The 8th Annual Top Incoming Freshmen Report brought to you by PA Power Wrestling has arrived just in time for the season.

Compiled by PA Power Wrestling’s Jeff Upson the TIF of 2019 ranks the Top 75 freshmen and includes 36 Honorable Mentions for a total of 111 wrestlers.

Pennsylvania’s Top Incoming Freshmen have faced high expectations but always seem to live up to that hype. Now, in its 8th straight year of publication, the TIF Report has featured the biggest names in Pennsylvania Wrestling including #1 ranked freshmen Michael Kemerer (2012), Luke Pletcher (2013), Spencer Lee (2014), Gavin Teasdale (2015), Julian Chlebove (2016), Beau Bartlett (2017), and Cole Rees (2018).

2019 is a unique year as it will be the first time the TIF Report features a female wrestler as rookie Ava Bayless of Wyoming Seminary makes the list.

This report is a culmination of over six months’ worth of research and organization. Mistakes have probably (definitely) been made and wrestlers likely overlooked. We are sorry.

Please feel free to send any feedback or corrections to Jeff Upson at the e-mail address…

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