PAP32: The Super 32 is here! Pennsylvania Wrestling will send over 200 wrestlers south to Greensboro, NC to compete in that Nation’s best pre-season tournament and arguably one of the toughest altogether. PA Power Wrestling’s Jeff Upson @PAPowerWrestle and Eric Knopsynder @KnopsKnotes preview the Tournament and discuss all the PA studs who are looking for a Super 32 Challenge Championship Belt. Undefeated PIAA State Champion Sam Hillegas joins the show to talk about a deep 126 lbs. weight class and more. Take a listen below!

Show Breakdown

00:40 – Episode 32 is all about the Super 32

02:00 – Weight by weight preview of the Super 32

01:05:00 – Guest Sam Hillegas talks his sophomore season and wrestling Julian Chlebove

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