District 1 AAA All-Stars

By PA Power Wrestling Correspondent Ian Crampton

In lieu of final rankings I posted all-star teams for each grade and each league in D1 AAA as well as honorable mentions for each league.  Keep in mind these are one man’s opinions and aren’t meant to offend anyone.  All D1 wrestlers, not just the ones listed, should be proud of their accomplishments this season.  For the seniors, best of luck in all your future endeavors.  If you’re continuing on at the next level I’m sure you’ll make the D1 wrestling community proud and if you’ve wrestled your last match I hope you’ll take what wrestling has taught you into whatever it is you choose to pursue. For the underclassmen, keep working hard because next season will be here sooner than you think!

Also, if anybody feels I may have overlooked someone please send me a PM and let me know because with so many kids it’s very well possible and I’d like to correct it.

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