#2 Jacob Robb Wins Mercer VFW as #17 Franklin Grabs Team Title

Twenty wrestlers Ranked in the State found themselves on the medal stand at the 2016 Mercer VFW Tournament on Saturday night. The biggest of those came at 220 lbs. where a loaded bracket unfolded. #2 Jacob Robb (Armstrong) was the top seed and now competing in Class AAA the PIAA State Runner-up had an impressive showing. The senior earned a (0:14) pin in the quarterfinals which set up a meeting with #3 Josiah Jones (Westmont Hilltop) in the semifinals. Jones entered ranked #3 in the State in Class AA after placing sixth at the 2015 POWERade Tournament. In a narrow bout Jacob Robb escaped to win (1-0) over the sophomore. In the finals he met the top ranked wrestler in Class AA at 220 lbs. Zach Stafford of Cambridge Springs. The battle of two 2015 PIAA State Medalists ended when Robb earned a fall at the (3:16) mark. Finishing third at 220 lbs. was 2015 PIAA State Medalist #3 Ben Bish (Meadville Area) who held off #3 Josiah Jones in overtime (3-2 UTB).

Rookie Tye Varndell (Cambridge Springs) dominated the field at 120 lbs. winning the Championship picking up a major decision, fall and tech-fall. The Tournament’s “Outstanding Wrestler” award went to PIAA State Champion #1 Dakota Geer (Franklin) at 182 lbs. The senior picked up two tech-falls and a fall in the finals to help lead Franklin to a team championship.


106 lbs.

1st:  #7 Derrick Christie (Westmont Hilltop)

2nd:  #16 Devan Davis (Cochranton Area)

3rd:  Bill Hockenberry (Knoch)

4th:  Matt Vincent (Franklin)

5th:  Login Dehner (Clarion)

6th:  Brynen Kisiel (Coudersport)

7th:  Noah McLaughlin (Mercer)

8th:  Tyler Malia (Armstrong)


113 lbs.

1st:  Trevor Olney (Coudersport)

2nd:  Harrison Keenan (Cranberry Area)

3rd:  Gage Shoemaker (Franklin)

4th:  Alex Struble (Clarion)

5th:  Brad Filer (Mercer)

6th:  Brennan McTighe (Commodore Perry)

7th:  Tyler Baird (Ellwood City)

8th:  Tyler Martin (Cochranton)


120 lbs.

1st:  #16 Tye Varndell (Cambridge Springs)

2nd:  Zac King (Mercer)

3rd:  Zach Helstern (Commodore Perry)

4th:  Carter MacMurdo (Ellwood City)

5th:  Stephen Clulow (Cochranton)

6th:  Travis Crate (Cranberry Area)

7th:  Jordan Malzi (Westmont Hilltop)

8th:  Pat Cunningham (Oil City Area)


126 lbs.

1st:  #5 Faris Messai (Jamestown Area)

2nd:  #13 Tyler Alberts (Ellwood City)

3rd:  Matt Ferraro (North Catholic)

4th:  Clayton Dorian (Westmont Hilltop)

5th:  Brendon Malia (Armstrong)

6th:  Dustin Kudrick (Coudersport)

7th:  Zach Walker (Cambridge Springs)

8th:  Keegan McCann (Commodore Perry)


132 lbs.

1st:  #15 Carnell Andrews (Westmont Hilltop)

2nd:  Josh Hancock (Cranberry Area)

3rd:  Mike Doerfinger (Slippery Rock)

4th:  Hunter Goodlin (Jamestown Area)

5th:  Brock Salvatore (Sharpsville)

6th:  Austin Armagost (Commodore Perry)

7th:  Nick Rinella (Meadville Area)

8th:  Chris Micsky (Mercer)


138 lbs.

1st:  James Campbell (California)

2nd:  Matt Vukovich (Armstrong)

3rd:  Caleb Bailey (Clarion Area)

4th:  Will Chess (Mercer)

5th:  Vinchenzo Greco (Franklin)

6th:  Tim Lusk (Commodore Perry)

7th:  Noah Ross (Cochranton)

8th:  Dave Schwab (Cambridge Springs)


145 lbs.

1st:  John Mott (Commodore Perry)

2nd:  #20 Dreux Harper (Franklin)

3rd:  #19 Kyle Luben (Meadville Area)

4th:  Kalalil Massai (Jamestown Area)

5th:  Julian Smith (Coudersport)

6th:  Colton Rapp (Clarion Area)

7th:  Nick Croyle (Armstrong)

8th:  Mike Antal (Slippery Rock Area)


152 lbs.

1st:  Nick Ragosta (Coudersport)

2nd:  Nick Enos (Sharpsville)

3rd:  Brandon Yobst (Knoch)

4th:  Kolton Boozer (Cochranton)

5th:  Prince Brooks (Clarion)

6th:  Eric Gawne (Mercer)

7th:  Matt Alt (Westmont Hilltop)

8th:  Nick Dobson (Oil City Area)


160 lbs.

1st:  #16 Paul Zacherl (Cranberry Area)

2nd:  #HM Gage Arnold (Coudersport)

3rd:  Ty Carey (Franklin)

4th:  Derek Ridgeway (Meadville Area)

5th:  Eric Green (Knoch)

6th:  Dalton Hillard (Slippery Rock Area)

7th:  Mike LeFay (Clarion)

8th:  Maison Millero (Sharpsville)


170 lbs.

1st:  Nate Vukovich (Armstrong)

2nd:  Clay Verbanac (Cambridge Springs)

3rd:  Jacob Stephens (Meadville Area)

4th:  Ty Emerick (Franklin)

5th:  Eli Lewis (Oil City Area)

6th:  Shane Slicker (West Middlesex)

7th:  Brooks Boozer (Cochranton)

8th:  Isaac Wright (Coudersport)


182 lbs.

1st:  #1 Dakota Geer (Franklin)

2nd:  Caleb Stephens (Meadville Area)

3rd:  Jacob Zdarko (Oil City Area)

4th:  #8 Hunter Cox (Cambridge Springs)

5th:  Blake Miller (Cochranton)

6th:  Connor Richards (Mercer)

7th:  Wyatt Owen (Jamestown Area)

8th:  Garrett Arnold (Commodore Perry)


195 lbs.

1st:  #5 @ 182 lbs. Anthony Walters (Westmont Hilltop)

2nd:  #6 Zach Sintobin (Clarion)

3rd:  #18 Deven Simpson (Cambridge Springs)

4th:  #11 Chris Mueller (Sharpsville)

5th:  Jeff Craig (Meadville Area)

6th:  Dalton Ashton (Knoch)

7th:  Joe Lawton (Coudersport)

8th:  Trenton Waego (Westmont Hilltop)


220 lbs.

1st:  #2 Jacob Robb (Armstrong)

2nd:  #1 Zach Stafford (Cambridge Springs)

3rd:  #3 Ben Bish (Meadville Area)

4th:  #3 Josiah Jones (Westmont Hilltop)

5th:  Shane Slater (Slipper Rock Area)

6th:  Mitchell Schwartz (Sharpsvile)

6th:  RJ Fattier (Cranberry)

7th:  RJ Fattier (Cranberry)

8th:  Tom Wurster (Clarion Area)


285 lbs.

1st:  Tim McCauley (Cranberry)

2nd:  Bobby Gregory (Mercer)

3rd:  Nick Morelli (Meadville Area)

4th:  Nick Lallenmand (Franklin)

5th:  Michael Cornman (Armstrong)

6th:  Ben Cochran (Coudersport)

7th:  Mitchell Nesevich (Jamestown Area)

8th:  Tristan Stoner (Sharpsville)


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