Bethlehem Catholic vs. Franklin Regional Semifinals Preview

DSC_0230As expected the match between returning State Champions Franklin Regional and Bethlehem Catholic will be taking place. I see 7 matches going Bethlehem Catholics way and 5 going to Franklin Regional with two key toss-up matches. Bonus points will be major factor especially in the upper weights and who ever wins the toss-up matches will determine the dual meet winner. Below is a preview.


106 lbs.

Bethlehem Catholic: #19 Sean Reddington

Franklin Regional: Mark Prucnal

Edge: Bethlehem Catholic

Reddington is a solid 106 lbs. wrestler who is favored against Prucnal. Whether he can get bonus points here or not – I don’t know. Reddington would significantly help BECA out if he gets 4 points here.


113 lbs.

Bethlehem Catholic: #17 Luke Carty

Franklin Regional: #1 Devin Brown

Edge: Franklin Regional

Devin Brown isn’t known to rack up bonus points and I expect Carty to keep it close. I give Franklin Regional 3 points here.


120 lbs.

Bethlehem Catholic: #4 Jake Reigel

Franklin Regional: #1 Spencer Lee

Edge: Franklin Regional

Spencer Lee is a machine and will get bonus points here. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets 5 or 6 here over Reigel who looked flat against Tyshawn White of Central Dauphin in the quarterfinals. Lee has a chance to turn the tide here against BECA.


126 lbs.

Bethlehem Catholic: #1 Luke Karam

Franklin Regional: #2 Gus Solomon

Edge: Toss-Up

Solomon is very difficult to score on and is a leech on top. He can turn about anyone and keeps matches close. Karam is a solid neutral wrestler who will want to stay away from Solomons hooks. Like the dual this is a match-up between #1 and #2 in the State so fireworks could happen. Key swing match here for either team.


132 lbs.

Bethlehem Catholic: #6 Joey Gould

Franklin Regional: Kyle Berk or Ryan Krause

Edge: Bethlehem Catholic

Head Coach Jeff Karam wil be upset with anything other than bonus points here with Joey Gould. Kyle Berk can put up a good fight but I do see Gould getting at least 4 points here.


138 lbs.

Bethlehem Catholic: #5 Stephen Maloney

Franklin Regional: #14 Dom Giannangeli

Edge: Bethlehem Catholic

Maloney and Giannangeli I have said for weeks is going to be a key match in the dual. Giannangeli is tough and could pull an upset here against Maloney. I give the slight edge to Maloney but the winner here will have to earn it.


145 lbs.

Bethlehem Catholic: #17 Cole Karam

Franklin Regional: #1 Mike Kemerer

Edge: Franklin Regional

Franklin Regional hammer Mike Kemerer will be on the hunt for bonus points agains Cole Karam but will have trouble picking up more than a major decision here against a solid Cole Karam.


152 lbs.

Bethlehem Catholic: #5 Mikey Labriola

Franklin Regional: #3 Josh Maruca

Edge: Franklin Regional

Maruca and Labriola will be a tight match as both are aggressive from neutral and I give a slight edge to the senior Maruca. The two are only separated by two State Rankings positions for a reason and I don’t expect any bonus points to be had here.


160 lbs.

Bethlehem Catholic: #10 Adam Soldridge or Brandon Gallagher

Franklin Regional: #1 Josh Shields or Ryan Deloach

Edge: Franklin Regional

If Shields goes here he is favored against Soldridge and could even get bonus points over him. I think BECA puts out Gallagher to face Shields and bumps Soldridge up to 170 lbs.


170 lbs.

Bethlehem Catholic: Brandon Gallagher or #10 Adam Soldridge

Franklin Regional: Ryan Deloach or #1 Josh Shields

Edge: Toss-Up

If this is Gallagher vs. Deloach then its going to be a toss up match that could help determine the winner. Chances are if Gallagher is here for BECA then Shields will go here to pick up bonus points. Soldridge could go here for BECA to face Deloach and attempt to make it a bonus point win.


182 lbs.

Bethlehem Catholic: Jody Crouse

Franklin Regional: Max Kubas or Teddy Wohlin

Edge: Bethlehem Catholic

Jody Crouse is the guy here for Bethlehem Catholic and will likely face Max Kubas is a key match of the dual. Crouse is favored here having more experience.


195 lbs.

Bethlehem Catholic: Brandon Blobe

Franklin Regional: Teddy Wohlin or Max Kubas

Edge: Bethlehem Catholic

Blobe has a slight advantage here over either Wohlin or Kubas. Franklin Regional’s job here is to stay of their backs and avoid giving up bonus points.


220 lbs.

Bethlehem Catholic: #2 Andrew Dunn

Franklin Regional: Jake Pickup or Jeremy Nestor

Edge: Bethlehem Catholic

BECA will be expected to get bonus points here and Andrew Dunn will likely face Jeremy Nestor. I expect Dunn to get 6 points.


285 lbs.

Bethlehem Catholic: Niko Camacho

Franklin Regional: Logan Miller or Jake Pickup

Edge: Bethlehem Catholic

It will likely be Camacho vs. Pickup here and I give a slight edge to Bethlehem Catholic on this one as Pickup is giving up some weight at heavy. This could potentially be a swing match here.

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