Rookie Edmond Ruth Steals Show at New Oxford Invitational

Think about big shoes to fill. You are the younger brother of Ed “The Truth” Ruth one of the most decorated college wrestlers of all time. A 3x NCAA Champion for Penn State Ed Ruth is now competing in the Freestyle circuit at 86 kg. and has already signed a MMA contract with Bellator.

Rookie Edmond Ruth begins his high school career the same way older brother Ed did back in 2005 at Susquehanna Township High School in Harrisburg, PA. Edmond was listed as Honorable Mention on PA Power Wrestling’s Top Incoming Freshmen of 2016 having competed for Team PA in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman in 2015. At the 2016 New Oxford Invitational Ruth made his season debut down at 145 lbs. entering with a season record of (16-6). Competing at both 152 lbs. and 160 lbs. this season Edmond had a quality win over fellow rookie Darien Roberts (East Stroudsburg Area North) who was listed as #7 on the TIF of 2016.

At the New Oxford Invitational Ruth was the most impressive wrestler in the deepest weight of the Tournament. With an 11th seed at 145 lbs. Ruth went through a gauntlet of State Ranked wrestlers to claim the Championship title. In round two Edmond took on conference opponent #25 Mahlon Chase (Central Dauphin East) and came away with a narrow decision (8-7) over the State ranked Chase. In the quarterfinals Ruth met the fourth ranked wrestler in the State #4 Eric Thomas (Interboro) who was a PIAA State Qualifier in 2015. Edmond came away with a (7-5) upset over the senior and found himself placed in the Championship semifinals where he would met his third State Ranked opponent in a row. Ruth only scored one point in the match but it was enough to get past #5 Dustin Stone (Harry S. Truman) who, like #4 Eric Thomas, is a senior and returning PIAA State Qualifier. After gaining a (1-0) victory over Stone in the semifinals it seemed there was no stopping Ruth. It would have been an impressive performance in of itself for the Rookie having entered the Tournament only ranked eighth in the South Central Regional at 145 lbs. and taking out three State Ranked opponents.

Ruth was not satisfied with just making the finals from the 11th seeded position he wanted to complete his epic run to win the Championship title. And that is exactly what he did. In the finals Edmond faced the top seed #12 Bryant Wise (Pottstown) who is a senior and 2x PIAA State Qualifier. Almost expectedly Ruth again disposed of his fourth straight State Ranked opponent to pick up a (6-3) decision over Wise claiming the Championship at 145 lbs. in dramatic fashion. What may be most impressive about Ruth’s Championship at 145 lbs. was that he finished ahead of a total of eight State Ranked opponents, all of which were seniors. If ever there was a time to start comparing younger brother Edmond to Ed it may be now.

The highly anticipated match-up between the State’s top ranked 160 lbs. wrestlers in Class AAA did not come to fruition. Undefeated senior #2 Jonathan Ross (Northern York) suffered a minor neck injury in the quarterfinal round and was forced to injury default in the semifinals to Southern Columbia’s #2 Blake Marks. In turn Marks himself injury defaulted in the finals to #1 Kaleb Young (Punxsutawney Area) for an unknown reason.

Full Results can be found at the Flo Arena here.

106 lbs.

1st  #3 Jaret Lane, (Southern Columbia) MD #20 Lukas Richie, (Downingtown East), 10-0
3rd  Matthew McCann, (Waynesboro) DEC David Gavek, (Tunkhannock), 7-1
5th  Ryan Berstler, (Middletown) DEC Graham Shumaker, (Northern York), 8-4

7th  Derek Pine, (James Buchanan) DEC Josh Tuckey, (Biglerville), 4-2

113 lbs.

1st  #10 Shane Casey, (Southern Columbia) DEC David Wells, (Milton Hershey), 2-1
3rd  James Strommer, (Downingtown East) DEC Laken Rouzer, (Waynesboro), 7-2
5th  Luke Molesky, (Northern York) DEC Nate Brady, (Middletown), 5-0

7th  Noah Richley, (New Oxford) DEC Josh Beeman, (Tunkhannock), 1-0


120 lbs.

1st  Gunnar Fuss, (Harry S. Truman) DEC Vince Tavani, (Haverford), 7-2
3rd  Zakaria Elfernani, (Marple Newtown) DEC #20 Cole Hauck, (Line Mountain), 5-2
5th  Logan Stoltzfus, (Middletown) DEC Elliott Swink, (Waynesboro), 5-3

7th  Matt Johnson, (Philipsburg-Osceola) DEC Mitch Wagner, (Northern York), 6-1


126 lbs.

1st  Tommy Traver, (Tunkhannock) F #11 Brian Earlston, (Line Mountain), 3:45
3rd  Ryan Neff, (Waynesboro) DEC Connor Birzes, (Downingtown East), 5-0
5th  Hunter Blankenhorn, (Blue Mountain) TF Eric Chambers, (Central Dauphin East), 15-0
7th  Thomas Richmond, (Greencastle) F Devin Martin, (Middletown), 5:29

132 lbs.

1st  #3 Wade Cummings, (Downingtown East) F #11 Caleb Garland, (Hanover), 5:13
3rd  Micah Hoffman, (Northern York) DEC Daniel Ziegler, (Gettysburg), 9-3
5th  Bryce Bennet, (Philipsburg-Osceola) DEC #HM Collin Klinger, (Line Mountain), 4-2
7th  Farhan Musrial, (Susquehanna Township) TF Cody Small, (Fairfield), 16-0

138 lbs.

1st  Nik Zimmerman, (Downingtown East) DEC Logan Pennypacker, (Pottstown), 6-3
3rd  Levi Hughes, (Philipsburg-Osceola) DEC Paul Feite, (Northern York), 5-4
5th  Jake Richards, (Tunkhannock) F Adrian Rosario, (Milton Hershey), 3:55
7th  Joseph Pecaitis, (Gettysburg) DEC Austin Wise, (Waynesboro), 11-6

145 lbs.

1st  Edmond Ruth, (Susquehanna Township) DEC #12 Bryant Wise, (Pottstown), 6-3
3rd  #24 Bill Manley, (Tunkhannock) DEC #5 Dustin Stone, (Harry S. Truman), 3-2
5th  #19 Dakota Weitoish, (Philipsburg-Osceola) DEC #4 Eric Thomas, (Interboro), 6-3
7th  #22 Eli Lambiotte, (Punxsutawney) DEC #6 Scott Cooper, (Biglerville), 4-0

152 lbs.

1st  #6 Nate Newberry, (Biglerville) MD Mason Pennypacker, (Pottstown), 9-1
3rd  Nolan Poust, (New Oxford) MD #HM Brian Shermeyer, (Delone Catholic), 9-1
5th  Mike Manley, (Tunkhannock) F Jake Wertz, (Waynesboro), 2:23
7th  John Gembic, (Southern Columbia) F Stone Smith, (Punxsutawney), 0:39

160 lbs.

1st  #1 Kaleb Young, (Punxsutawney) M FOR #2 Blake Marks, (Southern Columbia)
3rd  #15 Dalton Ray, (Tunkhannock) F Dupri Andrews, (Harrisburg), 4:27
5th  Saddiq Ibn-Mustafah, (Pottstown) FOR #2 Jonathan Ross, (Northern York)
7th  Nick Patrick, (Philipsburg-Osceola) DEC Nick Grissinger, (Milton Hershey), 5-4

170 lbs.

1st  Jake Koser, (Northern York) MD Alex Mong, (Haverford), 9-1
3rd  Alec Horne, (Downingtown East) DEC Brady Repasky, (Delone Catholic), 5-2
5th  Isaiah Mayes, (Pottstown) DEC Dashawn Harris, (Milton Hershey), 7-6
7th  Anthony Scicchitano, (Southern Columbia) DEC Alex Zimmerman, (Blue Mountain), 4-3

182 lbs.

1st  #20 Zach Zimmerman, (Troy) DEC Connor Geiman, (Littlestown), 8-4
3rd  Tyler Moyer, (Central Dauphin East) DEC Austin Baumert, (Line Mountain), 3-1
5th  Brent Czajkowski, (Downingtown East) FOR #16 Devon Krammes, (Blue Mountain)
7th  Aiden Smith, (Waynesboro) F Brandon Anderson, (Philipsburg-Osceola), 3:59

195 lbs.

1st  Sam Rice, (Tunkhannock) DEC Devin Evans, (Susquehanna Township), 5-4
3rd  #10 Steve Toczylousky, (Southern Columbia) F Seth Carbaugh, (James Buchanan), 4:16
5th  Seth Egolf, (Waynesboro) F Justin Lecadre, (Milton Hershey), 2:24
7th  Dedrick Turner, (Northeastern) DEC Owen Blaschak, (Northern York), 9-8

220 lbs.

1st  Matt Guilday, (Littlestown) DEF #13 Erech Noecker, (Blue Mountain)
3rd  Brady Bryington, (Canton) DEC Micah Sidorick, (Philipsburg-Osceola), 4-2
5th  Dalton Smith, (New Oxford) DEC Damien Rodriguez, (Delone Catholic), 6-3
7th  Ricky Stevens, (Tunkhannock) F Rob Rigby, (Troy), 2:57

285 lbs.

1st  #12 Blaine Yinger, (Northeastern) F #12 Garrett Kieffer, (Line Mountain), 4:40
3rd  #17 Bryce Perkins, (Delone Catholic) FOR #17 Noah Smith, (Northern York)
5th  Brock Hartman, (New Oxford) F Jimmie Zazzi, (Pottstown), 1:11
7th  Kirk Dougherty, (Blue Mountain) DEC Octo Reeves, (Milton Hershey), 7-5

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