PA’s Brown and Lee win FILA Cadet Freestyle Nationals

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Spencer Lee (Left) and Devon Brown (Right)

Spencer Lee (Left) and Devon Brown (Right)

Saegertown’s Devon Brown and Spencer Lee were the two lone National Champions for Team Pennsylvania at the FILA Cadet Freestyle Nationals held in Akron, Ohio. Brown is coming off a PIAA Class AA State Championship title at 106 lbs. in his first season competing in PA. The sophomore dominated the 46 kg/101.4 lbs. National field earning five technical-falls including the Championship match over Ian Parker of Michigan (13-3).

Spencer Lee, the #1 ranked junior high wrestler in the country according to Intermat and Flo, showed why he is deserving of the #1 spot. The eighth grade student from Saegertown pinned four of his opponents in usder one minute in addition to earning four technical-falls including in the finals over Oklahoma’s Daton Fix (TF 13-2). Lee competed at 110 lbs. and is projected to compete in high school anywhere from 106 to 120 lbs.

Speaking of Spencer Lee wrestling in high school, it has been reported that Lee will be attending Franklin Regional High School and join an already loaded line-up of wrestlers. According to PAWR’s Mark Morris Lee’s father has accepted a position at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. According to Morris, Lee’s family will relocate to Murreysville, PA and Spencer will attend Franklin Regional High School. The move makes Franklin Regional a clear favorite to capture both WPIAL and PIAA Championship titles in 2014.

Below is a look at how wrestlers from across PA faired at the FILA Cadet Freestyle Nationals.


FILA Cadet – 39 – 42 KG (85.9 – 92.5 lbs.) Results

Cole Manley (Altoona Area High School – Incoming Freshman) 

Round 3: Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma) over Cole Manley (Pennsylvania) (Fall 2:29)

Round 2: Cole Manley (Pennsylvania) over Trevor Giallombardo (Michigan) (TF 10-0)

Round 1: Cade Olivas (California) over Cole Manley (Pennsylvania) (TF 13-2)


FILA Cadet – 46 KG (101.4 lbs.) Results
1st Place – Devin Brown of Pennsylvania
2nd Place – Ian Parker of Michigan
3rd Place – Matthew Schmitt of Missouri
4th Place – Coltan Williams of Texas
5th Place – Ben Freeman of Michigan
6th Place – Jarod Bronstrup of Ohio


Devin Brown (Saegertown High School – Incoming Junior)

1st Place Match: Devin Brown (Pennsylvania) over Ian Parker (Michigan) (TF 13-3)

RR2: Devin Brown (Pennsylvania) over Ben Freeman (Michigan) (Dec 10-4)

RR1: Devin Brown (Pennsylvania) over Matthew Schmitt (Missouri) (TF 10-0)

Round 3: Devin Brown (Pennsylvania) over Joshua Venia (Ohio) (TF 10-0)

Round 2: Devin Brown (Pennsylvania) over Noah Georgian (Ohio) (TF 10-0)

Round 1: Devin Brown (Pennsylvania) over Zac McCauley (Ohio) (TF 10-0)


FILA Cadet – 50 KG (110.2 lbs.) Results
1st Place – Spencer Lee of Pennsylvania
2nd Place – Daton Fix of Oklahoma
3rd Place – Jack Mueller of Texas
4th Place – Andrew Mehrholz of Illinois
5th Place – Isaac Jimenez of Texas
6th Place – Noah Baughman of Ohio


Spencer Lee (Franklin Regional High School – Incoming Freshman) 

1st Place Match: Spencer Lee (Pennsylvania) over Daton Fix (Oklahoma) (TF 13-2)

RR3: Spencer Lee (Pennsylvania) over Jack Mueller (Texas) (Fall 0:40)

RR1: Spencer Lee (Pennsylvania) over Noah Baughman (Ohio) (Fall 0:19)

Round 5: Spencer Lee (Pennsylvania) over Josiah Seaton (Kansas) (TF 10-0)

Round 4: Spencer Lee (Pennsylvania) over Timothy Sakow (Florida) (TF 10-0)

Round 3: Spencer Lee (Pennsylvania) over Bryce West (Iowa) (TF 17-6)

Round 2: Spencer Lee (Pennsylvania) over Jack Mueller (Texas) (Fall 0:40)

Round 1: Spencer Lee (Pennsylvania) over Kanen Storr (Michigan) (Fall 0:37)


Luke Gardner (Pottsville Area High School – Incoming Junior)

Round 2: Daton Fix (Oklahoma) over Luke Gardner (Pennsylvania) (TF 13-2)

Round 1: Isaac Jimenez (Texas) over Luke Gardner (Pennsylvania) (TF 13-3)


FILA Cadet – 54 KG (119 lbs.) Results

Jarrette Carter (Fort LeBoeuf High School – Incoming Sophomore)

Round 4: Taylor LaMont (Utah) over Jarrette Carter (Pennsylvania) (Fall 1:05)

Round 3: Elijah Oliver (Tennessee) over Jarrette Carter (Pennsylvania) (TF 10-0)

Round 2: Jarrette Carter (Pennsylvania) over Matthew Panepinto (Arizona) (Fall 2:16)

Round 1: Jarrette Carter (Pennsylvania) over Samuel Roth (Ohio) (TF 10-0)


FILA Cadet – 58 (128 lbs.) KG Results

Ricky Cavallo (Hempfield Area High School – Incoming Junior)

Round 3: Nick Lee (Indiana) over Ricky Cavallo (Pennsylvania) (TF 10-0)

Round 2: Zander Wick (California) over Ricky Cavallo (Pennsylvania) (TF 12-2)

Round 1: Ricky Cavallo (Pennsylvania) over Matthew Steer (Ohio) (Fall 4:13)


FILA Cadet – 63 KG (139 lbs.)Results

Jonathan Ross (Northern York High School – Incoming Sophomore)

Round 3: Nicholas D. Bennett (Michigan) over Jonathan Ross (Pennsylvania) (Fall 2:15)

Round 2: Anthony Giraldo (New Jersey) over Jonathan Ross (Pennsylvania) (TF 10-0)

Round 1: Jonathan Ross (Pennsylvania) over Riley Watkins (Ohio) (TF 10-0)


George McGuire (Fort LeBoeuf High School – Incoming Senior)

Round 3: Austin Kraisser (Maryland) over George McGuire (Pennsylvania) (TF 13-2)

Round 2: Logan Massa (Michigan) over George McGuire (Pennsylvania) (TF 10-0)

Round 1: George McGuire (Pennsylvania) over Garrett Neal (Ohio) (Fall 1:39


Kaleb Young (Punxsutawney Area High School – Incoming Sophomore)

Round 4: Larry Early Iii (Illinois) over Kaleb Young (Pennsylvania) (Dec 15-11)

Round 3: Kaleb Young (Pennsylvania) over Joseph Dominguez (California) (TF 10-0)

Round 2: Kaleb Young (Pennsylvania) over Austin Hiles (Ohio) (Dec 10-5)

Round 1: Seth Gross (Minnesota) over Kaleb Young (Pennsylvania) (TF 14-3)


Brady Meals (Carlisle Area High School – Incoming Junior)

Round 2: Larry Early Iii (Illinois) over Brady Meals (Pennsylvania) (TF 10-3)

Round 1: Dewey Krueger (Wisconsin) over Brady Meals (Pennsylvania) (TF 9-0)


FILA Cadet – 76 KG (167.5) Results
1st Place – Bo Nickal of Texas
2nd Place – Mark Hall of Minnesota
3rd Place – Chandler Rogers of Washington
4th Place – Myles Martin of New Jersey
5th Place – Xavier Montalvo of Illinois
6th Place – Chris Weiler of Pennsylvania


Seth Decker (Penns Valley Area High School – Incoming Senior)

Round 3: Xavier Montalvo (Illinois) over Seth Decker (Pennsylvania) (TF 8-0)

Round 2: Seth Decker (Pennsylvania) over Grant Pittroff (Ohio) (Dec 9-8)

Round 1: Kimball Bastian (Utah) over Seth Decker (Pennsylvania) (TF 8-0)


Chris Weiler (Wyoming Seminary Prep – Incoming Sophomore)

5th Place Match: Xavier Montalvo (Illinois) over Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) (Fall 6:00)

RR3: Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) (TF 10-0)

RR2: Mark Hall (Minnesota) over Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) (TF 12-1)

Round 6: Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) over Daniel Smith (New York) (Dec 13-5)

Round 5: Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) over Kimball Bastian (Utah) (Fall 6:00)

Round 4: Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) (TF 10-0)

Round 3: Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) over Nicholas Carey (New Jersey) (Fall 0:24)

Round 2: Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) over Conner Larsen (Minnesota) (Fall 1:10)

Round 1: Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) over Alex Jarrett (Wisconsin) (Fall 0:20)


FILA Cadet – 85 KG (187.4 lbs.) Results

Drew Phipps (Norwin High School – Incoming Sophomore)

Round 1: Drew Phipps (Pennsylvania) over Donovan Doyle (Iowa) (TF 10-0)

Round 2: Drew Phipps (Pennsylvania) over Willie Bivens (North Carolina) (TF 11-0)

Round 3: Drew Phipps (Pennsylvania) over Isaac Florell (Minnesota) (TF 10-0)

Round 4: Armani Robinson (Ohio) over Drew Phipps (Pennsylvania) (Dec 11-4)

Round 5: Jackson Harris (Ohio) over Drew Phipps (Pennsylvania) (Dec 13-7)


FILA Cadet – 125 KG (275.5 lbs.) Results

Hunter Scheivert (West York Area High School – Incoming Junior)

Round 2: Kevin Vough (Ohio) over Hunter Scheivert (Pennsylvania) (TF 10-0)

Round 1: Cordell Soileau (Virginia) over Hunter Scheivert (Pennsylvania) (TF 10-0)



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