Escape The Rock: Taylor defeats Harner in UTB at 182 lbs. Finals

Escape_the_Rock_Wr_TourneyiiFull Brackets from the Tournament can be found here.

  • 1. Parkland 189.5
  • 2. Owen J Roberts 172.5
  • 3. Solanco 144.5
  • 4. Delaware Valley 138.0
  • 4. Forest Park 138.0
  • 6. Saucon Valley 136.5
  • 7. Bald Eagle Area 129.5
  • 8. Central Mountain 122.5
  • 9. Norristown 116.5
  • 10. Northampton 115.0
  • 11. Manheim Township 109.0
  • 12. Chambersburg 108.5
  • 13. Council Rock South 100.5
  • 14. Big Spring 97.0
  • 15. Dallastown 90.0
  • 15. Paulsboro 90.0
  • 17. Council Rock North 83.5
  • 18. Malvern Prepatory 78.0
  • 19. Caesar Rodney 77.0
  • 20. Father Judge 76.0
  • 21. Pennsbury 72.0
  • 22. Smyrna 71.0
  • 23. Brentsville 69.0
  • 24. Hanover 62.5
  • 25. Cape Henlopen 54.0
  • 26. Lenape Valley 49.5
  • 26. Salesianum 49.5
  • 28. The Hill School 46.0
  • 28. Westmont Hilltop 46.0
  • 30. LaSalle College 45.5
  • 31. Plymouth Whitemarsh 33.0
  • 32. WC Rustin 8.0


106 Results
1st Place – Tommy Aloi of Forest Park
2nd Place – Connor Sheehan of Solanco
3rd Place – Jacob Lizak of Parkland
4th Place – Nick Palmer of Council Rock South
5th Place – Jeff Walker of Brentsville
6th Place – Michael Scheetz of Northampton
7th Place – Nick Lattanze of Malvern Prepatory
8th Place – Aston White of Owen J Roberts

1st Place Match
Tommy Aloi (Forest Park) 5-0, Sr. over Connor Sheehan (Solanco) 4-1, Jr. (Dec 6-3).
3rd Place Match
Jacob Lizak (Parkland) 19-3, Fr. over Nick Palmer (Council Rock South) 5-2, Jr. (Dec 6-3).
5th Place Match
jeff walker (Brentsville) 4-2, Jr. over Michael Scheetz (Northampton) 3-3, So. (I-D 0:00).
7th Place Match
Nick Lattanze (Malvern Prepatory) 4-2, Fr. over Aston White (Owen J Roberts) 3-3, Sr. (Dec 2-0).

113 Results
1st Place – Brent Fleetwood of Smyrna
2nd Place – Ethan Lizak of Parkland
3rd Place – Zach Fuentes of Norristown
4th Place – Danny Martoccio of Council Rock South
5th Place – Tanner Shoap of Chambersburg
6th Place – Jeffrey Gregory of Hanover
7th Place – Jake Lang of Delaware Valley
8th Place – brenden velez of Brentsville

1st Place Match
Brent Fleetwood (Smyrna) 5-0, Jr. over Ethan Lizak (Parkland) 22-2, Jr. (Dec 3-1).
3rd Place Match
Zach Fuentes (Norristown) 5-1, Sr. over Danny Martoccio (Council Rock South) 60-21, Jr. (Dec 4-3).
5th Place Match
Tanner Shoap (Chambersburg) 4-2, Sr. over Jeffrey Gregory (Hanover) 4-3, So. (Dec 5-3).
7th Place Match
Jake Lang (Delaware Valley) 5-2, Sr. over brenden velez (Brentsville) 4-3, Jr. (Dec 6-1).

120 Results
1st Place – Zach Valley of Northampton
2nd Place – Micah Hight of Caesar Rodney
3rd Place – Jason Bing of Pennsbury
4th Place – Peter Lipari of Lenape Valley
5th Place – John Gentile of Paulsboro
6th Place – Nicholas Shields of Dallastown
7th Place – Garrett Kyner of Chambersburg
8th Place – Logan Blackburn of Westmont Hilltop

1st Place Match
Zach Valley (Northampton) 5-0, Jr. over Micah Hight (Caesar Rodney) 4-1, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd Place Match
Jason Bing (Pennsbury) 13-1, Sr. over Peter Lipari (Lenape Valley) 8-3, So. (Dec 2-0).
5th Place Match
John Gentile (Paulsboro) 19-3, Sr. over Nicholas Shields (Dallastown) 4-3, So. (Maj 13-2).
7th Place Match
Garrett Kyner (Chambersburg) 4-2, Fr. over Logan Blackburn (Westmont Hilltop) 3-3, Jr. (Dec 3-1).

126 Results
1st Place – Dustin Rook of Big Spring
2nd Place – Matthew Grossmann of Manheim Township
3rd Place – Colby Frank of Owen J Roberts
4th Place – Rodney Sunday of Dallastown
5th Place – Joshua DiSanto of Pennsbury
6th Place – David Rump of Chambersburg
7th Place – Joshua Carney of Smyrna
8th Place – Mike Morina of Paulsboro

1st Place Match
Dustin Rook (Big Spring) 5-0, Sr. over Matthew Grossmann (Manheim Township) 23-5, Jr. (Dec 7-5).
3rd Place Match
Colby Frank (Owen J Roberts) 6-1, Jr. over Rodney Sunday (Dallastown) 5-2, Jr. (Dec 4-3).
5th Place Match
Joshua DiSanto (Pennsbury) 11-2, Sr. over David Rump (Chambersburg) 3-3, So. (I-D 0:00).
7th Place Match
Joshua Carney (Smyrna) 4-2, Jr. over Mike Morina (Paulsboro) 12-3, So. (Dec 10-5).

132 Results
1st Place – Dennis Gustafson III of Forest Park
2nd Place – Jalen Palmer of Delaware Valley
3rd Place – Cortlandt Schuyler of Manheim Township
4th Place – Chad Saunders of The Hill School
5th Place – Ian Evans of Parkland
6th Place – Gregory Konieczny of LaSalle College
7th Place – Dominick Petrucelli of Owen J Roberts
8th Place – Wyatt Keck of Big Spring

1st Place Match
Dennis Gustafson III (Forest Park) 5-0, Sr. over Jalen Palmer (Delaware Valley) 7-2, Jr. (Maj 19-8).
3rd Place Match
Cortlandt Schuyler (Manheim Township) 26-4, Jr. over Chad Saunders (The Hill School) 5-2, Jr. (Dec 6-1).
5th Place Match
Ian Evans (Parkland) 19-8, Sr. over Gregory Konieczny (LaSalle College) 4-3, So. (Dec 7-4).
7th Place Match
Dominick Petrucelli (Owen J Roberts) 4-2, So. over Wyatt Keck (Big Spring) 3-3, Sr. (I-D 0:00).

138 Results
1st Place – John Dutrow of Council Rock North
2nd Place – Corbin Allen of Hanover
3rd Place – Ronald Gentile of Paulsboro
4th Place – Chad Wickard of Big Spring
5th Place – Josh Ortman of Parkland
6th Place – Alex Smith of Manheim Township
7th Place – Matt Benvenuto of Lenape Valley
8th Place – Frank Carrozza of Delaware Valley

1st Place Match
John Dutrow (Council Rock North) 11-0, Sr. over Corbin Allen (Hanover) 4-1, So. (Dec 9-8).
3rd Place Match
Ronald Gentile (Paulsboro) 17-1, So. over Chad Wickard (Big Spring) 4-2, Jr. (SV-1 3-1).
5th Place Match
Josh Ortman (Parkland) 19-9, Jr. over Alex Smith (Manheim Township) 23-6, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
7th Place Match
Matt Benvenuto (Lenape Valley) 12-3, Sr. over Frank Carrozza (Delaware Valley) 7-4, So. (Pin 2:22).

145 Results
1st Place – Joe Galasso of Father Judge
2nd Place – Michael Springer of Norristown
3rd Place – Adam Smith of Manheim Township
4th Place – Kyle Hammond of Solanco
5th Place – Adam Moser of Owen J Roberts
6th Place – Lou Fedele of Salesianum
7th Place – Austin Smith of Cape Henlopen
8th Place – Nick Flanigan of The Hill School

1st Place Match
Joe Galasso (Father Judge) 5-0, Jr. over Michael Springer (Norristown) 4-1, Jr. (Dec 7-4).
3rd Place Match
Adam Smith (Manheim Township) 24-4, Sr. over Kyle Hammond (Solanco) 4-2, Sr. (Dec 3-0).
5th Place Match
Adam Moser (Owen J Roberts) 5-2, Sr. over Lou Fedele (Salesianum) 3-3, Jr. (Maj 12-4).
7th Place Match
Austin Smith (Cape Henlopen) 4-2, Jr. over Nick Flanigan (The Hill School) 3-3, Jr. (Dec 6-2).

152 Results
1st Place – Garett Hammond of Chambersburg
2nd Place – Travis Buddock of Saucon Valley
3rd Place – Connor Burns of Malvern Prepatory
4th Place – Colin Irwin of Delaware Valley
5th Place – Chad Reese of Central Mountain
6th Place – Michael Engels of Hanover
7th Place – Tanner Druck of Dallastown
8th Place – Rashon Lusane of Norristown

1st Place Match
Garett Hammond (Chambersburg) 5-0, Sr. over Travis Buddock (Saucon Valley) 4-1, Sr. (Maj 11-1).
3rd Place Match
Connor Burns (Malvern Prepatory) 5-1, Sr. over Colin Irwin (Delaware Valley) 9-4, Jr. (Dec 7-5).
5th Place Match
Chad Reese (Central Mountain) 5-2, Jr. over Michael Engels (Hanover) 3-3, Sr. (Dec 2-0).
7th Place Match
Tanner Druck (Dallastown) 4-2, Sr. over Rashon Lusane (Norristown) 4-3, Fr. (Dec 3-1).

160 Results
1st Place – Greg Bacci of Malvern Prepatory
2nd Place – Justin Staudenmayer of Plymouth Whitemarsh
3rd Place – Bobby Fehr of Northampton
4th Place – Kyle Shronk of Owen J Roberts
5th Place – Lucas Markowitz of Delaware Valley
6th Place – Jarren Wilson of Smyrna
7th Place – Calvin O`Farrell of Chambersburg
8th Place – Gavin Caprio of Central Mountain

1st Place Match
Greg Bacci (Malvern Prepatory) 5-0, Sr. over Justin Staudenmayer (Plymouth Whitemarsh) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 5-0).
3rd Place Match
Bobby Fehr (Northampton) 5-1, Jr. over Kyle Shronk (Owen J Roberts) 4-2, Sr. (I-D 0:00).
5th Place Match
Lucas Markowitz (Delaware Valley) 8-4, Sr. over Jarren Wilson (Smyrna) 5-3, Jr. (Maj 10-1).
7th Place Match
Calvin O`Farrell (Chambersburg) 4-2, Jr. over Gavin Caprio (Central Mountain) 3-3, So. (Pin 1:58).

170 Results
1st Place – Brett Stein of Forest Park
2nd Place – Idris White of Father Judge
3rd Place – Devin Stacey of Central Mountain
4th Place – Sam Dickey of Saucon Valley
5th Place – Benjamin Verbitsky of Bald Eagle Area
6th Place – Tyler Rogers of Owen J Roberts
7th Place – Dan Favaro of Delaware Valley
8th Place – Niko Savaiinaea of Paulsboro

1st Place Match
Brett Stein (Forest Park) 5-0, Sr. over Idris White (Father Judge) 4-1, So. (Maj 10-0).
3rd Place Match
Devin Stacey (Central Mountain) 6-1, Sr. over Sam Dickey (Saucon Valley) 4-2, Sr. (Dec 7-5).
5th Place Match
Benjamin Verbitsky (Bald Eagle Area) 5-2, Sr. over Tyler Rogers (Owen J Roberts) 3-3, Sr. (I-D 0:00).
7th Place Match
Dan Favaro (Delaware Valley) 6-4, Sr. over Niko Savaiinaea (Paulsboro) 14-5, So. (Dec 7-1).

182 Results
1st Place – Jacob Taylor of Bald Eagle Area
2nd Place – Brett Harner of Norristown
3rd Place – Nezar Haddad of Parkland
4th Place – Gordon Bolig of Owen J Roberts
5th Place – Daulton Gregory of Salesianum
6th Place – John Shorter of Manheim Township
7th Place – Cooper Deller of Dallastown
8th Place – Tyler Kehs of Saucon Valley

1st Place Match
Jacob Taylor (Bald Eagle Area) 5-0, Sr. over Brett Harner (Norristown) 4-1, Sr. (UTB 3-2).
3rd Place Match
Nezar Haddad (Parkland) 22-5, Jr. over Gordon Bolig (Owen J Roberts) 5-2, Sr. (Dec 3-0).
5th Place Match
Daulton Gregory (Salesianum) 4-2, Jr. over John Shorter (Manheim Township) 20-9, Jr. (Dec 8-4).
7th Place Match
Cooper Deller (Dallastown) 4-2, Sr. over Tyler Kehs (Saucon Valley) 4-3, Jr. (Pin 1:00).

195 Results
1st Place – PJ Steinmetz of Council Rock South
2nd Place – Zachery Roseberry of Brentsville
3rd Place – Aaron Varner of Bald Eagle Area
4th Place – Blaze Buckwalter of Central Mountain
5th Place – Hayden Mosher of Forest Park
6th Place – Omar Haddad of Parkland
7th Place – Tommy Rayhart of Big Spring
8th Place – Justin Blobe of Saucon Valley

1st Place Match
PJ Steinmetz (Council Rock South) 104-34, Sr. over Zachery Roseberry (Brentsville) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 9-4).
3rd Place Match
Aaron Varner (Bald Eagle Area) 5-1, Sr. over Blaze Buckwalter (Central Mountain) 4-2, Sr. (Maj 8-0).
5th Place Match
Hayden Mosher (Forest Park) 5-2, Sr. over Omar Haddad (Parkland) 18-10, So. (Dec 3-1).
7th Place Match
Tommy Rayhart (Big Spring) 4-2, So. over Justin Blobe (Saucon Valley) 3-3, Jr. (Dec 6-2).

220 Results
1st Place – Thomas Haines of Solanco
2nd Place – Ray O`Donnell of Saucon Valley
3rd Place – Shaun Heist of Parkland
4th Place – Thomas Ott of Cape Henlopen
5th Place – Don Shovestull of Westmont Hilltop
6th Place – Tyler Callender of Council Rock North
7th Place – Nathan Sharkey of Bald Eagle Area
8th Place – Imad Azar of Northampton

1st Place Match
Thomas Haines (Solanco) 5-0, Jr. over Ray O`Donnell (Saucon Valley) 4-1, Sr. (Maj 10-2).
3rd Place Match
Shaun Heist (Parkland) 21-7, Sr. over Thomas Ott (Cape Henlopen) 5-2, Jr. (UTB 3-2).
5th Place Match
Don Shovestull (Westmont Hilltop) 6-2, Sr. over Tyler Callender (Council Rock North) 3-3, Jr. (Dec 5-2).
7th Place Match
Nathan Sharkey (Bald Eagle Area) 4-2, Sr. over Imad Azar (Northampton) 4-3, Sr. (Pin 2:12).

285 Results
1st Place – Bo Spiller of Solanco
2nd Place – Caleb Stover of Central Mountain
3rd Place – Bradley Trego of Owen J Roberts
4th Place – Shaheed Hill of Norristown
5th Place – Joshua Fye of Bald Eagle Area
6th Place – Kostya Golobokov of The Hill School
7th Place – Nicholas Carroll of Cape Henlopen
8th Place – Blake Gibbs of Caesar Rodney

1st Place Match
Bo Spiller (Solanco) 5-0, So. over Caleb Stover (Central Mountain) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 4-3).
3rd Place Match
Bradley Trego (Owen J Roberts) 5-1, Sr. over Shaheed Hill (Norristown) 5-2, So. (Pin 3:53).
5th Place Match
Joshua Fye (Bald Eagle Area) 6-2, Fr. over Kostya Golobokov (The Hill School) 3-3, So. (Pin 1:43).
7th Place Match
Nicholas Carroll (Cape Henlopen) 4-2, Jr. over Blake Gibbs (Caesar Rodney) 3-3, Sr. (OT 3-2).


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