against DeSanto.

The Guts

Austin DeSanto proved he won’t back down from anyone – in fact he thrives off the challenge. If there is an “it” factor – Austin DeSanto has it. It is hard to say either name, Daton Fix or Austin DeSanto, without bringing up Spencer Lee. That is because these are the only two wrestlers on the planet who have defeated Spencer in official competition in over four years. Fix downed Lee in the 2015 Cadet World Team Trials in Freestyle while DeSanto reversed a tech-fall defeat to Lee a year ago to upset the 3-time World Champion two months ago. 

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