PA Wrestlers Compete in Fargo Greco Junior Nationals

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Milton Area's Ryan Preisch finished in fourth place. Photo from the

Milton Area’s Ryan Preisch finished in fourth place. Photo from the

Four Pennsylvania wrestlers captured Junior National medals in Greco-Roman as many others competed against the Nation’s best Junior Division wrestlers in Fargo, North Dakota. Below are how each Junior PA wrestler faired in Greco. An even larger pool of PA Junior wrestlers will be competing in Freestyle this week.


2013 USAW Junior Greco Nationals Results for Pennsylvania


Junior-100 – Angelo Barberio (Reynolds High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Hunter Wright (Virginia) over Angelo Barberio (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0
Match #2 Jaxon Cole (Utah) over Angelo Barberio (Pennsylvania) TF 8-0

Junior-106 – Tristan Buxton (Trinity High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Brandon Staley (Florida) over Tristan Buxton (Pennsylvania) TF 8-0
Match #2 Clayton Stillwagon (Montana) over Tristan Buxton (Pennsylvania) Fall 5:48

Junior-113 – Victor Kenderdine (Manheim Township High School) – (1-2)
Match #1 Victor Kenderdine (Pennsylvania) over Willie Chavez (New Mexico) TF 7-0
Match #2 Matthew Barmann (Missouri) over Victor Kenderdine (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0
Match #3 Adam Whitesell (Maryland) over Victor Kenderdine (Pennsylvania) TF 9-0

Junior-120 – Kevin Kinyua (Mount Lebanon High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Glenn Robertson (Washington) over Kevin Kinyua (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0
Match #2 Skylar Franks (Texas) over Kevin Kinyua (Pennsylvania) Fall 4:02

Junior-120 – Domenic Forys (North Allegheny High School) – (4-2)
Match #1 Domenic Forys (Pennsylvania) over Michael Beck (Maryland) TF 8-0
Match #2 Domenic Forys (Pennsylvania) over Josiah Hrusch (Ohio) TF 8-0
Match #3 Domenic Forys (Pennsylvania) over Isiah Johnson (Missouri) TF 7-0
Match #4 Tommy Pawelski (Illinois) over Domenic Forys (Pennsylvania) Dec 8-6
Match #6 Domenic Forys (Pennsylvania) over Daniel Ruiz (California) TF 8-0
Match #7 Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Domenic Forys (Pennsylvania) TF 8-0

Junior-132 – Kent Lane (South Columbia High School) – (3-2)
Match #1 Kent Lane (Pennsylvania) over KeVionne Robbins (Washington) TF 7-0
Match #2 Kent Lane (Pennsylvania) over Freddie Dunau (New York) Fall 2:41
Match #4 Kent Lane (Pennsylvania) over Kenneth Baldridge (Illinois) Dec 8-2
Match #5 Jack Mutchnik (Maryland) over Kent Lane (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-3
Match #6 Rodney Clevenger (Missouri) over Kent Lane (Pennsylvania) TF 9-0

Junior-132 – Matt Grossman (Manheim Township High School) – (2-2)
Match #1 Luke Wolfenberger (Oklahoma) over Matt Grossman (Pennsylvania) Fall 2:12
Match #2 Matt Grossman (Pennsylvania) over Shamus Bartmess (Montana) TF 8-0
Match #3 Matt Grossman (Pennsylvania) over Damon Griffin (Iowa) Fall 5:47
Match #4 Anthony Giraldo (New Jersey) over Matt Grossman (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-4

Junior-132 – David Rump (Chambersburg Area High School) – (2-2)
Match #1 David Rump (Pennsylvania) over Logan Chastain (Georgia) TF 9-0
Match #2 Hayden Tuma (Idaho) over David Rump (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0
Match #3 David Rump (Pennsylvania) over Zachary Gracia (Washington) Fall 1:16
Match #4 Anthony Genco (Maryland) over David Rump (Pennsylvania) TF 12-5

Junior-132 – Ian Brown (Hanover High School) – (3-2)
Match #1 Ian Brown (Pennsylvania) over Ryan Snow (New York) TF 8-0
Match #2 Ian Brown (Pennsylvania) over Brian Burchett (Washington) TF 10-2
Match #3 Victor Trujillo (California) over Ian Brown (Pennsylvania) TF 8-0
Match #4 Ian Brown (Pennsylvania) over Jordan Markey (Michigan) TF 16-8
Match #5 Joel Shump (Illinois) over Ian Brown (Pennsylvania) Dec 10-5

Junior-138 – David Fantom (Manheim Central High School) – (1-2)
Match #1 David Fantom (Pennsylvania) over Noah Koski (Maryland) Dec 5-0
Match #2 Zac Youngchild (Wisconsin) over David Fantom (Pennsylvania) TF 8-0
Match #3 Joseph Hayek (Nebraska) over David Fantom (Pennsylvania) Fall 0:29

Junior-138 – George McGuire (Fort LeBoeuf High School) – (2-2)
Match #1 George McGuire (Pennsylvania) over Tony Johnson (Georgia) TF 8-0
Match #2 Max Thomsen (Iowa) over George McGuire (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0
Match #3 George McGuire (Pennsylvania) over John Godinho (Washington) TF 18-11
Match #4 Justin Polkowske (Wyoming) over George McGuire (Pennsylvania) Dec 7-4

Junior-145 – Perry Arrington (Punxsutawney Area High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Branson Ashworth (Utah) over Perry Arrington (Pennsylvania) TF 8-0
Match #2 Nathaniel Palmer (New York) over Perry Arrington (Pennsylvania) TF 11-2

Junior-145 – Bradley Malinowski (Fort LeBoeuf High School) – (1-2)
Match #1 Bradley Malinowski (Pennsylvania) over Jackson Stafford (Texas) Fall 1:56
Match #2 Dan Kelly (Iowa) over Bradley Malinowski (Pennsylvania) TF 8-0
Match #3 Willie Davis (Delaware) over Bradley Malinowski (Pennsylvania) Dec 8-2

Junior-152 – Arthur Watkins (Susquehanna Township High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Tyler Weyer (Wisconsin) over Arthur Watkins (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0
Match #2 Jordan Wengreen (Utah) over Arthur Watkins (Pennsylvania) TF 8-0

Junior-152 – Dominic Vitale (Benton Area High School) – (3-2)
Match #1 Dominic Vitale (Pennsylvania) over Jake Ellis (Kansas) Dec 13-11
Match #2 Dominic Vitale (Pennsylvania) over Keith Shoun (Delaware) TF 9-0
Match #3 Dominic Vitale (Pennsylvania) over Tommy Kolasinski (Wisconsin) TF 8-0
Match #4 Anthony Valencia (California) over Dominic Vitale (Pennsylvania) TF 8-0
Match #5 Jonathan Viruet (Massachusetts) over Dominic Vitale (Pennsylvania) TF 8-1

Junior-152 – Jeric Kasunic (Benton Area High School) – (2-2)
Match #1 Weston Dobler (North Dakota) over Jeric Kasunic (Pennsylvania) Fall 3:20
Match #2 Jeric Kasunic (Pennsylvania) over Adam White (Missouri) Fall 0:16
Match #3 Jeric Kasunic (Pennsylvania) over Carter Page (Virginia) TF 9-2
Match #4 Nick Georgean (Illinois) over Jeric Kasunic (Pennsylvania) TF 12-3

Junior-160 – Ty White (Wyoming Seminary High School) – (7-2) – Third Place
Match #1 Ty White (Pennsylvania) over Jacen Petersen (Montana) TF 7-0
Match #2 Ty White (Pennsylvania) over Bobby Twigg (Maryland) TF 7-0
Match #3 Ty White (Pennsylvania) over Grant Nehring (Minnesota) TF 9-1
Match #4 Ty White (Pennsylvania) over Tony Clinesmith (Missouri) TF 7-0
Match #5 Ty White (Pennsylvania) over Travis Hettinga (Wisconsin) Dec 6-1
Match #7 Davonte Mahomes (Illinois) over Ty White (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-0
Match #8 Ty White (Pennsylvania) over Jacob Armstrong (Utah) Dec 6-5
Match #9 Davonte Mahomes (Illinois) over Ty White (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-0
Match #10 Ty White (Pennsylvania) over Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) Dec 3-2

Junior-160 – Seth Decker (Penns Valley Area High School) – (2-2)
Match #1 Seth Decker (Pennsylvania) over Lukas Poloncic (Wyoming) TF 14-5
Match #2 Seth Decker (Pennsylvania) over Dylan Gray (Maryland) TF 9-1
Match #3 Calvin Ochs (Kansas) over Seth Decker (Pennsylvania) TF 8-0
Match #4 Richard Viruet (Massachusetts) over Seth Decker (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0

Junior-160 – Ryan Preisch (Milton Area High School) – (7-3) – Fourth Place
Match #1 Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) over Matthew Gancayco (Maryland) TF 7-0
Match #3 Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) over Alex Rinehart (Indiana) TF 7-0
Match #4 Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) over Zach Milks (Iowa) TF 7-0
Match #5 Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) over Andrew Scott (Michigan) TF 12-5
Match #6 Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) over Kimball Bastian (Utah) Dec 6-5
Match #7 Xavier Montalvo (Illinois) over Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) TF 11-2
Match #8 Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) over Calvin Ochs (Kansas) TF 10-3
Match #9 Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) over Kimball Bastian (Utah) Dec 6-5
Match #11 Xavier Montalvo (Illinois) over Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) TF 11-2
Match #12 Ty White (Pennsylvania) over Ryan Preisch (Pennsylvania) Dec 3-2

Junior-160 – Brodie Zacherl (Brookville Area High School – (0-2)
Match #1 Davonte Mahomes (Illinois) over Brodie Zacherl (Pennsylvania) TF 9-1
Match #2 Barrett Stanghill (Montana) over Brodie Zacherl (Pennsylvania) TF 9-2

Junior-170 – Hunter Fenk (Plum High School) – (0-2)
Match #1 Mitch Craig (Michigan) over Hunter Fenk (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0
Match #2 Daniel Marquette (Minnesota) over Hunter Fenk (Pennsylvania) Dec 5-4

Junior-170 – Patrick Coover (Blair Academy) – (7-2) – Fifth Place
Match #1 Patrick Coover (Pennsylvania) over Christian Mata (Texas) TF 8-0
Match #2 Patrick Coover (Pennsylvania) over Connor Wagh (Maryland) TF 7-0
Match #3 Patrick Coover (Pennsylvania) over Daniel Vitale (Minnesota) TF 7-0
Match #4 Patrick Coover (Pennsylvania) over Max Hane (Oregon) TF 7-0
Match #5 Patrick Coover (Pennsylvania) over Chase Herron (Indiana) TF 7-0
Match #7 Patrick Coover (Pennsylvania) over Gable Frandsen (Wisconsin) Dec 6-3
Match #8 Jordon Rothers (Minnesota) over Patrick Coover (Pennsylvania) Dec 7-3
Match #10 Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Patrick Coover (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:25
Match #12 Patrick Coover (Pennsylvania) over Jacob Morrissey (Wisconsin) TF 8-0

Junior-182 – Terrell Fields (Valley High School) – (5-3) – Eighth Place
Match #1 Terrell Fields (Pennsylvania) over Hank Swalla (Iowa) TF 8-1
Match #2 Deandre Sims (Georgia) over Terrell Fields (Pennsylvania) Dec 8-6
Match #3 Terrell Fields (Pennsylvania) over Tanner Chambers (South Carolina) TF 9-0
Match #4 Terrell Fields (Pennsylvania) over Cedric Stephens (New York) TF 8-0
Match #5 Terrell Fields (Pennsylvania) over Dan Hawkins (Maryland) Dec 9-6
Match #6 Terrell Fields (Pennsylvania) over Riley Lefever (Indiana) Dec 7-4
Match #7 Aaron Rothwell (Wisconsin) over Terrell Fields (Pennsylvania) Dec 10-8
Match #8 Troy Murtha (Maryland) over Terrell Fields (Pennsylvania) TF 8-0

Junior-195 – Matt Doggett (Wyoming Seminary High School) – (2-2)
Match #2 Matt Doggett (Pennsylvania) over Kevin McLean (Washington) Fall 0:13
Match #3 Matt Doggett (Pennsylvania) over Keyad Coley (North Carolina) Dec 12-7
Match #4 Tyler Denova (Georgia) over Matt Doggett (Pennsylvania) TF 9-0
Match #5 Jeremy Sweany (California) over Matt Doggett (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0

Junior-195 – Alen Turcinhodzic (North Hills High School) – (2-2)
Match #1 Alen Turcinhodzic (Pennsylvania) over Christian Colucci (New Jersey) Dec 8-4
Match #2 Alen Turcinhodzic (Pennsylvania) over Nicholas Denman (Ohio) TF 7-0
Match #3 Nathanael Rose (New York) over Alen Turcinhodzic (Pennsylvania) Dec 2-2
Match #4 Alex Benoit (Illinois) over Alen Turcinhodzic (Pennsylvania) Dec 8-6

Junior-220 – Jake Temple (Avella Area High School) – (1-2)
Match #1 Jake Temple (Pennsylvania) over Mark Dunsing (Illinois) Fall 2:29
Match #2 Paul Cheney (Minnesota) over Jake Temple (Pennsylvania) TF 9-2
Match #3 Cory Daniel (Maryland) over Jake Temple (Pennsylvania) Dec 7-6


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