#3 Belle Vernon Area vs. # 4 Boyertown Quarterfinal Preview

DSC_0277This quarterfinal match up is going to be a tight one. Both these teams match-up very well and fans will be in for some marquee matches between State Ranked wrestlers. I see 6 matches going to Boyertown Area and 6 going to Belle Vernon Area and two matches being toss-ups. Bonus points will be a factor and the flip could determine match-ups advantage.


106 lbs.

Boyertown Area: #7 Jakob Campbell or Matt Wilde

Belle Vernon Area: #17 Jacob Dunlop or Elijah Johnson

Edge: Boyertown Area

State Qualifier Jakob Campbell is solid here but Jacob Dunlop is no push over. Belle Vernon may send out Elijah Johnson and give up 6 points here. If Campbell and Dunlop go head-to-head I give Campbell the slight edge. If Johnson goes out Boyertown gets 6.


113 lbs.

Boyertown Area: David Campbell

Belle Vernon Area: Elijah Johnson or #17 Jacob Dunlop

Edge: Boyertown Area

If Belle Vernon bumps Dunlop up again I think it would close with David Campbell. Dunlop is favored slightly against D. Campbell. If Elijah Johnson is here for Boyertown will pick up bonus points.


120 lbs.

Boyertown Area: #23 Garrett Mauger

Belle Vernon Area: #10 Zach Hartman

Edge: Belle Vernon Area

Big match here at 120 lbs. with two State ranked wrestlers. Hartman is coming off a big win over 2x State Champion Devin Brown and is favored here over Mauger. Garrett can keep it close with here.


126 lbs.

Boyertown Area: Lucas Miller or Dominic DeRafelo

Belle Vernon Area: Brock Godzin

Edge: Boyertown Area

I give Boyertown a slight edge here with Lucas Miller, a junior with 100 career victories, over the freshman Godzin. Miller has been in and out of the State Rankings this season. I think it will be tight and I wouldn’t count out Godzin.


132 lbs.

Boyertown Area: John Cooley or Lucas Miller

Belle Vernon Area: Neiko Kuntz

Edge: Toss-Up

Yet another close match here with sophomore JT Cooley and freshman Neiko Kuntz. Cooley has 20 wins this season and Kuntz comes in with 15. I would consider this match to set the momentum for the winning team.


138 lbs.

Boyertown Area: Chris Berry or John Cooley

Belle Vernon Area: #13 Mitch Hartman

Edge: Belle Vernon Area

Mitch Hartman is a solid option here for Belle Vernon Area and he is favored over sophomore Chris Berry. Again Berry is no push-over and he isn’t expected to give up bonus points here (Note: Sam Krivus beat him 10-3 at the KOM).


145 lbs.

Boyertown Area: Hunter Vogels or Chris Berry

Belle Vernon Area: #3 Jarod Verkleeren or #24 Derek Verkleeren

Edge: Belle Vernon Area

If Belle Vernon sends out Jarod Verkleeren he will be expected to pick up bonus points. Vogels, a sophomore, has been hot and cold this season and could avoid giving up bonus. If Derek Verkleeren goes out (he has competed at 145 lbs. all the way to 160 lbs.) I think he gets the win and 3 team points.


152 lbs.

Boyertown Area: Elijah Jones

Belle Vernon Area: #24 Derek Verkleeren #3 Jarod Verkleeren

Edge: Belle Vernon Area

I could see Belle Vernon putting Jarod Verkleeren up here to get bonus points against Elijah Jones and get a victory down at 145 lbs. with Derek Verkleeren. Regardless if its Jarod or Derek both are favored over Jones who has a .500 record on the season.


160 lbs.

Boyertown Area: Dylan Wertz or Reuben Maldonado

Belle Vernon Area: Josh Godzin, #24 Derek Verkleeren, or Cameron Evans

Edge: Belle Vernon Area

I think we see Josh Godzin here for the Leopards but could see Derek Verkleeren depending on where he weighs in at. Either way Belle Vernon should pick up at least 3 team points here. If Boyertown sends out Wertz he can keep it close.


170 lbs.

Boyertown Area: Will Scholl

Belle Vernon Area: #4 Austin Bell or Josh Godzin

Edge: Belle Vernon Area

Again Josh Godzin may be bumped up to 170 lbs. and try to pick up wins at 160 lbs. with Derek Verkleeren and Godzin at 170 lbs. If Bell is here he picks up bonus points. Will Scholl recently moved down to 170 lbs. and could pull a slight upset over Josh Godzin.


182 lbs.

Boyertown Area: #10 Gregg Harvey or Will Scholl

Belle Vernon Area: #14 Milton Kobaly or #4 Austin Bell

Edge: Boyertown Area

State Qualifier Gregg Harvey has 31 wins this season but could get bumped up to 195 lbs. away from #14 Milton Kobaly. If Harvey and Kobaly go head-to-head I give Harvey the slight advantage but don’t count out Kobaly to pull an upset as only 4 spots separate them in the State Rankings.


195 lbs.

Boyertown Area: Brody O’Connell or #10 Gregg Harvey

Belle Vernon Area: Hunter Ferrara or #14 Milton Kobaly

Edge: Toss-Up

If Kobaly is here he will be expected to pick up a win over O’Connell but I still think its a toss-up as O’Connell is a solid option who recently made the drop from 220 lbs. If Hunter Ferrara is here I think it’s a toss up with O’Connell but he will have a hard time not giving up bonus points against Harvey if he is bumped up.


220 lbs.

Boyertown Area: #1 Jordan Wood

Belle Vernon Area: #20 Mike Fine or Hunter Ferrara

Edge: Boyertown Area

Jordan Wood is Jordan Wood and despite only making his season debut last week he will still be counted on for picking up bonus here for the Bears. Mike Fine is a good wrestler and the hope is to keep it as close as possible with Wood. I think Wood gets the job done here.


285 lbs.

Boyertown Area: #10 Tommy Killoran

Belle Vernon Area: Billy Korber

Edge: Boyertown Area

In a match that comes down to bonus points heavyweight will be a big one. Tommy Killoran is a sophomore with 29 wins this season and 17 of those came by fall. Korber, also a sophomore, is a good wrestler and can keep it close. Anything is possible at heavyweight and once someone goes on their back its basically over. I expect Killoran to win here.

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