Pennsylvania’s Montana DeLawder and Tiffani Baublitz became the Keystone State’s 8th and 9th Women’s Junior National Champions in State history when they captured titles in Fargo, ND on Wednesday. It was only the third time ever that Team Pennsylvania crowned two Women’s Junior National champions in the same year; the last two times were 2003 and 2010.  Since the Junior Women’s National Championship began in 2002, Team Pennsylvania has only ever finished in the top ten of team scoring eight times, with their best finishes coming in 2003 and 2010 when they finished fourth. In 2019, DeLwader and Baublitz helped guide Team Pennsylvania to a sixth place finish, tied with Team Missouri at 25 points.

Additionally, Team Pennsylvania earned two fifth place finishers and an eighth place medalist for a total of five All-Americans. At 106 pounds the Keystone State had two wrestlers finish on the podium with Caitlyn Walker (Wyoming Seminary) and Tatyana Ortiz (Mariana Bracetti Academy). Caitlyn Walker, a rising senior at Sem, earned her third straight All-American finish in the Women’s Junior Nationals when she finished fifth at 106 pounds. She was second last year in Fargo at 106 pounds and sixth at 100 pounds in 2017. Prior to competing in Juniors, Walker was an All-American twice in Cadets earning a National Championship in 2016 at 88 pounds and finishing fourth in 2017 at 94 pounds. For Tatyana Ortiz, a 2019 graduate of Mariana Bracetti Academy, it was her first ever stop sign as she took eighth at 106 pounds.

The first Champion for Pennsylvania came when Montana DeLawder captured the 112 pound title. A rising junior at Gettysburg Area – DeLwader stormed her way to six straight wins in Fargo including a 9-3 win in the Finals over Wisconsin’s Josie Bartishofski. It was DeLawder’s second straight All-American finish in Fargo as she was fifth in 2018 at 112 pounds in the Cadet Women’s Nationals. After winning four straight matches by technical superiority, Montana had her toughest bout of the tournament in the semifinals against Colorado’s Jaslynn Gallegos. In the first ten seconds of the match Gallegos, a 2018 Junior Women’s fifth place medalist in Fargo at 106 pounds, quickly scored on a go behind for a 2-0 advantage. At the two minute mark DeLawder was pressing the action from her feet and nearly scored on a takedown but Gallegos fought it off and ended up on top of the scramble up 4-0.

From their feet Gallegos was able to connect on an arm throw for another two point takedown. Despite being down six points DeLawder never appeared out of the match and continued pushing her offense from neutral. That pressure paid off on the restart when she hit a blast double leg and finished it near the edge to cut Gallegos’ lead to 6-2.

In the second and final period Montana took a half-shot and Gallegos snapped her down to a front head and arm position when she attempted a cement mixer. DeLawder posted and caught Gallegos on her hip and planted her on her back for the fall. The match score at the time of the fall was 6-6 in favor of Montana as she scored a takedown and exposure points prior to the pin. In the finals DeLawder, a 2-time South Central Regional qualifier for Gettysburg, scored three takedowns en route to a 9-3 win over Bartishofski in the 112 pound finals.

At 132 pounds East Stroudsburg North wrestler Avia Bibeau earned her first All-American finish in Fargo when she took fifth. The second Pennsylvania National Champion came at 152 pounds when Stewartstown, PA native Tiffani Baublitz (Kennard Dale) claimed the Junior Women’s stop sign championship. The 2019 PA Girls State Champion was third in Fargo last season competing in Cadet Women’s at 144 pounds. Baublitz, a rising junior, collected three falls and a victory by points en route to the finals. There she took on Washington’s Kiley Hubby who was making her second straight Fargo finals after finishing second in 2018 at 152 pounds in Cadets. In the first period Baublitz snapped down Hubby and scored on a go-behind. She repeated almost the exact move at the two minute mark to go ahead 4-0. After the break Hubby got on the board with a takedown but it was not enough as Baublitz held on for the 4-2 victory and a National Championship.


Junior Women’s Medalists


100 Pounds

1st Sage Mortimer (Utah) VFA Rayana Sahagun (Michigan), 4-0 0:34
3rd Jessica Corredor (Florida) VSU Elizabeth Dosado (Virginia), 10-0 1:33
5th Heaven Fitch (North Carolina) VSU1 Amanda Newcomb (Kansas), 15-5 4:55
7th Estrella Dorado Marin (Colorado) VSU1 Valerie Carreon (Texas), 13-3 3:19


106 Pounds

1st Emily Shilson (Minnesota) VSU Faith Cole (Missouri), 10-0 1:08
3rd Emily Mendez (Washington) VFA Jenavi Alejandro (Nevada), 6-2 2:29
5th Caitlyn Walker (Wyoming Seminary) VFA Tehani Soares (Nevada), 8-0 1:10
7th Julianne Moccia (Maryland) VFA Tatyana Ortiz (Mariana Bracetti), 14-8 4:08


112 Pounds

1st Montana Delawder (Gettysburg) VPO1 Josie Bartishofski (Wisconsin), 9-3
3rd Nichole Moore (Kansas) VPO1 Trinity Berry (Virginia), 13-10
5th Jaslynn Gallegos (Colorado) VSU Alexis Janiak (Illinois), 10-0 2:37
7th Lexy Beadles (California) VFA Torieonna Buchanan (Indiana), 4-2 2:19


117 Pounds

1st Tiare Ikei (Hawaii) VFA Jennifer Soto (California), 8-4 2:04
3rd Camille Fournier (Texas) VSU1 Holly Beaudoin (Washington), 17-7 5:15
5th Phoenix Dubose (Washington) VSU Molly Williams (Washington), 10-0 2:29
7th Adriana Dorado Marin (Colorado) VSU Jazmin Mercado (Washington), 10-0 1:54


122 Pounds

1st Gabrielle Skidmore (Wisconsin) VPO1 Nanea Estrella (Hawaii), 5-2
3rd Payton Stroud (Washington) VSU Riley Dalrymple (New York), 10-0 5:24
5th Emily Paulino (Hawaii) VIN Leilah Castro (Ohio), 0-0 0:00
7th Brelane Huber (Idaho) VSU1 Katie Gomez (California), 11-1 4:54


127 Pounds

1st Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Texas) VSU1 Lana Perez (Hawaii), 14-1 4:25
3rd Waipuilani Beauchamp (Hawaii) VFA Mia Macaluso (New York), 4-0 0:15
5th Amor Tuttle (Minnesota) VSU1 Sydney Harper (Texas), 13-2 1:15
7th Andrea Schlabach (Ohio) VIN Asia Nguyen-Smith (Illinois)


132 Pounds

1st Kaylee Moore (Washington) VPO1 Viktorya Torres (Washington), 8-4
3rd Louisa Schwab (Illinois) VSU Emma Walker (Tennessee), 10-0 2:44
5th Avia Bibeau (East Stroudsburg North) VFA Grace Pauls (New York), 12-2 1:13
7th Nonnie Justice (Missouri) VSU Elleni Johnson (Utah), 10-0 1:02


138 Pounds

1st Alara Boyd (Indiana) VFA Morgan Norris (Nevada), 12-1 1:32
3rd Sara Sulejmani (Illinois) VSU Aine Drury (California), 10-0 2:12
5th Esther Han (Missouri) VFA Chloe Ogden (Florida), 8-6 2:10
7th Maggie Palmore (Maryland) VSU1 Kya Rybachek (Minnesota), 12-1 2:57


144 Pounds

1st Mckenzie Cook (Alaska) VPO1 Jerzie Estrada (Colorado), 8-7
3rd Nia Miranda (Texas) VPO1 Ivy Kraght (Washington), 3-2
5th Krista Warren (Washington) VFA Annie Hua (California), 6-4 2:53
7th Tiyahna Askew (Georgia) VFA Alexandria Hernandez (Washington), 14-5 3:41


152 Pounds

1st Tiffani Baublitz (Kennard Dale) VPO1 Kiley Hubby (Washington), 4-2
3rd Jewel Gonzalez (New Jersey) VPO1 Francesca Lopresti (California), 4-2
5th Alexandria Sanford (Washington) VFA Brooke-Lynn Rush (Missouri), 9-0 3:50
7th Michelle Kamyshin (California) VPO Morgan Mayginnes (Kansas), 6-0


164 Pounds

1st Kennedy Blades (Illinois) VSU Tristan Kelly (Colorado), 10-0 2:40
3rd Ashley Lekas (Texas) VPO1 Olivia Robinson (Oregon), 4-1
5th McKenzie Samuels (New York) VPO Jennifer Curry (Arizona), 5-0
7th Ariana Pereira (California) VFA Ava Miller (Missouri), 10-2 1:24


180 Pounds

1st Kelani Corbett (Hawaii) VPO Elisa Robinson (Kansas), 8-0
3rd Jaycee Foeller (Missouri) VPO1 Brianna Staebler (Wisconsin), 10-2
5th Joanna Jones (New York) VPO Faith Tuttle (Minnesota), 8-0
7th Brittyn Corbishley (Texas) VFA Shania Gowan (Florida), 8-2 1:56


200 Pounds

1st Gabrielle Hamilton (Illinois) VFA Angela Buenrrostro (California), 7-4 1:33
3rd Olivia Brown (Oklahoma) VPO Juliannah Bolli (California), 8-0
5th Tatum Heikkila (Washington) VSU Elizabeth Saleapaga (California), 11-0 4:26
7th Stacey Pgouda (Georgia) VSU Kayvette Osorio (California), 12-0 0:51


225 Pounds

1st Gabrielle Holloway (Texas) VFA Isabeau Shalack (Illinois), 2-1 3:37
3rd Cristina Santoyo (California) VFA Kyleigh Haney (Georgia), 8-2 3:33
5th Hannah Francis (Texas) VIN Jasmine Guerrero (California)
7th Lexie Cole (Missouri) VFA Cassidy Curtiss (California), 2-0 1:50