Team PA Struggles in Fargo Junior Freestyle Nationals

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Luke Karam - Photo From by Matt Smith of the Express-Times

Luke Karam – Photo From by Matt Smith of the Express-Times

With 48 wrestlers competing Team PA finished in a bleak 13th place in the team race of the USAW Junior Freestyle Nationals in Fargo, ND. Only six (6) PA wrestlers earned medals with two third place finishers as the highest winners. In 2012 eight (8) PA wrestlers earned medals and one champion was crowned in Benton Area’s Zain Retherford. In 2012 49 wrestlers competed as Team PA finished in fourth place behind Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota respectively.

While the Fargo National Tournament is in no way an accurate depiction of an individual State’s talent or depth, it is a relevant measure of PA wrestlers against the Nation’s best competition. 16 wrestlers who competed in the 2013 Junior Freestyle National’s were PIAA State medal winners this past March. Although the overall depth of talent and big names were absent from the Tournament, it was still a below average outcome for PA Wrestling.

PA was led by PIAA State runner-up Luke Karam (Bethlehem Catholic) who placed third at 106 lbs. and Kiski Prep’s Zach Kelly who placed third at 152 lbs. Additionally, 2x PIAA State runner-up Mike Kemerer (Franklin Regional) placed seventh at 132 lbs. 2013 PIAA Class AAA State Champion Tyler Smith (Franklin Regional) finished in eighth place at 138 lbs. In the seventh place match Smith was defeated by fellow WPIAL star Vincenzo Joseph (Pittsburgh Central Catholic) by fall in 3:27.


2013 USAW Junior Freestyle Nationals Results for Pennsylvania

Junior-100 – Angelo Barberio – (Muncy High School) – (2-2)
Match #1 Angelo Barberio (Pennsylvania) over Bryce Brimhall (Utah) Dec 11-2
Match #2 Angelo Barberio (Pennsylvania) over Dillon Koenig (Wisconsin) Dec 6-2
Match #3 Francis Edelen (Illinois) over Angelo Barberio (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #4 Brady Wilsie (Illinois) over Angelo Barberio (Pennsylvania) Dec 9-7

Junior-106 – Luke Karam – (Bethlehem Catholic High School) – (5-1) – Third Place
Match #1 Luke Karam (Pennsylvania) over Jackson Bergeland (Minnesota) Dec 10-2
Match #2 Luke Karam (Pennsylvania) over Erik Zorrilla (Florida) TF 10-0
Match #3 Luke Karam (Pennsylvania) over Skyler St Peter (Ohio) Fall 1:23
Match #4 Luke Karam (Pennsylvania) over Tanner Rohweder (Iowa) TF 10-0
Match #5 Joe Cisneros (California) over Luke Karam (Pennsylvania) Dec 12-5
Match #6 Luke Karam (Pennsylvania) over Sean Nickell (California) TF 16-6

Junior-106 – Tristan Buxton – (Trinity High School) – (1-2)
Match #1 Tristan Buxton (Pennsylvania) over Dominic Riccio (New York) Dec 11-7
Match #2 Gage Branson (Ohio) over Tristan Buxton (Pennsylvania) Dec 12-11
Match #3 Hunter Marko (Wisconsin) over Tristan Buxton (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-113 – Austin Petril – (Upper Darby High School) – (1-2)
Match #1 Anthony Bosco (Illinois) over Austin Petril (Pennsylvania) TF 17-6
Match #2 Austin Petril (Pennsylvania) over Nolan Hellickson (Iowa) TF 14-4
Match #3 Armando Torres (Ohio) over Austin Petril (Pennsylvania) TF 11-0

Junior-113 – Anthony Pertil – (Upper Darby High School) – (1-2)
Match #1 Anthony Pertil (Pennsylvania) over Alpha Diallo (New York) TF 19-9
Match #2 Isaac Jimenez (Texas) over Anthony Pertil (Pennsylvania) TF 11-0
Match #3 Elijah Oliver (Tennessee) over Anthony Pertil (Pennsylvania) TF 12-0

Junior-113 – Victor Kenderdine – (Manheim Township High School) – (1-2)
Match #1 Jacob Cytrynbaum (Oregon) over Victor Kenderdine (Pennsylvania) Dec 13-7
Match #2 Victor Kenderdine (Pennsylvania) received a bye.
Match #3 Camden Bertucci (Michigan) over Victor Kenderdine (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-120 – Roshaun Cooley – (Williamsport Area High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Jonathan Furnas (Ohio) over Roshaun Cooley (Pennsylvania) TF 12-2
Match #2 Joshua Terao (Hawaii) over Roshaun Cooley (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-120 – AC Headlee – (Waynesburg Central High School) – (3-2)
Match #1 AC Headlee (Pennsylvania) over Freddy Sanchez (Idaho) TF 10-0
Match #2 Kyle Akins (Illinois) over AC Headlee (Pennsylvania) TF 11-0
Match #3 AC Headlee (Pennsylvania) over Gionn Peralta (California) TF 15-4
Match #4 AC Headlee (Pennsylvania) over Parker Ragsdale (North Carolina) TF 11-0
Match #5 Jens Lantz (Wisconsin) over AC Headlee (Pennsylvania) Dec 8-7

Junior-120 – Kevin Kinyua – (Mount Lebanon High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Nathan Tomasello (Ohio) over Kevin Kinyua (Pennsylvania) TF 11-0
Match #2 Samuel Bennyhoff (Minnesota) over Kevin Kinyua (Pennsylvania) TF 11-0

Junior-120 – Sam Butler – (Central York High School) – (3-2)
Match #1 Sam Butler (Pennsylvania) over Tyler Scott (Oregon) TF 13-2
Match #2 Sam Butler (Pennsylvania) over Austin Day (Florida) TF 11-0
Match #3 Sam Butler (Pennsylvania) over Darek Huff (Colorado) Dec 8-6
Match #4 Eli Hale (Oklahoma) over Sam Butler (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #5 Jordan Allen (West Virginia) over Sam Butler (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-120 – Domenic Forys – (North Allegheny High School) – (3-2)
Match #1 Domenic Forys (Pennsylvania) over Colby McCaslin (Wyoming) TF 11-0
Match #2 Domenic Forys (Pennsylvania) over Nick Mancini (Ohio) TF 24-14
Match #3 Reese Cokeley (Kansas) over Domenic Forys (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:27
Match #4 Domenic Forys (Pennsylvania) over Jacob Cottey (Indiana) TF 14-4
Match #5 Ronnie Bresser III (Oregon) over Domenic Forys (Pennsylvania) Dec 10-4

Junior-126 – Jarrette Carter – (Fort LeBoeuf High School) – (1-2)
Match #1 Anthony Tutolo (Ohio) over Jarrette Carter (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #2 Jarrette Carter (Pennsylvania) over Richard Antonacci (New York) Fall 2:26
Match #3 Mason Pengilly (California) over Jarrette Carter (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-126 – Patrick DeWitt – (Valley High School) – (2-2)
Match #1 Patrick DeWitt (Pennsylvania) over Jess Hatfield (Oregon) Fall 0:37
Match #2 Patrick DeWitt (Pennsylvania) over Vincent Casados (Colorado) TF 12-2
Match #3 Blake Bosch (North Dakota) over Patrick DeWitt (Pennsylvania) Dec 10-8
Match #4 Jaydin Clayton (Missouri) over Patrick DeWitt (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-132 – Cortland Schuyler – (Manheim Township High School) – (5-2)
Match #1 Cortland Schuyler (Pennsylvania) over Dominique Shelby (Indiana) Fall 0:38
Match #2 Cortland Schuyler (Pennsylvania) over Zech Bresser (Oregon) Dec 13-12
Match #3 Cortland Schuyler (Pennsylvania) over Jordan Kutler (New Jersey) ID
Match #4 Cortland Schuyler (Pennsylvania) over Dan Radcliffe (Illinois) TF 11-0
Match #5 Matt Findlay (Utah) over Cortland Schuyler (Pennsylvania) Fall 2:43
Match #6 Cortland Schuyler (Pennsylvania) over Will Crisco (Connecticut) TF 18-7
Match #7 Gary Harding (Oklahoma) over Cortland Schuyler (Pennsylvania) TF 11-0

Junior-132 – Kent Lane – (Southern Columbia Area High School) – (5-2)
Match #1 Kent Lane (Pennsylvania) over Gregory McCrystal (New Jersey) TF 14-4
Match #2 Kent Lane (Pennsylvania) over Hunter Starner (Virginia) TF 10-0
Match #3 Kent Lane (Pennsylvania) over Zach Siegle (Minnesota) Dec 9-7
Match #4 Kent Lane (Pennsylvania) over Curt Zachmeier (North Dakota) TF 10-0
Match #5 Kent Lane (Pennsylvania) over Luke Wolfenberger (Oklahoma) Dec 12-7
Match #6 George Fisher (Illinois) over Kent Lane (Pennsylvania) TF 13-3
Match #7 Gabriel Grahek (Wisconsin) over Kent Lane (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-132 – Ian Brown – (Hanover High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Richard Screptock (Ohio) over Ian Brown (Pennsylvania) TF 12-2
Match #2 Cole Weaver (Michigan) over Ian Brown (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-2

Junior-132 – Matt Grossman – (Manheim Township High School) – (2-2)
Match #1 Matt Grossman (Pennsylvania) over Roman Boylen (Georgia) Dec 10-9
Match #2 Alexander Rinaldi (New Jersey) over Matt Grossman (Pennsylvania) TF 13-3
Match #3 Matt Grossman (Pennsylvania) over Zac Hassan (Illinois) TF 12-2
Match #4 Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) over Matt Grossman (Pennsylvania) TF 13-1

Junior-132 – Mike Kemerer – (Franklin Regional High School) – (8-2) – Seventh Place
Match #1 Mike Kemerer (Pennsylvania) over Jordan Markey (Michigan) TF 13-2
Match #2 Mike Kemerer (Pennsylvania) over Tanner Collins (Arkansas) TF 10-0
Match #3 Mike Kemerer (Pennsylvania) over Zachary Gracia (Washington) TF 11-0
Match #4 Mike Kemerer (Pennsylvania) over Ben Trygstad (Colorado) TF 11-0
Match #5 Mike Kemerer (Pennsylvania) over Glenn Farina (Arizona) TF 11-0
Match #6 Mike Kemerer (Pennsylvania) over Hayden Tuma (Idaho) Dec 10-9
Match #7 Mike Kemerer (Pennsylvania) over Matt Findlay (Utah) Dec 15-9
Match #8 Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) over Mike Kemerer (Pennsylvania) TF 17-7
Match #9 Zac Hall (Michigan) over Mike Kemerer (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-0
Match #10 Mike Kemerer (Pennsylvania) over George Fisher (Illinois) Dec 12-3

Junior-138 – Tyler Smith – (Franklin Regional High School) – (7-3) – Eighth Place
Match #1 Tyler Smith (Pennsylvania) over Kyle Ford (Arizona) TF 12-2
Match #2 Tyler Smith (Pennsylvania) over Charles Rand (North Carolina) TF 10-0
Match #3 Tyler Smith (Pennsylvania) over Tone Fuenffinger (Minnesota) TF 11-1
Match #4 Tyler Smith (Pennsylvania) over Laurien Anghelina (New Jersey) TF 10-0
Match #5 Tyler Smith (Pennsylvania) over John Kenyon (Idaho) Dec 13-8
Match #6 Tyler Smith (Pennsylvania) over Myles Amine (Michigan) Dec 14-9
Match #7 Tyler Smith (Pennsylvania) over Colby Knight (Iowa) Dec 4-2
Match #8 Joseph McKenna (New Jersey) over Tyler Smith (Pennsylvania) TF 12-0
Match #9 Ali Naser (California) over Tyler Smith (Pennsylvania) Dec 10-6
Match #10 Vincenzo Joseph (Pennsylvania) over Tyler Smith (Pennsylvania) Fall 3:27

Junior-138 – Vincenzo Joseph – (Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School) – (8-2) – Seventh Place
Match #1 Vincenzo Joseph (Pennsylvania) over Stewart Oehlers (Ohio) TF 12-2
Match #2 Vincenzo Joseph (Pennsylvania) over John Godinho (Washington) TF 12-1
Match #3 Vincenzo Joseph (Pennsylvania) over Andrew Webb (Georgia) TF 22-12
Match #4 Vincenzo Joseph (Pennsylvania) over Doug Johnson (Illinois) Dec 11-7
Match #5 Vincenzo Joseph (Pennsylvania) over Matthew Pente (Maryland) TF 13-3
Match #6 Vincenzo Joseph (Pennsylvania) over Ron Gentile (New Jersey) Dec 9-6
Match #7 Vincenzo Joseph (Pennsylvania) over Sam Crane (Missouri) Dec 12-12
Match #8 Jonce Blaylock (Oklahoma) over Vincenzo Joseph (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-4
Match #9 Aaron Pico (California) over Vincenzo Joseph (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #10 Vincenzo Joseph (Pennsylvania) over Tyler Smith (Pennsylvania) Fall 3:27

Junior-138 – David Rump – (Chambersburg Area High School) – (1-2)
Match #1 Luke Rowh (Minnesota) over David Rump (Pennsylvania) Dec 7-6
Match #2 David Rump (Pennsylvania) over Wyatt Seng (Indiana) Fall 5:17
Match #3 Nicholas Gil (Illinois) over David Rump (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-138 – Joe Staley – (Methacton High School) – (2-2)
Match #1 Aaron Pico (California) over Joe Staley (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #2 Joe Staley (Pennsylvania) over Jacob Latta (Delaware) TF 10-0
Match #3 Joe Staley (Pennsylvania) over Austin Meyn (Louisiana) TF 11-1
Match #4 Kamaal AbdushShakur (Georgia) over Joe Staley (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-145 – Brock Zacherl – (Brookville Area High School) – (4-2)
Match #1 Brock Zacherl (Pennsylvania) over Keith Shoun (Delaware) TF 11-0
Match #2 Brock Zacherl (Pennsylvania) over Malik Amine (Michigan) Dec 10-3
Match #3 Brock Zacherl (Pennsylvania) over Matthew Moody (Georgia) Dec 13-6
Match #4 Brock Zacherl (Pennsylvania) over Brendon Colbert (Maryland) TF 10-0
Match #5 Anthony Collica (Ohio) over Brock Zacherl (Pennsylvania) TF 11-0
Match #6 Daniel Lewis (Missouri) over Brock Zacherl (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-145 – Matt Mirth – (Southern Lehigh High School) – (3-2)
Match #1 Matt Mirth (Pennsylvania) over Trey Smith (Virginia) TF 10-0
Match #2 Matt Mirth (Pennsylvania) over Chase Straw (Iowa) Dec 11-9
Match #3 Matt Mirth (Pennsylvania) over Eddie McGrail (North Carolina) TF 11-0
Match #4 Blayne Briceno (California) over Matt Mirth (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #5 Jared Scharenbrock (Wisconsin) over Matt Mirth (Pennsylvania) ID

Junior-145 – Perry Arrington – (Punxsutawney Area High School) – (1-2)
Match #1 Perry Arrington (Pennsylvania) over Ralshaun Elliot (North Carolina) Dec 14-14
Match #2 Beau Minnick (Ohio) over Perry Arrington (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #3 Joe Grable (Washington) over Perry Arrington (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-145 – Patrick Duggan – (Cumberland Valley High School) – (5-2)
Match #1 Patrick Duggan (Pennsylvania) over Dan Kelly (Iowa) TF 11-0
Match #2 Patrick Duggan (Pennsylvania) over Phil Downing (Colorado) TF 10-0
Match #3 Patrick Duggan (Pennsylvania) over Joshua Weinstein (North Carolina) TF 11-0
Match #4 Patrick Duggan (Pennsylvania) over Lane Kaseman (North Dakota) TF 10-0
Match #5 Patrick Duggan (Pennsylvania) over Jason Ipsarides (Wisconsin) TF 11-0
Match #6 Kenny Martin (Nebraska) over Patrick Duggan (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #7 Nosomy Pozo (Florida) over Patrick Duggan (Pennsylvania) Dec 17-14

Junior-152 – Bradley Malinowski – (Fort LeBoeuf High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Bobby Twigg (Maryland) over Bradley Malinowski (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #2 Jonathan Viruet (Massachusetts) over Bradley Malinowski (Pennsylvania) TF 12-2

Junior-152 – Dominic Vitale – (Benton Area High School) – (1-2)
Match #1 Anthony Valencia (California) over Dominic Vitale (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #2 Dominic Vitale (Pennsylvania) over Kyle Thompson (Arkansas) Fall 3:30
Match #3 Jacobe Smith (Oklahoma) over Dominic Vitale (Pennsylvania) TF 11-0

Junior-152 – Zach Kelly – (Kiski Prep) – (8-1) – Third Place
Match #1 Zach Kelly (Pennsylvania) over Isaac Bast (Ohio) TF 15-4
Match #2 Zach Kelly (Pennsylvania) over Jacob Asher (Maryland) Fall 0:17
Match #3 Zach Kelly (Pennsylvania) over Zach Schuman (South Dakota) TF 10-0
Match #4 Zach Kelly (Pennsylvania) over Andrew Millsap (Kansas) Dec 9-7
Match #5 Zach Kelly (Pennsylvania) over Logan Thomsen (Iowa) TF 14-3
Match #6 Zach Kelly (Pennsylvania) over Garrett Sutton (Illinois) Fall 1:35
Match #7 Zach Kelly (Pennsylvania) over Darick Lapaglia (Missouri) TF 11-0
Match #8 Jake Short (Minnesota) over Zach Kelly (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #9 Zach Kelly (Pennsylvania) over Anthony Valencia (California) TF 13-2

Junior-160 – Brodie Zacherl – (Brookville Area High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Josef Johnson (New Jersey) over Brodie Zacherl (Pennsylvania) TF 13-2
Match #2 Dylan Gray (Maryland) over Brodie Zacherl (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-160 – Chad Reese – (Central Mountain High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Donovan Peek (Nevada) over Chad Reese (Pennsylvania) TF 12-2
Match #2 Kenny Hughes (Indiana) over Chad Reese (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-160 – Ty White – (Wyoming Seminary High School) – (4-2)
Match #1 Ty White (Pennsylvania) over Jonathan Sigley (Colorado) TF 11-0
Match #2 Ty White (Pennsylvania) over Kevin Figueroa (Oklahoma) TF 10-0
Match #3 Markus Scheidel (Ohio) over Ty White (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #4 Ty White (Pennsylvania) over Nick Ferraro (Illinois) TF 10-0
Match #5 Ty White (Pennsylvania) over Richard Viruet (Massachusetts) TF 14-3
Match #6 Xavier Montalvo (Illinois) over Ty White (Pennsylvania) Dec 13-8

Junior-160 – Jeric Kasunic – (Benton Area High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Tim Miklus (Iowa) over Jeric Kasunic (Pennsylvania) TF 12-2
Match #2 John Leal (California) over Jeric Kasunic (Pennsylvania) Dec 11-9

Junior-160 – Chris Weiler – (Wyoming Seminary High School) – (6-3) – Sixth Place
Match #1 Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) over Angel Ortiz (Arizona) TF 13-2
Match #2 Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) over Christopher Koo (New York) TF 10-0
Match #3 Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) over Chris Pfarr (Minnesota) TF 11-0
Match #4 Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) over Alex Martin (Louisiana) TF 14-4
Match #5 Davonte Mahomes (Illinois) over Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) TF 16-6
Match #6 Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) over Chase Hack (Indiana) TF 10-0
Match #7 Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) over Spencer Derifield (Iowa) Dec 14-9
Match #8 Logan Marcicki (Michigan) over Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) Fall 3:38
Match #9 Kimball Bastian (Utah) over Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-160 – Ryan Preisch – (Milton Area High School) – (2-2)
Match #1 Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) over Ramsey Gonzalez (Arkansas) TF 11-0
Match #2 Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) over Alex Rinehart (Indiana) TF 13-2
Match #3 Burke Paddock (New York) over Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:21
Match #4 Kimball Bastian (Utah) over Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) Fall 3:54

Junior-170 – Hunter Fenk – (Plum High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Jacob Franklin (Indiana) over Hunter Fenk (Pennsylvania) TF 14-2
Match #2 Lucas Westrich (Minnesota) over Hunter Fenk (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-170 – Ibragim Ibragimov – (George Washington High School) – (2-2)
Match #1 Ibragim Ibragimov (Pennsylvania) over Christian Mata (Texas) Dec 7-2
Match #2 Ibragim Ibragimov (Pennsylvania) over Tyrel Smith (Wyoming) TF 11-0
Match #3 Bryce Pappas (Maryland) over Ibragim Ibragimov (Pennsylvania) TF 11-0
Match #4 Charley Popp (Illinois) over Ibragim Ibragimov (Pennsylvania) TF 14-2

Junior-170 – Noah Wilps – (Chartiers Valley High School) – (0-2)
Match #2 Zachary Benkovich (Illinois) over Noah Wilps (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-4
Match #3 Tyler McNutt (Missouri) over Noah Wilps (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-170 – Nasim Banks – (Frankford High School) – (4-2)
Match #1 Nasim Banks (Pennsylvania) over Daniel Crandall (Colorado) TF 10-0
Match #2 Nasim Banks (Pennsylvania) over Judah Bruce (Virginia) TF 12-1
Match #3 Nasim Banks (Pennsylvania) over Marquise Brown (Washington) TF 12-0
Match #4 Nasim Banks (Pennsylvania) over Gage Stallworth (Oklahoma) Dec 12-6
Match #5 Bryce Martin (California) over Nasim Banks (Pennsylvania) Fall 5:58
Match #6 Lance Dixon (Oklahoma) over Nasim Banks (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0

Junior-182 – Terrell Fields – (Valley High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Jacob Seely (Colorado) over Terrell Fields (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #2 Austin-Caleb Flores (California) over Terrell Fields (Pennsylvania) Dec 16-10

Junior-182 – Jose Ortiz – (Bethlehem Catholic High School) – (1-2)
Match #1 Jose Ortiz (Pennsylvania) over Kaleab Fetahi (Virginia) TF 11-0
Match #2 Domenic Abounader (Ohio) over Jose Ortiz (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #3 Miles Hammerlund (Minnesota) over Jose Ortiz (Pennsylvania) Dec 14-12

Junior-182 – Kamram Fayikov – (Northeast High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Colin Carr (Illinois) over Kamram Fayikov (Pennsylvania) TF 15-4
Match #2 Ben Honis (New York) over Kamram Fayikov (Pennsylvania) TF 17-6

Junior-195 – Matt Doggett – (Wyoming Seminary High School) – (2-2)
Match #1 Matt Doggett (Pennsylvania) over Jesse Webb (Oregon) TF 10-0
Match #2 Matt Doggett (Pennsylvania) over Trom Peterson (Minnesota) TF 10-0
Match #3 Mitch Sliga (Indiana) over Matt Doggett (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Match #4 Dan Hawkins (Maryland) over Matt Doggett (Pennsylvania) TF 11-0

Junior-195 – Alen Turcinhodzic – (North Hills High School) – (2-2)
Match #1 Alen Turcinhodzic (Pennsylvania) over Geofrey Curtis (Colorado) TF 10-0
Match #2 Will Balow (Minnesota) over Alen Turcinhodzic (Pennsylvania) Dec 10-7
Match #3 Alen Turcinhodzic (Pennsylvania) over Jeremy Sweany (California) Dec 5-5
Match #4 Joseph McClure (Georgia) over Alen Turcinhodzic (Pennsylvania) Dec 8-0

Junior-195 – Nezar Haddad – (Parkland High School) – (3-2)
Match #1 Nezar Haddad (Pennsylvania) over Bryce Fisher (Iowa) Fall 2:29
Match #2 Nezar Haddad (Pennsylvania) over Willie Bivens (North Carolina) Fall 2:09
Match #3 Nezar Haddad (Pennsylvania) over Ralph Normandia (New Jersey) Dec 11-5
Match #4 Josh Murphy (Ohio) over Nezar Haddad (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-2
Match #5 Joel Dixon (Oklahoma) over Nezar Haddad (Pennsylvania) Dec 9-2

Junior-220 – Jake Temple – (Avella Area High School) – (2-1)
Match #1 Jake Temple (Pennsylvania) over Charles Neisius (Indiana) TF 11-0
Match #2 Nick Johnson (California) over Jake Temple (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:09
Match #3 Jake Temple (Pennsylvania) over Luke McKee (New York) TF 14-4

Junior-220 – Dylan Otis – (Wyalusing Valley Area High School) – (1-2)
Match #1 Kacee Hutchinson (North Carolina) over Dylan Otis (Pennsylvania) Dec 10-6
Match #3 Dylan Otis (Pennsylvania) over Patrick Grayson (Virginia) Dec 8-0
Match #4 Derrick Maisonet (Illinois) over Dylan Otis (Pennsylvania) Fall 4:58

Junior-285 – Konstantin Golobokov – (The Hill School) – (2-2)
Match #1 Konstantin Golobokov (Pennsylvania) over Roderick Ingram (Arkansas) TF 10-0
Match #2 Konstantin Golobokov (Pennsylvania) over Brian Mays (Maryland) Fall 2:59
Match #3 Jesse Webb (Alabama) over Konstantin Golobokov (Pennsylvania) TF 11-0
Match #4 Cordell Soileau (Virginia) over Konstantin Golobokov (Pennsylvania) Fall 3:55


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