District 1 AAA Season Preview

2012-2013 District 1 AAA Preview

Central League 

*Key Wrestlers listed at 2012 post-season weight


Conestoga Pioneers

Head Coach: Steve Harner

2011-2012 Season: 17-2 (9-2 league)

3rd place Central League

3rd place Section 6

8th place D1 South

Key Wrestlers:

106-Mike Sklar-10th (16-17)

113-Kevin Zhao-10th (20-9, District Qualifier)

132-T-Ben Donnie-12th (5-3)

138-Joe Scuteri-12th (14-7)

145-Logan Kerin-12th (43-5, Regional Qualifier)

160-Nick Johnson-12th (24-18, District Qualifier)

Notes: The Pioneers were hit hard by graduation, losing five wrestlers that had 25+ wins during the 2011-2012 season including their trio of upperweight regional qualifiers (Garbutt 195, Kaminskas 220, Campbell 285).  They are left with regional qualifier Logan Kerin to lead a young, likely rebuilding team in 2012-2013.  There should be plenty of opportunity for their young guys to get experience in what looks to be a middle of the pack finish in the Central league, Kerin should be in the hunt for a state birth.


Garnet Valley Jaguars

Head Coach: Rocco Fantazzi

2011-2012 Season: 9-9 (7-4 league)

5th place Central League

4th place Section 6

7th place D1 South

14th place Southeast AAA Regionals

Key Wrestlers:

106-Dale Durkee-11th (18-14, District Qualifier)

113-Mike Marino-11th (35-5, State Qualifier)

132-Sean Lyons-11th (12-14, District 6th)

138-John Dambro-11th (21-12, Regional Qualifier)

195-Connor Walsh-11th (10-19, District Qualifier)

Notes: Garnet Valley loses the reliable duo of Alderman and Loeb but returns a very strong junior class.  Although I don’t think they have all the pieces to win the league this year they should be formidable and will likely contend for the Central league title in 2013-2014.   Marino should be in contention for his first state medal and Lyons/Dambro should have solid seasons as well.


Harriton Rams

Head Coach: Anthony Ciarlello

2011-2012 Season: 7-19 (1-10 league)

11th place Central League

10th place Section 3

Key Wrestlers:

106-Saam Byrum-11th (19-14)

113-Justin Bianchi-10th (12-15, District Qualifier)

132-Victor Fink-10th (12-20)

170-Matt Williamson-12th (10-13)

Notes: The Rams have yet to finish higher than 9th in their 4 seasons in the Central league and 2012-2013 doesn’t look like it will be any different.  Hopefully their young guys get plenty of experience and are able to build for the future.


Haverford High Fords

Head Coach: Dave Siegel

2011-2012 Season: 13-12 (5-6 league)

7th place Central League

4th place Section 5

Key Wrestlers:

106-Pete Moore-10th (14-16)

126-Anthony Tavani-12th (13-14)

132-Wyatt Martin-11th (18-13, District Qualifier)

220-Chip Rossino-11th (11-20, District Qualifier)

Notes: The Fords lose three district qualifiers (Brennan, Oraschewsky, Patten) and a regional qualifier (Rozanski) and will likely struggle to hang with the top Central league teams.  I’d say a bottom half finish for them is likely.


Lower Merion Aces

Head Coach: Jim Perri

2011-2012 Season: 1-18 (0-11 league)

12th place Central League

8th place Section 3

Key Wrestlers:

138-Scott Chieu-12th (15-3)

145-Yoni Dulitzki-11th (20-10)

170-Steffen Vestal-12th (28-13, Regional Qualifier)

182-Eli Zimmer-12th (28-7, Regional Qualifier)

Notes: Quality over quantity was the motto for Lower Merion as forfeits were a serious issue for the Aces in 2012 and contributed to their last place Central league finish.  The wrestlers they do have are very solid but their lack of numbers will make it tough to win duals.  The 2012-2013 team will be anchored by a pair of  returning regional qualifiers in Vestal and Zimmer, who will both likely be in the hunt for state birth in their senior campaign.


Marple Newtown Fighting Tigers

Head Coach: Don Tabar

2011-2012 Season: 20-2 (11-0 league)

Central League Champs

2nd place Section 6

3rd place D1 South

5th place Southeast Regional

Key Wrestlers:

106-Jason Rinaldi-11th (41-5, Regional 5th)

120-Ryan Flynn-12th (37-6, Regional 5th)

126-Pat Callaghan-11th (27-15, Regional Qualifier)

138-Matt Wilkinson-12th (26-11, District Qualifier)

160-Markos Katrakazis-11th (12-12)

Notes: Any team with Rinaldi, Flynn, Callaghan and Wilkinson will be very tough in a tournament setting but they might struggle as a dual team.  With the loss of four 30+ win guys (Moldoff, Antista, Kurkian, Smith) I don’t see them defending their title but their big 4 will be able to put up a lot of points on any team in the league and keep them in a lot of duals.  I like Rinaldi to make his first trip to states and wouldn’t be surprised at all if Flynn also makes the trip back to Hershey, it’s hard to match the work ethic of their four leaders.


Penncrest Lions

Head Coach: Greg Jacobs

2011-2012 Season: 5-11 (3-8 league)

9th place Central League

9th place Section 6

Key Wrestlers:

106-Gunnar Michels-11th (15-12, District Qualifier 2011)

113-Matt Young-10th (26-13, District Qualifier)

120-Rich Neelan-12th (13-9)

126-Ronnie Frank-11th (9-5, District Qualifier 2011)

132-Robert Logan-11th (14-13)

138-Ryan Dougherty-11th (19-16, District Qualifier 2011)

152-Dan Young-12th (10-23)

152-Austin Jacque-11th (23-11 in 2011)

160-Joe Gartland-12th (35-11, State Qualifier)

182-Evan Marabella-12th (19-6, District Qualifier 2011)

195-Bob Long-11th (8-13)

Notes: The Lions have a lot to be excited for in 2012-2013, they return pretty much everyone from last year’s team and will be joined by a much anticipated freshman in Liam Frank.  The big question for this team will be health, they lost Jacque for all of 2012 and Marabella was unable to finish the season but if both of them are back and 100% they will be a force to be reckoned with from 152-182.  I’d say a top 3 finish in the Central league is likely with a shot at the title if they can all stay healthy.


Radnor Red Raiders

Head Coach: Skip Shoemaker

2011-2012 Season: 11-12 (6-5 league)

6th place Central League

8th place Section 5

Key Wrestlers:

113-Dan Redmond-11th (19-12)

120-Joe Sorkin-12th (15-10)

126-Tom Meyers-10th (26-7, District Qualifier)

132-Alex Kim-12th (14-17)

138-Matt Pelton-12th (38-4, Regional 5th)

152-Kyle Gentner-12th (15-11)

182-Dante Falcone-11th (9-11)

220-Nate Hochberger-12th (9-20)

285-Jim Hong-11th (20-8)

Notes: Led by Pelton and Meyers, the Red Raiders look to be a team on the rise.  They return almost everybody and will look to build on their 6th place finish from last year.  I believe they’ll finish in the top half of the league once again and I think Pelton punches his ticket to states in his final try.


Ridley Green Raiders

Head Coach: Carl Schnellenbach

2011-2012 Season: 12-10 (8-3 league)

4th place Central League

3rd place Section 5

Key Wrestlers:

113-Donte McCarthy-11th (18-13, District Qualifier)

126-Matt Venit-10th (12-16)

145-Matt Cramer-12th (19-11, District Qualifier)

152-Dan Sauselein-12th (24-8, District Qualifier)

160-Matt Sauselein-11th (10-11, District Qualifier)

182-Lawrence Alkins-10th (14-6, District Qualifier)

Notes: Ridley returns a solid core of last year’s team and should be competitive within the Central league but I don’t think they have enough to be a threat for the title this year.  They’ve managed to finish in the top 4 in each of the last three years and I think another top 4 finish is within their capabilities.


Springfield Delco Cougars

Head Coach: Dave Pecunia

2011-2012 Season: 9-17 (2-9 league)

10th place Central League

7th place Section 5

Key Wrestlers:

106-Luke Charamella-11th (25-13, Regional Qualifier)

113-Dan Boyer-10th (16-10, District Qualifier)

120-Kelley Bartivic-12th (15-3, District Qualifier)

126-Dennis Charamella-11th (16-18, District Qualifier)

132-Joey Sciarrino-10th (22-14, District Qualifier)

Notes: The Cougars look to be very strong down low once again but will likely struggle in the upper weights.  They should be a decent tournament team but will have a lot of trouble against teams with even stronger lightweights (for example Marple Newtown would be a horrible matchup for them).


Strath Haven Panthers

Head Coach: Erik Hollingsworth

2011-2012 Season: 12-16 (4-7 league)

8th place Central League

10th place Section 6

Key Wrestlers:

106-Nate Frantz-11th (19-14, District Qualifier)

113-Brandon Miller-11th (10-10)

120-Don Roguszewski-11th (10-6)

132-Ian Gunn-10th (12-10)

182-Xavier Morgan-12th (17-13)

195-Rowan Prown-12th (15-11)

285-Justin Freemont-10th (19-14, District Qualifier)

Notes: Strath Haven loses their star in Tyler Clapp but returns almost everybody else.  The Panthers were young last year and should be better now that they have an extra year of experience.  Look for them to improve on their 8th place finish.


Upper Darby Royals

Head Coach: Bob Martin

2011-2012 Season: 18-5 (10-1 league)

2nd place Central League

Section 5 Champs

12th place D1 South

Key Wrestlers:

106-Anthony Petril-11th (26-3)

106-Austin Petril-11th (31-6, Regional Qualifier)

126-Matt Carney-12th (24-10, District Qualifier)

145-Jimmy Bongard-12th (14-14, District Qualifier)

170-Charlie Livingston-11th (19-8, District Qualifier)

182-Mike Kitain-12th (20-15, District Qualifier)

195-Joshua Yeboah-Gyasi-10th (14-18)

195-Mike Simmons-11th (11-11)

220-Freddy Marcellino-12th (10-4, District Qualifier)

Notes: The Royals were within 3 points of 2012 Central league champs Marple Newtown and will look to close the gap this year.  Despite significant losses (Kwei-Quaye, McGowan, Livingston and Le) Upper Darby returns a well-balanced team that is my pick to win the Central league in 2013.  The Petril twins continue to improve and will likely both be in the mix for Hershey and I expect successful seasons from Carney and Livingston as well.


Returning Regional Qualifiers:

Mike Marino-11th-Garnet Valley (35-5, State Qualifier)

Joe Gartland-12th-Penncrest (35-11, State Qualifier)

Ryan Flynn-12th-Marple Newtown (37-6, Regional 5th)

Jason Rinaldi-11th-Marple Newtown (41-5, Regional 5th)

Matt Pelton-12th-Radnor (38-4, Regional 5th)

Austin Petril-11th-Upper Darby (31-6, Regional Qualifier)

Logan Kerin-12th-Conestoga (43-5, Regional Qualifier)

Steffen Vestal-12th-Lower Merion (28-13, Regional Qualifier)

John Dambro-11th-Garnet Valley (21-10, Regional Qualifier)

Luke Charamella-11th-Springfield Delco (25-13, Regional Qualifier)

Eli Zimmer-12th-Lower Merion (28-7, Regional Qualifier)

Pat Callaghan-11th-Marple Newtown (27-15, Regional Qualifier)


Prior Champions:

2011-2012: Marple Newtown

2010-2011: Garnet Valley

2009-2010: Haverford/Upper Darby


My Picks:

1. Upper Darby

2. Penncrest

3. Marple Newtown


Ches-Mont American

*Key Wrestlers listed at 2012 post-season weight


Great Valley Patriots

Head Coach: Owen Brown

2011-2012 Season: 10-11 (4-2 league)

3rd place Ches-Mont American

9th place Section 4

Key Wrestlers:

106-Cole Kemmerer-10th (11-16)

113-Shane Ruhnke-11th (22-16, Regional Qualifier)

113-Raymond Colon-11th (17-8)

120-John Dodson-11th (10-8)

126-Jerome Nelson-11th (18-15)

132-John Carnes-12th (12-20)

285-Dean Lang-11th (21-14, District 6th)

Notes: The Patriots were young last year and still managed to finish top 3 in the league.  Following the post-season successes of Ruhnke and Lang, this team will look to get back atop the Ches-Mont standings.  A repeat top 3 performance is highly likely.


Kennett Blue Demons

Head Coach: Tyrone Johnson

2011-2012 Season: 4-18 (2-4 league)

t-4th place Ches-Mont American

10th place Section 4

Key Wrestlers:

120-Bob Bender-12th (31-6, District Qualifier 2011)

145-Colton Chew-12th (19-13)

195-Cory Tomasetti-11th (27-11)

Notes: Kennett doesn’t appear to have enough firepower to contend for a league title this year but they do have a few wrestlers that could make some noise in the post-season if everything breaks right.


Octorara Braves

Head Coach: Mark Durante

2011-2012 Season: 6-10 (2-4 league)

t-4th place Ches-Mont American

7th place Section 4

9th place D1 South

18th place Southeast Regional

Key Wrestlers:

106-Jason Sadler-11th (14-12)

120-Rico Camacho-10th (10-22)

138-Troy McBride-11th (17-12)

152-J.T. Thompson-12th (19-16)

182-Nick Prange-11th (24-12, Regional Qualifier)

195-Javier Santiago-12th (21-15, District Qualifier)

285-Jim Warburton-12th (12-13)

Notes: The Braves will be without Arnsberger and Johnstone, each of whom had 100+ victories in their career.  Nonetheless, Durante always seems to find a way to get his best wrestlers to Hershey and Prange looks to be the next in line.  Forfeits have been a problem for the Braves in the past and will likely keep them from winning a league title but they should have plenty of individual success.


Oxford Area Hornets

Head Coach: Scott Gold

2011-2012 Season: 3-16 (2-4 league)

t-4th place Ches-Mont American

7th place Section 6

Key Wrestlers:

138-Dylan Litwa-12th (6-7)

182-K.C. Roberts-12th (3-4)

Notes: Oxford loses both of their studs in Montgomery and Hostetter as well as their heavyweight Hennessey.  No returning wrestler had more than 6 wins last season so it looks to be a rebuilding year for the Hornets.


Sun Valley Vanguards

Head Coach: Tom Ellis

2011-2012 Season: 1-18 (0-6 league)

7th place Ches-Mont American

9th place Section 5

Key Wrestlers:

106-Sean Donohue-10th (27-11, District Qualifier)

113-Alex Elliot-10th (14-7)

120-Alex Trombetta-12th (8-2)

Notes: The Vanguards will be without sophomore district qualifier Steve Okoorian after his transfer to Cardinal O’Hara.  That leaves Donohue and Elliot as the lone bright spots on what will otherwise be a very thin Sun Valley team.  I expect good things from their two sophomores but they’ll struggle mightily as a dual team.


Unionville Indians

Head Coach: Chris Matz (12th season)

2011-2012 Season: 6-2 (5-1 league)

2nd place Ches-Mont American

4th place Section 4

t-14th place D1 South

Key Wrestlers:

106-Bobby Murray-11th (17-17, District Qualifier)

113-Aidan Walsh-10th (12-10)

120-Josh Hammaker-12th (19-10, 2011 District Qualifier)

126-Mike Caldwell-11th (30-19, Regional Qualifier)

132-Ian Larson-10th (11-14)

138-Zach Pfeifer-12th (29-15, District Qualifier)

170-Tyler Crossman-11th (12-23)

220-Steve Annan-11th (13-12, District Qualifier)

285-Will Hart-11th (30-12, District Qualifier)

Notes: The Indians return nine wrestlers with double digit wins and should have a decent chance to win the division after finishing 2nd a year ago.  They’ll have several wrestlers that should push for regionals and beyond and will look to win a league title for the first time in over 20 years.


West Chester Rustin Golden Knights

Head Coach: Brad Harkins

2011-2012 Season: 14-5 (6-0 league)

Ches-Mont American Champs

Section 6 Champs

2nd place D1 South

4th place Southeast Regional

Key Wrestlers:

106-Tom Hatzipavlides-11th (15-11)

113-Austin Steltz-12th (9-10)

132-Alex Lourido-12th (10-15)

195-Sean Steinmetz-11th (22-12, District Qualifier)

220-Matt Lamberjack-12th (33-10, Regional Qualifier)

Notes: The 3x Ches-Mont American division champions will face a tough test in making it 4 in a row after losing nine starters from last years team including four state qualifiers (Wood, McQuiston, Quinn and Harkins).  The Golden Knights are well-coached and I expect them to be very competitive, they’re still the champs until somebody beats them.


Returning Regional Qualifiers:

Mike Caldwell-11th-Unionville (30-19, Regional Qualifier)

Shane Ruhnke-11th-Great Valley (23-15, Regional Qualifier)

Matt Lamberjack-12th-West Chester Rustin (33-10, Regional Qualifier)

Nick Prange-11th-Octorara (24-12, Regional Qualifier)


Prior Champions:

2011-2012: West Chester Rustin

2010-2011: West Chester Rustin

2009-2010: West Chester Rustin


My Picks:

1. Unionville

2. West Chester Rustin

3. Great Valley


Ches-Mont National

*Key Wrestlers listed at 2012 post-season weight


Avon Grove Red Devils

Head Coach: Frank McCue

2011-2012 Season: 10-11 (1-4 league)

5th place Ches-Mont National

8th place Section 6

Key Wrestlers:

106-Edgar Garcia-11th (36-6, District Qualifier)

132-Alejandro Ortiz-11th (14-12)

138-Caleb Edwards-11th (24-13)

145-Garrett Compton-11th (11-27)

152-Tim Douglas-12th (21-16)

182-Aasin Hutras-12th (11-24, District Qualifier)

220-Josh Matalon-11th (18-18)

Notes: The Red Devils have a very strong junior class but look to be a year away from making a run at the league title.  Garcia should be in the mix for a state birth and I like Edwards to have a good year as well.


Coatesville Red Raiders

Head Coaches: Bear Stephens and Paul Girafalco

2011-2012 Season: 16-10 (0-5 league)

6th place Ches-Mont National

8th place Section 4

Key Wrestlers:

120-Dustyn Hamman-12th (24-9)

126-Brian Griest-11th (10-17)

132-Noah Stephens-11th (31-8, District Qualifier)

138-Stanley Woodward-11th (25-10)

152-Avery Thompson-11th (20-10)

160-Nick Giunta-10th (13-19)

182-Tijon London-12th (13-11)

195-Noah Santiago-12th (21-7)

220-Mike Boykin-11th (41-3, State Qualifier)

Notes: Coatesville returns a solid core of wrestlers led by state qualifier Mike Boykin.  The Red Raiders should be competitive within the National division but I don’t see them taking the title this year.  However, I do like Boykin to get some Hershey hardware.


Downingtown East Cougars

Head Coach: Joe Horvath

2011-2012 Season: 14-5 (5-0 league)

Ches-Mont National Champs

5th place Section 4

t-14th place D1 South

Key Wrestlers:

106-Austin Lillis-10th (21-14)

113-Jared Leonetti-11th (19-14, District Qualifier 2011)

126-T.J. Nelson-12th (26-14, District Qualifier)

132-Jake Constantine-12th (7-11)

145-Kevin Sager-12th (27-9, District Qualifier 2010)

152-Alex Wait-12th (28-15, Regional Qualifier)

170-Chris Jarani-11th (14-15)

195-Adam Pleines-11th (27-12, Regional Qualifier)

220-Matt Bartolotta-12th (28-8, District 6th)

285-Sean Snodgrass-11th (9-15, District Qualifier)

Notes: The Cougars are the team to beat in the National division and will only be better with the addition of freshman Wade Cummings.  East returns seven wrestlers that have advanced to districts and will be the favorites to win the Ches-Mont Championship as well.


Downingtown West Whippets

Head Coach: Corey Sigle

2011-2012 Season: 17-8 (4-1 league)

2nd place Ches-Mont National

6th place Section 4

Key Wrestlers:

106-A.J. Garber-10th (15-7, District Qualifier)

113-Mike Pommerer-12th (27-7, District Qualifier)

120-Mike Murta-12th (13-16)

126-Dan Pommerer-12th (31-5, District 6th)

132-Tristan Reynolds-11th (10-19)

138-Manoa Taniguchi-10th (16-19)

145-Jeff Jackman-12th (21-14)

160-Peter Rhoads-12th (18-12)

170-Gabe Hale-11th (19-16, District Qualifier)

220-Mike McClelland-12th (21-8, District Qualifier 2011)

285-Covey Austin-11th (15-18)

Notes: The Whippets should be strong once again returning eleven starters with double digit wins.  Although they’re filled with talent it’ll be a tough task to overcome their crosstown foe.  I like them to repeat their 2nd place finish from last year.


West Chester East Vikings

Head Coach: John Gallo

2011-2012 Season: 9-6 (2-3 league)

4th place Ches-Mont National

6th place Section 6

10th place D1 South

Key Wrestlers:

113-Erik Venuti-12th (11-16)

126-Kevin Celenza-12th (15-16)

132-Jesse Rogers-12th (21-14, District Qualifier)

145-Jake Schram-12th (18-18, District Qualifier)

195-Marshall Jenkins-12th (26-10, District Qualifier)

Notes: The Vikings lose four 25+ win guys (Barrett, Jackson, Sewell and Vaikeli) from last year’s squad and will likely struggle to hang with either Downingtown school.  On a positive note they do bring back 3 district qualifiers and will be respectable in a tough division.


West Chester Henderson Warriors

Head Coach: Dean Donley

2011-2012 Season: 7-6 (3-2 league)

3rd place Ches-Mont National

5th place Section 6

6th place D1 South

t-19th place Southeast Regional

Key Wrestlers:

106-Duncan Smucker-10th (21-15)

120-Josh Nichter-11th (16-10)

126-Joey Wilson-10th (20-16)

152-Max Sontag-10th (9-19, District Qualifier)

170-Chris Mitten-12th (12-10, District Qualifier)

182-Derek Matonti-12th (30-16, Regional Qualifier)

Notes: Henderson loses two state qualifiers (Grab and Long) from last year’s team and will have a tough time contending with either Downingtown school in 2012-2013.  They do have several promising young wrestlers and will likely be back on top in a year or two.


Returning Regional Qualifiers:

Mike Boykin-11th-Coatesville (41-3, State Qualifier)

Alex Wait-12th-Downingtown East (28-15, Regional Qualifier)

Adam Pleines-11th-Downingtown East (27-12, Regional Qualifier)

Derek Matonti-12th-West Chester Henderson (30-16, Regional Qualifier)


Prior Champions:

2011-2012: Downingtown East

2010-2011: West Chester Henderson

2009-2010: West Chester Henderson


My Picks:

1. Downingtown East

2. Downingtown West

3. West Chester Henderson


Delaware Valley

*Key Wrestlers listed at 2012 post-season weight


Academy Park Knights

Head Coach: John Basile

2011-2012 Season: 16-13 (2-2 league)

3rd place Delaware Valley

6th place Section 5

Key Wrestlers:

113-Rian Maurer-12th (26-12, District Qualifier)

145-Steve Liedy-12th (13-12)

152-Samson Akporotu-11th (16-12)

160-Kevin Thomas-12th (20-18, District Qualifier)

182-Lewis Morrison-DeVito-12th (14-14)

195-Nick D’Agostino-12th (24-14, District Qualifier)

220-Devin Miller-12th (15-14, District Qualifier)

Notes: The Knights bring back seven double-digit win guys including four district qualifiers and should be in the mix for a league title if they can minimize their forfeits.


Chichester Eagles

Head Coach: Jim Beletti

2011-2012 Season: 6-16 (1-3 league)

4th place Delaware Valley

10th place Section 5

Key Wrestlers:

106-Connor Skinner-10th (10-17)

113-Anthony D’Amico-11th (20-12)

120-Manny Mitchell-10th (14-16)

126-Chris Roman-11th (17-14)

132-Brett Wilson-12th (12-16)

152-Nick Mattero-12th (16-13)

182-Alex Santucci-12th (17-14, District 6th)

195-Brian Baldwin-11th  (11-17)

Notes: After a rebuilding year where lots of young wrestlers got experience they should be back in the mix returning eight wrestlers with double-digit wins.  Santucci was a match away from regionals last season and will look to take that next step this year.


Glen Mills Battling Bulls

Head Coach: Joe Becker

2011-2012 Season: 21-2 (4-0 league)

Delaware Valley Champs

2nd place Section 5

11th place D1 South

Key Wrestlers: ?

Notes: It’s tough to gauge the Bulls because of how the school works but regardless of what they have to work with I’m sure they’ll be competitive.  If they were to get back all of the underclassmen from last year I’d say they’d run away with the title but they usually have to start each year with a fresh batch of kids.


Interboro Bucs

Head Coach: Dan Tobin

2011-2012 Season: 12-9 (3-1 league)

2nd place Delaware Valley

5th place Section 5

13th place D1 South

15th place Southeast Regional

Key Wrestlers:

120-Joey Gonzales-11th (32-8, District Qualifier)

132-Paul Bilardo-10th (13-24)

152-Steven Phillips-11th (10-18, District Qualifier)

170-Sonny Armstrong-11th (23-3, District Qualifier 2011)

195-Eric Owens-11th (17-21, District Qualifier)

285-Matt Gould-11th (39-10, State Qualifier)

Notes: Despite the losses of Armstrong and Forte (who combined to go 80-7 last season), the Bucs return with a talent-laden junior class that should do very well over the next two years.  Gould, Gonzales and Armstrong (if healthy) will be tough for anyone in the Del Val to beat, if they can have a few more guys step up they should do very well.


Penn Wood Patriots

Head Coach: Dan Madonna

2011-2012 Season: 4-12 (0-4 league)

5th place Delaware Valley

11th place Section 5

Key Wrestlers:

145-Raheem Freeman-12th (7-11, District Qualifier 2011)

160-Frank Marzio-12th (12-13)

160-Mohammed Yabre-12th (11-10)

170-Akinshola Jolaoso-12th (13-13)

195-Karon Lucas-Tillery-11th (27-9, Regional Qualifier)

Notes: Too many forfeits make it hard for them to win duals but on the individual level Lucas-Tillery should do very well.


Returning Regional Qualifiers:

Matt Gould-11th-Interboro (39-10, State Qualifier)

Karon Lucas-Tillery-11th-Penn Wood (27-9, Regional Qualifier)


Prior Champions:

2011-2012: Glen Mills

2010-2011: Glen Mills

2009-2010: Interboro


My Picks:

1. Interboro

2. Glen Mills

3. Academy Park



*Key Wrestlers listed at 2012 post-season weight


Boyertown Bears

Head Coach: Pete Ventresca (8th season)

2011-2012 Season: 11-9 (7-2 league)

3rd place PAC-10

3rd place Section 4

4th place D1 South

t-16th place Southeast Regional

Key Wrestlers:

106-Dylan Wertz-10th (22-13, District Qualifier)

120-Eddie Kriczky-11th (28-8, District Qualifier)

132-Dante Colonna-11th (10-11)

138-Reuben Maldonado-10th (17-18, District Qualifier)

160-Cody Richmond-11th (23-16, District 6th)

170-Gray Garber-12th (22-8, Regional 6th)

195-Jordan Wertz-11th (23-13, Regional Qualifier)

Notes: After what some would call a rebuilding year (by Boyertown’s standards anyway), the Bears should be back as one of the top teams in District One.  In addition to all the returning talent, they will be bolstered by a fantastic freshmen class headlined by Jordan Wood.  Wood is a PJW and Super32 champ and is probably the best upper weight prospect in recent memory.


Methacton Warriors

Head Coach: A.J. Maida (5th season)

2011-2012 Season: 15-7 (5-4 league)

5th place PAC-10

2nd place Section 3

Key Wrestlers:

113-Eric Straup-11th (13-8, District Qualifier)

126-Joe Staley-11th (28-8, District Qualifier)

152-Paul Russo-12th (22-15, District Qualifier)

170-Mike Baccaro-12th (25-11, District Qualifier)

195-Devin Bradley-11th (6-6, District Qualifier)

220-Tahar Ferradji-11th (12-21, District Qualifier)

285-Tracey Green-11th (32-7, Regional Qualifier)

Notes: Methacton returns a strong team that would be favored to win quite a few leagues in District One, just not the PAC-10.  They should still finish in the top 4 and look for Green and Staley to be Hershey bound in 2013.


Owen J. Roberts Wildcats

Head Coach: Steve DeRafelo (11th season)

2011-2012 Season: 20-2 (9-0 league)

PAC-10 Champs

District Duals Champs

Section 4 Champs

D1 South Champs

3rd place Southeast Regional

Key Wrestlers:

106-Aston White-12th (25-13, Regional Qualifier)

113-Derek Gulotta-10th (35-11, State 8th)

120-Colby Frank-11th (33-12, Regional Qualifier)

132-Demetri D’Orsaneo-10th (30-12, Regional Qualifier)

132-Peter Fratantoni-12th (6-1, District Qualifier 2010)

138-Adam Moser-12th (28-16, State Qualifier)

152-Kyle Shronk-12th (30-10, District 6th)

170-Gordon Bolig-12th (34-12, State Qualifier)

182-Tyler Rogers-12th (7-10, District Qualifier)

195-Nick DeAngelo-12th (10-6)

220-Kevin Kerwin-12th (4-10, District Qualifier 2011)

285-Brad Trego-12th (34-12, Regional 5th)

Notes: With the amount of talent returning and their utter dominance of the PAC-10 a year ago the Wildcats are the overwhelming favorites to repeat.  However, I don’t think they’ll repeat their feat of keeping every team in single digits due to the losses of Kinney, Warta and Lenge and an improved Boyertown team.  I do believe they’ll repeat as district dual champs and will send several individuals to Hershey as well.


Perkiomen Valley Vikings

Head Coach: Tim Walsh (6th season)

2011-2012 Season: 9-11 (4-5 league)

6th place PAC-10

7th place Section 3

Key Wrestlers:

113-Cole Gehman-10th (12-13)

120-Tyrelle Robinson-11th (19-15, District Qualifier)

138-A.J. Strickland-11th (16-20, District Qualifier)

145-Nick Giangiulio-11th (30-11, Regional 5th)

160-Alec DellaDonna-10th (11-17)

220-Luke DiElsi-11th (11-1, District Qualifier 2011)

Notes: With a solid group of sophomores and juniors the Vikings look to be a year away from competing for the PAC-10 crown.  Giangiulio should be in the mix for a spot at states, possibly DiElsi too if he comes back healthy.


Phoenixville Phantoms

Head Coach: Joe Youngblood (2nd season)

2011-2012 Season: 5-15 (1-8 league)

9th place PAC-10

10th place Section 2

Key Wrestlers:

106-Garrett Serwatka-10th (23-12)

113-Ed McCarthy-12th (24-10 in 2011)

132-Trey Romance-10th (14-22)

182-Jordan Valenteen-12th (19-8, District Qualifier in 2011)

Notes: Although a bottom half finish in the always tough PAC-10 is likely, the Phantoms should be optimistic about the future with a lot of young guys able to get some valuable varsity experience.


Pottsgrove Falcons

Head Coach: Jeff Madden (5th season)

2011-2012 Season: 3-10 (2-7 league)

8th place PAC-10

9th place Section 2

Key Wrestlers:

126-Qwhadir Miller-12th (12-15)

132-Nico Demetrio-11th (34-11, Regional Qualifier)

152-Riley Michaels-11th (7-18, District Qualifier 2011)

170-Jared Ludy-10th (10-20)

195-Pat Finn-10th (18-2, District Qualifier)

285-Tom Sephakis-11th (14-15, District Qualifier)

Notes: Pottsgrove will struggle with the top PAC-10 teams but should have plenty of success on the individual level.  Demetrio and Finn both look to be future state qualifiers and Sephakis should do well against most PAC-10 heavyweights.


Pottstown Trojans

Head Coach: Brad Bechtel

2011-2012 Season: 9-14 (3-6 league)

7th place PAC-10

2nd place D1/12 AA

Key Wrestlers:

106-Rob McCoy-11th (20-12, Regional Qualifier AA)

120-Jihad Ali-12th (12-20)

138-Patrick Bohn-11th (16-18)

145-Jasheel Brown-12th (20-16, Regional Qualifier AA)

152-Darien Hain-11th (21-7, Regional Qualifier AA)

160-Sebastian Shiffler-12th (19-11)

160-Jordan Eckstrom-12th (11-20)

220-Josh Slody-11th (15-12, Regional Qualifier AA)

Notes: Although they lost arguably their two best wrestlers (Clifford and Lighty), the Trojans return a lot of talent and will be further aided by a strong incoming class.  Hain will likely be their best shot at Hershey in 2013.


Spring-Ford Rams

Head Coach: Tim Seislove (14th season)

2011-2012 Season: 22-4 (8-1 league)

2nd place PAC-10

3rd place District Duals

2nd place Section 4

5th place D1 South

13th place Southeast Regional

Key Wrestlers:

106-Nick Suero-11th (10-26)

113-Ryan Hayes-10th

120-Sean Hennessey-12th (33-12, Regional Qualifier)

132-Adam Dombrosky-11th (27-20, Regional Qualifier)

145-Frankie Krauss-10th (6-2)

152-Jon Cooper-10th (10-12)

170-Tyler McGuigan-12th (38-16, Regional 5th)

195-Mason Romano-11th (23-20, District 6th)

285-Josh Boyer-11th (16-11)

285-Zach Dorsey-10th (11-8)

Notes: Losing four 25+ win guys (Dombrosky, Quave, Brown, Stong) is never easy but the rams still have plenty coming back and several good wrestlers waiting in the wings to replace those who graduated.  Hennessey and McGuigan both look to be serious threats to make states.


Upper Perkiomen Indians

Head Coach: Tom Hontz (23rd season)

2011-2012 Season: 15-10 (6-3 league)

4th place PAC-10

Section 2 Champs

3rd place D1 North

t-9th place Southeast Regional

Key Wrestlers:

106-Dustin Steffenino-10th (12-9, District 6th)

106-Eric Miller-10th (14-6)

113-Dante Steffenino-12th (27-9, District 6th)

120-Kyle Fellman-12th (22-14, District 6th)

126-Dylan Steffenino-12th (37-8, State Qualifier)

132-Wolfgang McStravick-12th (35-5, State Qualifier)

138-Dan Jordan-11th (12-13)

152-Ray Young-12th (21-19, District 6th)

195-Casey Cook-11th (20-15, District Qualifier)

220-Tyler Godshall-12th (12-10)

Notes: The Indians are stacked down low and that should keep them in most matches. I don’t think they have enough to hang with Owen J. Roberts and Boyertown but they should be very competitive otherwise.  All of their lightweights are state qualifier material and a couple should punch through to Hershey.


Returning Regional Qualifiers:

Derek Gulotta-10th-Owen J. Roberts (35-11, State 8th)

Wolfgang McStravick-12th-Upper Perkiomen (35-5, State Qualifier)

Gordon Bolig-12th-Owen J. Roberts (34-12, State Qualifier)

Adam Moser-12th-Owen J. Roberts (28-16, State Qualifier)

Dylan Steffenino-12th-Upper Perkiomen (37-8, State Qualifier)

Nick Giangiulio-11th-Perkiomen Valley (30-11, Regional 5th)

Brad Trego-12th-Owen J. Roberts (34-12, Regional 5th)

Tyler McGuigan-12th-Spring Ford (38-16, Regional 5th)

Gray Garber-12th-Boyertown (22-8, Regional 6th)

Colby Frank-11th-Owen J. Roberts (33-11, Regional Qualifier)

Sean Hennessy-12th-Spring Ford (33-12, Regional Qualifier)

Jordan Wertz-11th-Boyertown (23-13, Regional Qualifier)

Demetri D’Orsaneo-10th-Owen J. Roberts (31-12, Regional Qualifier)

Aston White-12th-Owen J. Roberts (25-13, Regional Qualifier)

Tracey Green-11th-Methacton (32-7, Regional Qualifier)

Nico Demetrio-11th-Pottsgrove (34-11, Regional Qualifier)

Adam Dombrosky-11th-Spring Ford (27-19, Regional Qualifier)


Prior Champions:

2011-2012: Owen J. Roberts

2010-2011: Owen J. Roberts

2009-2010: Boyertown


My Picks:

1. Owen J. Roberts

2. Boyertown

3. Upper Perkiomen


Suburban One American

*Key Wrestlers listed at 2012 post-season weight


Cheltenham Panthers

Head Coach: Kirk Stehman

2011-2012 Season: 6-15 (1-5 league)

6th place Suburban One American

10th place Section 1

Key Wrestlers:

113-Noah Rosenbloom-12th (12-10, District Qualifier 2011)

126-Sean Bradley-11th (12-11, District Qualifier 2011)

170-Troy Wynn-12th (10-12)

Notes: The Panthers only return three wrestlers with double-digit wins, none of whom qualified for districts in 2012, which likely means another bottom half of the league finish in 2013.


Norristown Eagles

Head Coach: Mark Harner (9th season)

2011-2012 Season: 12-3 (6-0 league)

Suburban One American Champs

District Duals Runner-Up

Section 3 Champs

D1 North Champs

Southeast Regional Champs

4th place AAA States

Key Wrestlers:

106-Zach Fuentes-12th (47-10, State 5th)

132-Nick Soldano-12th (8-19, District Qualifier)

138-Mike Springer-11th (51-11, State 8th)

160-Brett Harner-12th (47-4, State 3rd)

220-Rasheed Lusane-12th (17-9, District Qualifier)

285-Shaheed Hill-10th (3-0)

Notes: The Eagles got hit the hardest by graduation, losing three state qualifiers (Springer, Gordon, Letrinko) and a regional qualifier (Prante). Despite their losses they still return three state medalists (Harner, Fuentes, Springer), all of whom have a shot to be in the state finals come March.  They should have a good chance of repeating as Southeast Regional Champs.


Plymouth Whitemarsh Colonials

Head Coach: Nate Wachter

2011-2012 Season: 6-7 (2-4 league)

5th place Suburban One American

5th place Section 3

Key Wrestlers:

106-Francesco Palagruto-10th (17-19, District Qualifier)

113-Dan Smith-10th (12-18, District Qualifier)

120-Gianpiero DiBattista-10th (14-16, District Qualifier)

126-Ray Clarkson-10th (2-5, District Qualifier)

145-Justin Staudenmayer-12th (41-5, State Qualifier)

160-Austin Pollock-11th (14-19, District Qualifier)

195-Franklin James-12th (5-11, District Qualifier)

Notes: The Colonials came on strong towards the end of the season and have a lot to be optimistic about in 2012-2013.  They advanced seven wrestlers to districts, all of which return and four were only freshmen.  I like Staudenmayer to finally come home with a state medal in what would be his third and final trip to Hershey.


Upper Dublin Cardinals

Head Coach: Dave Jones

2011-2012 Season: 15-8 (3-3 league)

4th place Suburban One American

4th place Section 3

Key Wrestlers:

106-Aaron Katz-10th (15-15)

138-Derek Jones-12th (24-11)

152-Jacob Haney-12th (26-10, District Qualifier)

160-Kyle Carson-12th (11-14)

170-Sam Jacobson-12th (27-7, District Qualifier)

220-Reed Rapine-12th (7-4, District Qualifier)

220-Yaroslav Tochinski-12th (16-8)

Notes: The Cardinals lose state qualifier Devon Dhoble as well as three other district qualifiers (Alpert, Carson, Volovar).  Despite their losses they return an experienced senior class that should make them competitive within the league.


Upper Merion Vikings

Head Coach: Marcus Johnson

2011-2012 Season: 5-18 (0-6 league)

7th place Suburban One American

9th place Section 3

Key Wrestlers:

113-Sean Ginsburg-10th (23-11, District Qualifier)

120-Felipe Gonzalez-11th (11-9)

195-Ryan Cho-11th (11-12)

Notes: A multitude of forfeits led to the Vikings’ last place finish and unless those are reduced a similar outcome is likely in 2012-2013.  Ginsburg had a stellar freshman year and will look to improve in his sophomore season.


Upper Moreland Golden Bears

Head Coach: John DeFranco

2011-2012 Season: 10-9 (5-1 league)

2nd place Suburban One American

6th place Section 1

Key Wrestlers:

106-Jake Johnson-11th (11-22)

113-Chris Fleming-11th (18-17)

126-Bob Harmon-12th (19-15)

132-Anthony DeLaurentis-11th (17-12)

138-Anthony Dill-12th (25-11, District Qualifier)

145-Dom DeLaurentis-10th (12-16)

152-Justin Hester-11th (18-15)

Notes: Upper Moreland graduated two regional qualifiers (Imnadze and Scott) and two district qualifiers (Lyall and Medina) from last year’s 2nd place team.  Dill is the lone returning district qualifier but there are several others that have the potential for post-season success.


Wissahickon Trojans

Head Coach: Anthony Stagliano

2011-2012 Season: 11-8 (4-2 league)

3rd place Suburban One American

3rd place Section 3

8th place D1 North

Key Wrestlers:

106-Isaac Phillip-11th (18-17, District Qualifier 2011)

113-Devon Memis-10th (5-14, District Qualifier)

120-Nick Natale-11th (15-12, District Qualifier)

126-Aaron Rodriguez-12th (37-10, Regional Qualifier)

132-Cody Franko-12th (23-19, District Qualifier)

138-Pat Fennell-11th (36-10, Regional Qualifier)

145-Dan Schueren-12th (30-11, Regional Qualifier)

160-Eric An-11th (16-20, District Qualifier)

195-Troy Jones-12th (14-18)

220-Connor Weiss-10th (11-21)

Notes: The Trojans return quite a credentialed team with three regional qualifiers and five district qualifiers.  Despite the departures of Weiss and Yannes, this looks to be Wissahickon’s best chance in recent memory to capture a league title.  Rodriguez, Fennell and Schueren should all be back at regionals with a fighter’s chance at states.


Returning Regional Qualifiers:

Brett Harner-12th-Norristown (47-4, State 3rd)

Zach Fuentes-12th-Norristown (47-10, State 5th)

Mike Springer-11th-Norristown (51-11, State 8th)

Justin Staudenmayer-12th-Plymouth Whitemarsh (41-5, State Qualifier)

Aaron Rodriguez-12th-Wissahickon (37-9, Regional Qualifier)

Pat Fennell-11th-Wissahickon (36-10, Regional Qualifier)

Dan Schueren-12th-Wissahickon (31-10, Regional Qualifier)


Prior Champions:

2011-2012: Norristown

2010-2011: Norristown

2009-2010: Norristown/Upper Moreland


My Picks:

1. Norristown

2. Wissahickon

3. Upper Moreland


Suburban One Continental

*Key Wrestlers listed at 2012 post-season weight


Central Bucks East Patriots

Head Coach: Dave Scarpill (10th season)

2011-2012 Season: 9-11 (5-2 league)

2nd place Suburban One Continental

7th place Section 2

Key Wrestlers:

106-Evan Wilson-10th (27-6, District Qualifier)

120-Matt Cascioli-10th (27-11)

132-Francesco Fabozzi-11th (40-7, Regional 5th)

138-Dan Driver-11th (12-18, District Qualifier)

152-Andrew Priest-12th (12-10)

Notes: The Patriots lose Peltonen and Tilsner but still should be competitive within their division.  Fabozzi was a match away from states in 2012 and I like him to take it to the next level in 2013, Wilson should be tough as well.


Central Bucks South Titans

Head Coach: Craig Deacon (9th season)

2011-2012 Season: 22-2 (7-0 league)

Suburban One Continental Champs

2nd place Section 2

6th place D1 North

t-9th place Southeast Regional

Key Wrestlers:

113-Christian Laird-12th (23-15, District Qualifier)

138-Anthony Muzika-11th (16-14)

145-Ryan Monsalud-11th (20-15)

170-Dominic Rigous-12th (39-5, State Qualifier)

220-Nick Cassalia-12th (32-12, Regional Qualifier)

285-Russ White-12th (15-13, District Qualifier)

Notes: CB South graduated a fantastic senior class that included Frasch, N. Haegele, Swan, B. Muzika and McDonald.  In addition, standout sophomore Chad Haegele has transferred to Archbishop Wood.  Losing that many solid wrestlers will make it tough to repeat as league champs but I think Rigous has what it takes to bring home a state medal.


Central Bucks West Bucks

Head Coach: Joe McGinley (6th season)

2011-2012 Season: 4-10 (2-5 league)

7th place Suburban One Continental

4th place Section 2

7th place D1 North

11th place Southeast Regional

Key Wrestlers:

113-Jason Stout-10th (18-13)

126-Bryan Jastrzebski-11th (27-12, Regional Qualifier)

138-Jason Douple-10th (22-19, District Qualifier)

145-Riley Barth-10th (32-8, District 6th)

220-Eric Armitage-11th (7-15)

Notes: The Bucks started eight freshman and sophomores during the 2011-2012 season and will likely benefit from their young guys getting early experience.  Chris Jastrzebski and Seth Ehlo will be tough to replace but look for Bryan Jastrzebski and Riley Barth to step up and fill their shoes.


Hatboro Horsham Hatters

Head Coach: Glenn Kaiser (13th season)

2011-2012 Season: 10-14 (3-4 league)

t-4th Suburban One Continental

6th place Section 3

Key Wrestlers:

106-Phil Torresani-11th (29-8, District Qualifier)

113-Kevin Mowry-11th (14-16)

126-Matt Swiacki-11th (15-18, District Qualifier)

132-Jason McLaughlin-12th (12-11)

138-Brad Humski-11th (23-14, District Qualifier)

152-Connor Bodnar-11th (15-17)

160-Scott Humski-12th (8-16)

170-Zach Tuerke-10th (9-19)

Notes: The Hatters graduate three district qualifiers in Adelsberger, Kose and Ludlow but return a strong junior class led by Torresani, Humski and Swiacki, all of whom were also district qualifiers a year ago.  With a solid group of wrestlers returning don’t be surprised if Hatboro contends for a league title in 2013.


North Penn Knights

Head Coach: Robert Shettsline (18th season)

2011-2012 Season: 5-7 (4-3 league)

3rd place Suburban One Continental

5th place Section 2

10th place D1 North

Key Wrestlers:

106-Dalton Hogle-10th (9-23)

113-Joey O’Brien-12th (30-9, Regional Qualifier)

126-Richie Liberio-10th (15-18)

145-Jeff Reimel-11th (25-14, Regional Qualifier)

160-Alex Price-11th (36-9, District 6th)

182-Chris Barr-11th (9-8)

195-George Shipp-12th (20-12, State Qualifier)

Notes: North Penn returns ten starters from last year’s team and will be very dangerous with O’Brien, Reimel, Price and Shipp in their lineup.  The Knights will likely challenge for the league title and have multiple wrestlers in the mix for states.


Pennridge Rams

Head Coach: Dan Goetter (3rd season)

2011-2012 Season: 5-14 (1-6 league)

8th place Suburban One Continental

8th place Section 2

15th place D1 North

t-16th place Southeast Regional

Key Wrestlers:

106-Scott Parker-11th (33-3, State 4th)

113-Ben Ross-11th (26-13, Regional Qualifier)

120-Matt Cousin-12th (9-15)

126-Dylan Gerhart-10th (14-17, District Qualifier)

182-Josh Stencler-12th (10-9)

195-Nick Pyott-12th (9-16, District Qualifier)

Notes: The Rams don’t return the same quantity of experienced wrestlers as some other teams in the league but Parker and Ross are among the league’s best and should shine in the post-season.


Quakertown Panthers

Head Coach: Kurt Handel (12th season)

2011-2012 Season: 8-14 (3-4 league)

t-4th Suburban One Continental

6th place Section 2

14th place D1 North

Key Wrestlers:

106-Collyn Dorney-11th (34-10, Regional Qualifier)

113-Jimmy Flood-11th (9-20)

132-Luke Garges-11th (20-15, District Qualifier)

138-Tyler Seislove-12th (36-8, Regional 6th)

145-Matt Stoneback-11th (15-19)

152-Jon Carpenter-12th (17-15)

Notes: Quakertown loses Jorgensen, their lone state medalist in 2012, but returns Dorney and Seislove, both regional qualifiers.  The Panthers should be aided by a good incoming freshman class but might take a year or two to get back to being the class of the league.


Souderton Indians

Head Coach: Tristan Boyd (2nd season)

2011-2012 Season: 7-9 (3-4 league)

t-4th Suburban One Continental

3rd place Section 2

12th place D1 North

Key Wrestlers:

113-Ben Kabakjian-11th (12-22)

120-Kolton Veit-11th (35-6, State Qualifier)

126-Bobby Jenne-11th (22-18, District Qualifier)

138-Brett Hale-11th (15-15)

182-Austin Beyer-12th (13-15, District Qualifier)

182-Matt Koester-11th (8-20)

220-Ezra Outlaw-10th (15-17, District 6th)

285-Ricky Young-11th (22-5, District Qualifier)

Notes: The Indians should be on the rise with a stellar junior class led by state qualifier Kolton Veit.  Seven wrestlers are returning with double-digit wins which should translate into a tough 2013 lineup.


Returning Regional Qualifiers:

Scott Parker-11th-Pennridge (33-3, State 4th)

Dominic Rigous-12th-Central Bucks South (37-5, State Qualifier)

George Shipp-12th-North Penn (20-12, State Qualifier)

Kolton Veit-11th-Souderton (35-4, State Qualifier)

Francesco Fabozzi-11th-Central Bucks East (40-7, Regional 5th)

Tyler Seislove-12th-Quakertown (36-8, Regional 6th)

Collyn Dorney-11th-Quakertown (34-10, Regional Qualifier)

Ben Ross-11th-Pennridge (27-12, Regional Qualifier)

Bryan Jastrzebski-11th-Central Bucks West (27-12, Regional Qualifier)

Jeff Reimel-11th-North Penn (26-14, Regional Qualifier)

Joey O’Brien-12th-North Penn (30-9, Regional Qualifier)

Nick Cassalia-12th-Central Bucks South (31-11, Regional Qualifier)


Prior Champions:

2011-2012: Central Bucks South

2010-2011: Quakertown

2009-2010: Quakertown


My Picks:

1. North Penn

2. Central Bucks South

3. Central Bucks East


Suburban One National

*Key Wrestlers listed at 2012 post-season weight


Abington Galloping Ghosts

Head Coach: John Gillespie

2011-2012 Season: 14-8 (4-3 league)

4th place Suburban One National

7th place Section 1

Key Wrestlers:

106-Alex Winshel-10th (14-19)

126-Mike Molz-12th (26-10, District Qualifier)

132-Mike McCaughey-12th (23-12, District Qualifier)

152-Alden Shea-12th (18-13, District Qualifier)

285-Angel Carlo-12th (27-7, Regional Qualifier)

Notes: Abington returns several strong wrestlers but is in a very tough division and unlikely to crack the top 3.  Angel Carlo should be their best shot at a state qualifier in 2013.


Bensalem Owls

Head Coach: Eric Knoblauch (5th season)

2011-2012 Season: 6-13 (2-5 league)

t-6th place Suburban One National

8th place Section 1

11th place D1 North

t-19th place Southeast Regional

Key Wrestlers:

106-Mike Pritchard-12th (26-9, Regional Qualifier)

106-Tyler Brickner-10th (8-5)

113-Tyler Anderson-11th (14-5)

120-Tommy Stokes-11th (33-7, State 6th)

145-Donavin Williams-10th (7-14)

195-Eric Gary-12th (17-4, District Qualifier 2011)

Notes: The Owls look to be more of a tournament team in 2012-2013 with only a handful of starters returning.  However, Stokes, Pritchard and Gary should all do very well individually.


Council Rock North Indians

Head Coach: Tom Vivacqua (13th season)

2011-2012 Season: 15-8 (7-0 league)

Suburban One National Champs

4th place District Duals

2nd place Section 1

5th place D1 North

8th place Southeast Regional

Key Wrestlers:

106-Mike Jeronis-12th (18-23, District Qualifier)

106-James O’Donnell-10th (8-17)

120-Tim Ambacher-11th (17-24, Regional Qualifier)

132-John Dutrow-12th (46-6, State 4th)

138-Tyler Kelly-12th (31-16, Regional Qualifier)

152-Chris Davis-12th (11-14)

170-Matt O’Neill-12th (15-21, District Qualifier)

220-Tyler Callender-11th (36-12, State Qualifier)

Notes: Council Rock North loses five solid contributors from last year’s team to graduation but has plenty returning.  Dutrow should contend for a state title and the Indians will most likely be in the hunt for another league title as well as a possible repeat trip to state duals.


Council Rock South Golden Hawks

Head Coach: Brad Silimperi (11th season)

2011-2012 Season: 8-8 (5-2 league)

t-2nd place Suburban One National

Section 1 Champs

2nd place D1 North

2nd place Southeast AAA Regional

7th place AAA States

Key Wrestlers:

106-Dan Martoccio-11th (39-11, State 8th)

113-Harry Murray-11th (10-14)

126-Quinn Moore-12th (5-19)

152-Matt Bentz-12th (6-21)

160-Tom Shaatiel-12th (12-17, District Qualifier)

195-P.J. Steinmetz-12th (43-4, State 3rd)

220-Connor Brunetti-10th (5-8)

Notes: The Hawks lose state champ Billy Rappo and state medalist Tom Trampe, as well as regional qualifiers Mack Moore and Tim Riley.  They do have two state medalists returning in Steinmetz and Martoccio but will likely be in a rebuilding year team wise.


Harry S. Truman Tigers

Head Coach: Steve Given (19th season)

2011-2012 Season: 9-15 (0-7 league)

8th place Suburban One National

9th place Section 1

Key Wrestlers:

106-Dylan Nuttall-11th (22-8)

113-Ben Tretter-12th (13-11)

120-Nick DeNofa-11th (12-9)

126-Antonio Yerena-10th (10-13)

132-Andrew Adams-12th (7-17)

138-Jesse Huber-11th (10-4)

145-Joe Schiotis-11th (7-7)

152-Derrick Stone-12th (10-16)

152-Brandon Erhard-12th (9-6)

220-Jake Goodman-11th (14-17, District Qualifier)

285-Shawn Seiberlich-12th (27-11, District 6th)

Notes: The Tigers were inexperienced last year and will benefit from having almost everyone back.  They will likely be a good dual meet team but could struggle in tournaments with no returning regional or state qualifiers.


Neshaminy Redskins

Head Coach: Dan Winter (5th season)

2011-2012 Season: 5-7 (3-4 league)

5th place Suburban One National

4th place Section 1

13th place D1 North

Key Wrestlers:

106-Sam Rudolph-11th (30-15, District Qualifier)

113-Dominic Stabilito-10th (21-19, District Qualifier)

132-Joe Simcox-12th (20-18, District Qualifier)

138-Ryan O’Connor-12th (34-9, Regional Qualifier)

145-Nate Russell-11th (10-23)

170-Kody Lupfer-11th (29-14, Regional Qualifier)

Notes: The Redskins return several talented wrestlers and should be very competitive, although I don’t think they have quite enough to take the league title this year.  Ryan O’Connor has plenty of experience at regionals and could make the trip to states if things go right.


Pennsbury Falcons

Head Coach: Phil Kealy (2nd season)

2011-2012 Season: 12-9 (5-2 league)

t-2nd place Suburban One National

3rd place Section 1

4th place D1 North

7th place Southeast Regional


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Josh DiSanto

Key Wrestlers:

106-Eric Mongiello-10th (14-11)

113-Jason Bing-12th (29-11, State Qualifier)

113-Dom Martoccio-11th (9-7)

120-Anthony DiEmidio-12th (31-9, State Qualifier)

126-Josh DiSanto-12th (36-3, State 7th)

145-Luke Kowal-10th (16-16, District Qualifier)

160-Ryan Healy-12th (7-11)

182-Ernie Tessein-12th (25-7, Regional Qualifier)

195-Mike O’Brien-12th (23-10, District Qualifier)

Notes: The 2012-2013 Pennsbury squad includes three state qualifiers in DiSanto, DiEmidio and Bing.  In addition to those three are Tessein, O’Brien, Kowal and Mongiello, a combination that is likely to result in a very good season for the Falcons.  They’ll definitely be in the hunt for a league title and if all goes well possibly a spot at state duals.


William Tennent Panthers

Head Coach: Joe Rigous (6th year)

2011-2012 Season: 13-11 (2-5 league)

t-6th place Suburban One National

5th place Section 1

9th place D1 North

Key Wrestlers:

113-Reece McGovern-11th (14-15)

120-Jesse Coleman-11th (12-19)

126-Kevin Flack-12th (30-5, District 6th)

132-Alex Szlanic-12th (7-16)

138-Frank Puccio-12th (16-14)

145-Boris Sokhiev-12th (19-8, District Qualifier)

170-Rich Strain-11th (27-7, District Qualifier)

195-Marc Isaac-11th (25-11, District 6th)

285-Andrew Van Buskirk-12th (38-6, State Qualifier)

Notes: The Panthers return eight wrestlers with double-digit wins and should be among the top teams in the league.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Van Buskirk has some company in Hershey this year, Flack qualified as a freshman but hasn’t been back since.


Returning Regional Qualifiers:

P.J. Steinmetz-12th-Council Rock South (43-4, State 3rd)

John Dutrow-12th-Council Rock North (46-6, State 4th)

Tommy Stokes-11th-Bensalem (33-7, State 6th)

Josh DiSanto-12th-Pennsbury (35-3, State 7th)

Dan Martoccio-11th-Council Rock South (39-11, State 8th)

Tyler Callender-11th-Council Rock North (36-12, State Qualifier)

Jason Bing-12th-Pennsbury (28-11, State Qualifier)

Anthony DiEmidio-12th-Pennsbury (30-9, State Qualifier)

Andrew Van Buskirk-12th-William Tennent (38-6, State Qualifier)

Mike Pritchard-12th-Bensalem (26-9, Regional Qualifier)

Angel Carlo-12th-Abington (27-7, Regional Qualifier)

Ryan O’Connor-12th-Neshaminy (34-9, Regional Qualifier)

Kody Lupfer-11th-Neshaminy (29-14, Regional Qualifier)

Tyler Kelly-12th-Council Rock North (30-16, Regional Qualifier)

Tim Ambacher-11th-Council Rock North (17-24, Regional Qualifier)


Prior Champions:

2011-2012: Council Rock North

2010-2011: Council Rock South

2009-2010: Council Rock South


My Picks:

1. Pennsbury

2. Council Rock North

3. William Tennent


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