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Well, 2018 was a good year for Pennsylvania wrestling on the NCAA level, and in 2019 Keystone State fans will see the same number of wrestlers qualify for this year’s National Tournament in Pittsburgh. Photo of Luke Pletcher by Sam Janicki

In Cleveland, 53 wrestlers qualified for the NCAA Tournament who hailed from Pennsylvania. Fifteen of them left with NCAA All-American honors. Here’s to hoping we can increase that number in Pittsburgh.

Overall, seven Pennsylvania wrestlers received “at-large” bids from the NCAA Committee – including Pittsburgh native Kellan Stout (Mount Lebanon) at 197 pounds. Those seven also includes Zeke Moisey (BECAHI), a two-time All-American and one time NCAA runner-up at 125 pounds. Of the 53 NCAA Qualifiers, ten have earned All-American status at least once in their careers.

District 7 leads the way by a mile in terms of most NCAA Qualifiers with 21 total. District 3 is second with nine and District 11 comes in with seven. Take a look at the list below!


District 1:  2

District 3:  9

District 4:  1

District 6:  5

District 7:  21

District 9:  3

District 10:  3

District 11:  7

District 12:  1

Prep:  1


2019 NCAA Qualifiers