#1 Brookville Area vs. #3 Boiling Springs Quarterfinal Preview

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Boiling Spring Bubblers - Photo By James Robinson of PennLive

Boiling Spring Bubblers

In Class AA the top half quarterfinals will feature #1 Brookville Area vs. #3 Boiling Springs and #7 West Branch vs. #2 Reynolds. Below is a preview and probable match-ups for the #1 Brookville Area vs. #3 Boiling Springs.



106 lbs.

Brookville Area: Keelan Kunselman or #5 Gavin Park

Boiling Springs:  #9 Jalin Hankerson

Brookville may insert sophomore Keelan Kunselman, a very talented wrestler with a (19-2) season record, and move up stater Gavin Park to 113 lbs. If Kunselman faces Hankerson I think the Bubblers get 3 points here but if Park goes out he is slightly favored and gets 3 points.


113 lbs.

Brookville Area:  Stephen Sorbin or #5 Gavin Park

Boiling Springs:  Caleb Holly

If Gavin Park is bumped up to 113 lbs. they will want him to get bonus points. If park stays at 106 lbs. and Sorbin goes out it will be a close match with Caleb Holly. I think Park could pick up at the most 4 points agains Holly and Sorbin is slightly a favorite to get 3 points here.


120 lbs.

Brookville Area: Stepehen Sorbin or #2 Taylor Ortz

Boiling Springs:  Lucas Shoop or Zach Martin

Junior Taylor Ortz is the Raiders anchor and recently made his first appearance at 120 lbs. after spending the entire season at 126 lbs. If Ortz is the wrestler he will be expected to pick up 6 points here and I think he will. Stephen Sorbin may bump up here and should get 3 team points over either Shoop or Martin.


126 lbs.

Brookville Area: #2 Taylor Ortz or #11 Cole Aaron

Boiling Springs:  #6 Grant Bond or Zach Martin

Most likely both coaches will want Ortz and Bond to not go head-to-head and instead fans are likely to see #6 Grant Bond vs. #11 Cole Aaron. I think Ortz and Bond would be close with Ortz having a very slight advantage. Bond is favored over #11 Cole Aaron but again only slightly. Regardless of the match-ups 126 lbs. will be a key bout in the dual meet.


132 lbs.

Brookville Area: #11 Cole Aaron or Zak Gilbert

Boiling Springs: #1 Korbin Myers or #6 Grant Bond

If Myers goes out for the Bubblers he will be expected to get bonus points, If the 2014 PIAA State Champion faces Gilbert he gets 6 points but if he takes on #11 Cole Aaron I still think he gets a major decision and 4 points. If Bond is bumped up here he will have a tough match with Cole Aaron but should get bonus points against Gilbert.


138 lbs.

Brookville Area: #23 Cole Clever, Zak Gilbert, or Devin Joiner

Boiling Springs: #1 Korbin Myers or #1 Kyle Shoop

A pair of #1 State Ranked wrestlers are available for Bubbler coach Rod Wright at 138 lbs. Regardless if its Myers or Shoop expect Boiling Springs to get 6 points here. Brookville’s #23 Cole Clever will probably be bumped up and Joiner or Gilbert inserted here.


145 lbs.

Brookville Area: #23 Cole Clever or Devin Joiner

Boiling Springs: AJ Kostyak or #1 Kyle Shoop

Like 138 lbs. Shoop will be expected to pic up bonus if he is here. A curious match would be AJ Kostyak vs. Cole Clever which would be a swing match with Clever slightly favored.


152 lbs.

Brookville Area: #5 Jimmy Miller or Caleb Hetrick

Boiling Springs: #12 Tyler Kauffman or AJ Kostyak

#5 Jimmy Miller made his first appearance at 152 lbs. and could shake things up depending on the match-up. He is slightly favored over #12 Tyler Kauffman who has been banged up this season. Freshman Caleb Hetrick could go out for Brookville and AJ Kostyak could get bumped up for the Bubblers.


160 lbs.

Brookville Area: #5 Jimmy Miller, Caleb Hetrick, or Dominic Palmer

Boiling Springs: #9 Jon Vaughn, #16 Travis Wickard, or #12 Tyler Kauffman

Another key bout in the dual is 160 lbs. where Boiling Springs has a trio of State Ranked wrestler to choose from. If Brookville sends out Miller I would guess Boiling Springs sends out Wickard. If not #9 Jon Vaughn will be expected to pick up bonus points here for Boiling Springs.


170 lbs.

Brookville Area: Dominic Palmer or Xavier Molnar

Boiling Springs: #9 Jon Vaughn, #16 Travis Wickard

Whichever Boiling Spring wrestler doesn’t go out at 160 lbs. will wrestle here and pick up bonus points. Either way Brookville will want to stay of their backs but expect bonus points for the Bubblers.


182 lbs.

Brookville Area: Clayton Peace, Noah Cielseski, or Xavier Molnar

Boiling Springs: Austin Tayler

Austin Taylor will go out here at 182 lbs and be expected to pick up a victory. Taylor could get bonus depending on who he faces from Brookville.


195 lbs.

Brookville Area: Tyler Cook

Boiling Springs: Nathan Gouhin or Zachary Rowe

Toss up match here. I think if Gouhin goes out here he wins over Tyler Cook but if Zach Rowe goes out its a closer match. A key bout in the dual meet no doubt be 195 lbs.


220 lbs.

Brookville Area: #7 Bryce Town

Boiling Springs: Ricky Ott, Nathan Gouhin, or Zachary Rowe

Brookville Area’s Bryce Town will need to pick up bonus point here to keep his team in the hunt. Town could get bonus against either Gouhlin or Rowe here at 220 lbs.


285 lbs.

Brookville Area: Chris Burchard

Boiling Springs: Ricky Ott, Nathan Gouhlin, or Zach Rowe

Boiling Springs has the chance to pick up bonus here especially if Ricky Ott is the wrestler. Ott could earn bonus over Burchard.


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