Hamburg In The House

In Round 1 of the Class 2A State Dual Team Championships there was a sea of red in front of Mat #1 and it wasn’t from empty seats – it was from the Hamburg faithful. Not a far drive from Hershey, Hamburg sent their entire population it would seem and they were no doubt the most vocal fans inside the GIANT Center. Not that the Hawks needed much support as they defeated a strong #7 Greenville team (36-34). #11 Bailey Gimbor (Hamburg) secured the win when he scored a tech-fall at 126 pounds in the final bout of the dual.


#2 Southern Columbia Looks Like a Title Threat

The #2 Southern Columbia Tigers are peaking at the right time. Everyone is talking about Reynolds vs. Southern Columbia and With rookie #4 Gavin Garcia wrestling lights-out at 145 pounds and #22 Michael Minor looking strong at 138 pounds – the Tigers are shoring up a crucial middle-weight section of the line-up. They had no issues getting past #19 Conneaut Area and will take on a #10 Brookville, a team that struggled against Lake Lehman in the First Round.


Rookie #1 Ryan Crookham Solidifies Top Spot over #2 Beau Bayless 

Notre Dame – Green Pond freshman Ryan Crookham is the top ranked wrestler in the State at 120 pounds in Class 2A. In the first round of the PIAA Dual Team Championships he took on senior and Harvard recruit #2 Beau Bayless of Reynolds. The 3-time PIAA State Medalist was a State Champion in 2017. After a scoreless first period Bayless took bottom and nearly escaped after getting to his feet and facing Crookham who responded by not losing control and working Bayless back down. Ryan ended up riding Bayless out for the entire second period and escaped in eight seconds to start the third. Down (1-0) Bayless got in on a shot but Crookham countered locking up a cradle in the process getting the takedown and back-points to close it out (6-1).



2A Championship First Round 



#13 Hamburg over #7 Greenville (36-34)


126 #5 Dalton Gimbor (Hamburg Area Hs) F Mason Battles (Greenville Hs), 1:32

132 #24 Kyle Vernon (Hamburg Area Hs) DEC #25 Bryce Knauf (Greenville Hs), 9-4

138 #11 Shane Strausser (Hamburg Area Hs) F Deavon Rainey (Greenville Hs), 0:33

145 Ayden Kauffman (Hamburg Area Hs) MD Mason Moore (Greenville Hs), 11-2

152 #5 Mason Karpinski (Greenville Hs) F Lane Albrecht (Hamburg Area Hs), 2:20

160 Cole Karpinski (Greenville Hs) DEC Brant Mason (Hamburg Area Hs), 5-1

170 #13 Brady Gentile (Greenville Hs) DEC #15 Brendan Hamilton (Hamburg Area Hs), 11-7

182 Nick James (Hamburg Area Hs) F Wasim Mcclinton (Greenville Hs), 3:35

195 Barrett Gentile (Greenville Hs) F #19 Ben Weidenhammer (Hamburg Area Hs), 4:57

220 #2 Jacob McMaster (Greenville Hs) F Austin Gromlich (Hamburg Area Hs), 2:21

285 #6 Max Wills (Greenville Hs) F Jacob Phillips (Hamburg Area Hs), 1:54

106 Parker Davidson (Hamburg Area Hs) F Blayke Knauf (Greenville Hs), 1:05

113 Riley Kneeland (Greenville Hs) MD Cody Reimert (Hamburg Area Hs), 15-7

120 #11 Bailey Gimbor (Hamburg Area Hs) TF Kason Smeltzer (Greenville Hs), 17-2 5:23



#6 Chestnut Ridge over #23  Freedom Area (51-21)


126 #13 ZJ Ward (Freedom Area Hs) DEC Gryphon Callihan (Chestnut Ridge Hs), 7-5

132 #21 Trevor Weyandt (Chestnut Ridge Hs) F Thomas Young (Freedom Area Hs), 3:32

138 #17 Kenneth Duschek (Freedom Area Hs) DEC Luke Moore (Chestnut Ridge Hs), 6-4

145 #19 Jacob Pail (Freedom Area Hs) DEC Baltzer Bollman (Chestnut Ridge Hs), 9-5

152 #2 Trent Schultheis (Freedom Area Hs) F Daniel Moore (Chestnut Ridge Hs), 3:23

160 Seth Holderbaum (Chestnut Ridge Hs) F Ethan Wolfe (Freedom Area Hs), 1:25

170 #1 Jared McGill (Chestnut Ridge Hs) F Travis Kalamasz (Freedom Area Hs), 0:38

182 #8 Bryson Miller (Freedom Area Hs) F Mason McVicker (Chestnut Ridge Hs), 1:55

195 #13 Austin Crouse (Chestnut Ridge Hs) F Andrew Kalamasz (Freedom Area Hs), 2:44

220 #12 Duane Knisely (Chestnut Ridge Hs) F Nick Wolfe (Freedom Area Hs), 1:17

285 Dalton Seace (Chestnut Ridge Hs) F Fernando Franco (Freedom Area Hs), 4:32

106 #6 Kai Burkett (Chestnut Ridge Hs) FFT

113 Nathan Holderbaum (Chestnut Ridge Hs) DEC Timmy Cafrelli (Freedom Area Hs), 6-2

120 Ross Dull (Chestnut Ridge Hs) F Joshua Ackerman (Freedom Area Hs), 1:31



#10 Brookville Area over Lake Lehman (40-26)


126 Cabe Park (Brookville Area Hs) DEC Zach Stuart (Lake Lehman Hs), 8-3

132 #18 Bob Long (Lake Lehman Hs) TF Parker Fleming (Brookville Area Hs), 15-0 5:49

138 Wyatt Kulik (Brookville Area Hs) DEC Josh Bonomo (Lake Lehman Hs), 8-4

145 Hunter Burke (Lake Lehman Hs) F Cody Hetrick (Brookville Area Hs), 2:42

152 Jake Trumbower (Lake Lehman Hs) DEC Jacob Cable (Brookville Area Hs), 3-1

160 Wyatt Griffin (Brookville Area Hs) F Connor Morgan (Lake Lehman Hs), 2:40

170 Nick Zaboski (Lake Lehman Hs) DEC #20 Elliot Park (Brookville Area Hs), 5-4

182 Braden MacBeth (Brookville Area Hs) F Tim Schechterly (Lake Lehman Hs), 0:39

195 Nathan Taylor (Brookville Area Hs) MD Thomas Nalbone (Lake Lehman Hs), 8-0

220 TJ Meehan (Lake Lehman Hs) DEC Tanner Labenne (Brookville Area Hs), 4-3

285 #4 Colby Whitehill (Brookville Area Hs) FFT

106 #14 Owen Reinsel (Brookville Area Hs) F Mason Konigus (Lake Lehman Hs), 0:21

113 Cayden Walter (Brookville Area Hs) F Jake Patla (Lake Lehman Hs), 0:59

120 Chandler Longstrength (Lake Lehman Hs) F Zack Keihl (Brookville Area Hs), 2:28



#2 Southern Columbia Area over #19 Conneaut Area (62-6)


126 Ian Yoder (Southern Columbia Area Hs) F Patrick Powell (Conneaut Area Senior), 5:29

132 #17 Patrick Edmondson (Southern Columbia Area Hs) F Kyle Loutzenhiser (Conneaut Area Senior), 3:04

138 #22 Michael Miner (Southern Columbia Area Hs) F Jesse Davenport (Conneaut Area Senior), 0:57

145 #4 Gavin Garcia (Southern Columbia Area Hs) MD #14 Wes Davenport (Conneaut Area Senior), 10-1

152 Brendan Laird (Conneaut Area Senior) DEC Shane Miller (Southern Columbia Area Hs), 1-0

160 #5 Peyton Hearn (Conneaut Area Senior) DEC #8 Cade Linn (Southern Columbia Area Hs), 2-1

170 Brandon Gedman (Southern Columbia Area Hs) DEC Domenic Ellis (Conneaut Area Senior), 7-0

182 Tyler Waltman (Southern Columbia Area Hs) F Trevor Tursky (Conneaut Area Senior), 3:53

195 #9 Preston Zachman (Southern Columbia Area Hs) F Coulten Coulter (Conneaut Area Senior), 2:40

220 #2 Gaige Garcia (Southern Columbia Area Hs) FFT

285 #8 Lear Quinton (Southern Columbia Area Hs) MD Evan Gerber (Conneaut Area Senior), 8-0

106 Brady Feese (Southern Columbia Area Hs) F Zach Wheeler (Conneaut Area Senior), 0:19

113 #2 Kole Biscoe (Southern Columbia Area Hs) F Brady Gould (Conneaut Area Senior), 0:49

120 Garrett Krebs (Southern Columbia Area Hs) DEC Henry Piatt (Conneaut Area Senior), 2-0



#5 Burrell over #16 Newport (42-15)


126 #24 Trent Valovchik (Burrell) DEC Daniel Capozzoli (Newport Hs), 11-6

132 #20 Bryan Gaul (Burrell) DEC #12 Dorian Gonzalez (Newport Hs), 5-4

138 #4 AJ Corrado (Burrell) MD Mason Kauffman (Newport Hs), 8-0

145 Noah Linderman (Burrell) DEC Devan Blose (Newport Hs), 6-4 SV

152 William Davis (Newport Hs) DEC Dominic Holmes (Burrell), 4-2

160 #6 Austin Mele (Burrell) FFT

170 Daniel Mccarthy (Burrell) DEC Mason Huggins (Newport Hs), 8-7

182 Ricky Feroce (Burrell) F Matthew Godbout (Newport Hs), 1:41

195 Brenden Leach (Newport Hs) DEC Zach Rupert (Burrell), 11-9 SV

220 Jason Templar (Burrell) F Andrew Wright (Newport Hs), 1:34

285 #10 Ethan Rode (Newport Hs) F Jacob Bell (Burrell), 4:19

106 #13 Ganon Smith (Newport Hs) DEC Shawn Szymanski (Burrell), 3-0

113 #13 Nick Salerno (Burrell) TF Andrew Degiglio (Newport Hs), 16-1 4:45

120 #3 Ian Oswalt (Burrell) DEC #19 Grant Kauffman (Newport Hs), 6-3



#3 Saucon Valley over #4 Muncy (38-22)


126 #29 Bryce Vollman (Muncy Hs) F Ryan Gilbert (Saucon Valley Hs), 0:33

132 #1 Joshua Jones (Saucon Valley Hs) F Jacob Hill (Muncy Hs), 0:08

138 #5 Thomas Spirk (Saucon Valley Hs) TF #14 Mario Barberio (Muncy Hs), 19-4 4:20

145 #10 Nicholas Rosengrant (Saucon Valley Hs) DEC Christian Good (Muncy Hs), 7-2

152 #9 Coleman Good (Muncy Hs) MD Ty Csencsits (Saucon Valley Hs), 17-5

160 Gavyn Eisenhower (Muncy Hs) DEC Dante Mahaffey (Saucon Valley Hs), 8-7

170 #3 Matthew Arciuolo (Saucon Valley Hs) DEC Ty Nixon (Muncy Hs), 9-4

182 Braydyn Lugardo (Saucon Valley Hs) DEC Ethan Gush (Muncy Hs), 5-3

195 #12 Michael Kustanbauter (Muncy Hs) DEC Dane Csencsits (Saucon Valley Hs), 7-2

220 Cael Hembury (Muncy Hs) DEC Jared Harka (Saucon Valley Hs), 4-3

285 #9 Nickolas Warnke (Saucon Valley Hs) F Donovan Diehl (Muncy Hs), 1:49

106 Connor Nicholas (Saucon Valley Hs) F Alex Maiorana (Muncy Hs), 1:34

113 Cael Markle (Saucon Valley Hs) F Chase Crawley (Muncy Hs), 0:25

120 Grady Oden (Muncy Hs) DEC Kevin Dyer (Saucon Valley Hs), 8-7



#8 Westmont Hilltop over Faith Christian Academy (47-18)


126 #28 Conner Polacek (Westmont Hilltop Hs) DEC Isaiah Vizcarrondo (Faith Christian Acad), 6-2

132 Roy Dunn (Westmont Hilltop Hs) DEC Jake Kurlak (Faith Christian Acad), 1-0

138 Noah Korenoski (Westmont Hilltop Hs) DEC TJ Alderfer (Faith Christian Acad), 11-6

145 #16 Ethan Kelly (Westmont Hilltop Hs) F Luke Wahlers (Faith Christian Acad), 2:24

152 #17 Hudson Holbay (Westmont Hilltop Hs) TF Andy Muzika (Faith Christian Acad), 15-0 4:17

160 #21 Max Schultz (Faith Christian Acad) DEC Camden Moors (Westmont Hilltop Hs), 9-2

170 Damon Waltenbaugh (Faith Christian Acad) DEC Hunter Holbay (Westmont Hilltop Hs), 9-2

182 Mason Muto (Westmont Hilltop Hs) F Britton Walters (Faith Christian Acad), 1:06

195 #21 Tanner Dluhos (Westmont Hilltop Hs) DEC Leo Muzika (Faith Christian Acad), 6-2

220 Dylan Dewitt (Faith Christian Acad) F Noah Gresh (Westmont Hilltop Hs), 1:32

285 Max Yonko (Westmont Hilltop Hs) FFT

106 #16 Alderfer Eric (Faith Christian Acad) F Connor Lamantia (Westmont Hilltop Hs), 1:50

113 Tanner Kushner (Westmont Hilltop Hs) F Cody Witzer (Faith Christian Acad), 1:06

120 Zane Blackburn (Westmont Hilltop Hs) FFT



#1 Reynolds over #11 Notre Dame – Green Pond (47-18)


126 #12 Andrew Ischo (Reynolds Hs) DEC #6 Brandan Chletsos (Notre Dame Hs – Green Pond), 6-4 SV

132 #10 Kaeden Berger (Reynolds Hs) DEC Joshua Bauman (Notre Dame Hs – Green Pond), 5-0

138 #3 Rocco Bartolo (Reynolds Hs) DEC #6 Nick Vonelli (Notre Dame Hs – Green Pond), 8-1

145 Alex Ischo (Reynolds Hs) MD Jacob Wehr (Notre Dame Hs – Green Pond), 13-4

152 #5 Andrew Cerniglia (Notre Dame Hs – Green Pond) F Jarred Wilkerson (Reynolds Hs), 1:48

160 #14 Derek Berlitz (Notre Dame Hs – Green Pond) F #20 Hunter Thompson (Reynolds Hs), 3:44

170 #11 Isaiah Dejesus (Notre Dame Hs – Green Pond) DEC #17 Cole Toy (Reynolds Hs), 7-4

182 Bryce McCloskey (Reynolds Hs) MD #23 Tucker Klump (Notre Dame Hs – Green Pond), 15-2

195 Braydon Herbster (Reynolds Hs) FFT

220 #13 Wyatt Owen (Reynolds Hs) F Eshan Swartz (Notre Dame Hs – Green Pond), 0:58

285 #17 Derrick Skeehan (Reynolds Hs) F Anthony Schiraldi (Notre Dame Hs – Green Pond), 2:28

106 #1 Gary Steen (Reynolds Hs) F Adam Schweitzer (Notre Dame Hs – Green Pond), 2:49

113 Cole Bayless (Reynolds Hs) F Tony Morello (Notre Dame Hs – Green Pond), 1:23

120 #1 Ryan Crookham (Notre Dame Hs – Green Pond) DEC #2 Beau Bayless (Reynolds Hs), 6-1