PIAA Regional Alignment Proposal For 20-Wrestler Bracket

800px-PIAA_District_Map.gifOne month ago the PIAA approved an increase in the number of wrestlers from 16 to 20 at the State Tournament. Even prior to the increase being discussed I felt a Regional shake-up was needed, especially in Class AAA. The increase from 16 to 20 wrestlers qualifying for the PIAA State Tournament has hurried the need for a re-alignment in order for the increase to be a success. Despite the fact the PIAA has already approved a 2-year plan for qualification in the increased bracket size, which will look virtually the same as before, I still wanted to share my proposal to members of the Wrestling Community and fans of Pennsylvania Wrestling. Any feedback or opinions on the proposal are welcomed – either comment on the bottom of the page or send an e-mail to papowerwrestling@gmail.com

Attached is a PDF of the proposal

PIAA Regional Proposal


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