Money in The Banks

The #1 ranked Bethlehem Catholic Golden Eagles got a nice addition to their line-up just in time for the PIAA State Dual Team Tournament. Junior Tavion Banks, an outstanding football player, was a NE Regional qualifier a year ago and has seen varsity action for head coach Jeff Karam the last two seasons. Up until their opening round match of Team States, Tavion has not been on the mat this season. Now at 182 pounds he is yet another piece in their puzzle to repeat as PIAA State Champions. 


Colts Run Wild on Canon-McMillan

Cedar Cliff came into the PIAA State Tournament as the #8 ranked team in the State but wrestled like they should be a little higher on Thursday evening. Even without State ranked Cole Bear at 113 pounds – the Colts took it to #11 Canon-McMillan in the PIAA State Dual Team First Round (43-16). Cedar Cliff won ten bouts in a convincing win 


#1 Dan Mancini Makes a Statement Against #3 Cam Connor


3A Championship First Round


#7 Council Rock South over Hazleton Area (39-15)


113 Cavan Kinne (Council Rock South Hs) MD Michael Martinez (Hazleton Area Hs), 13-4

120 #6 Maximino Mendez (Council Rock South Hs) F Beck Hutchison (Hazleton Area Hs), 3:12

126 #10 Shane Hanson-Ashworth (Council Rock South Hs) MD Jorven Rodriguez (Hazleton Area Hs), 14-5

132 #19 Braden Ricchini (Council Rock South Hs) TF Christian Kislan (Hazleton Area Hs), 18-3 3:50

138 LJ Kahn (Council Rock South Hs) F Stephen Martisofski (Hazleton Area Hs), 0:48

145 #25 Charles Everdale (Hazleton Area Hs) DEC #11 Eric Woloshyn (Council Rock South Hs), 7-6

152 #18 Cole Flanagan (Council Rock South Hs) DEC Bryce Molinaro (Hazleton Area Hs), 6-3

160 #19 Matt Colajezzi (Council Rock South Hs) MD Dante Matarella (Hazleton Area Hs), 9-0

170 #19 Nik Korbich (Council Rock South Hs) DEC Jake Marnell (Hazleton Area Hs), 3-2

182 Jayson Brielmeier (Hazleton Area Hs) DEC Giani Gilch (Council Rock South Hs), 2-0

195 Seth Hunsinger (Hazleton Area Hs) DEC Peter Eklund (Council Rock South Hs), 10-5

220 No Match

285 #3 Shane Noonan (Hazleton Area Hs) F Dom Ditri (Council Rock South Hs), 2:16

106 #4 Kyle Waterman (Council Rock South Hs) MD Johnny Corra (Hazleton Area Hs), 13-0



#12 Dallastown Area over Father Judge (40-23)


113 Adam Karlie (Dallastown Area Hs) F Max Edwards (Father Judge), 1:14

120 Carter MacDonald (Dallastown Area Hs) MD Robert Baker (Father Judge), 12-1

126 #8 Eamonn Logue (Father Judge) F Donovan Trauger (Dallastown Area Hs), 3:34

132 #12 Liam Logue (Father Judge) DEC Cael Turnbull (Dallastown Area Hs), 6-3

138 Brooks Gable (Dallastown Area Hs) DEC Robert Lawlor (Father Judge), 5-3

145 #10 Caesar Fountain (Father Judge) MD Sam Druck (Dallastown Area Hs), 8-0

152 Hunter Sweitzer (Dallastown Area Hs) DEC Dan Wildonger (Father Judge), 4-2

160 #18 Matthew Kidwell (Father Judge) MD John Ligon (Dallastown Area Hs), 14-4

170 Brenden Spicer (Father Judge) DEC Franklin Klinger (Dallastown Area Hs), 5-0

182 Blake Feeney (Dallastown Area Hs) F Tyler Dombrowski (Father Judge), 1:43

195 #14 Jarrett Feeney (Dallastown Area Hs) F Zachary Bayer (Father Judge), 2:58

220 #6 Jamal Brandon (Dallastown Area Hs) F Ben Kopertowski (Father Judge), 2:47

285 #6 Raymond Christas (Dallastown Area Hs) F Jose Lage (Father Judge), 0:49

106 #14 Sean Logue (Father Judge) DEC Caden Dobbins (Dallastown Area Hs), 5-0



#9 Seneca Valley over #19 Mifflin County (35-24)


113 #1 Dylan Chappell (Seneca Valley Hs) F Cade Rishel (Mifflin County Hs), 3:01

120 #1 Alejandro Herrera-Rondon (Seneca Valley Hs) DEC Christian Fisher (Mifflin County Hs), 6-1

126 Derek Burk (Mifflin County Hs) DEC Ronan O`Shea (Seneca Valley Hs), 10-4

132 #12 Jason Geyer (Seneca Valley Hs) DEC Ethan Kauffman (Mifflin County Hs), 7-1

138 #16 Drew Vlasnik (Seneca Valley Hs) DEC Kyler Everly (Mifflin County Hs), 7-1

145 #22 Antonio Amelio (Seneca Valley Hs) TF Trey Shoemaker (Mifflin County Hs), 16-0 4:37

152 #12 Nick Montalbano (Seneca Valley Hs) F Anson Wagner (Mifflin County Hs), 1:09

160 #3 Trey Kibe (Mifflin County Hs) F Michael Adamson (Seneca Valley Hs), 3:07

170 Liam Volk-klos (Seneca Valley Hs) DEC Hadyn Crum (Mifflin County Hs), 3-0

182 Brycen Hassinger (Mifflin County Hs) DEC Patrick Johnson (Seneca Valley Hs), 6-0

195 Jacob Krepps (Mifflin County Hs) DEC Davin Beahm (Seneca Valley Hs), 9-7

220 Nick Funovits (Seneca Valley Hs) F Dylan Grassmyer (Mifflin County Hs), 4:54

285 #18 Blaine Davis (Mifflin County Hs) F Tyler Proctor (Seneca Valley Hs), 0:51

106 #8 Nicholas Allison (Mifflin County Hs) DEC Hunter Swedish (Seneca Valley Hs), 8-2



#1 Bethlehem Catholic over Boyertown Area (57-9)


113 Trey Miletics (Bethlehem Catholic Hs) DEC Kade Davidheiser (Boyertown Area Hs), 11-4

120 #5 Matt Mayer (Bethlehem Catholic Hs) MD Chance Babb (Boyertown Area Hs), 13-5

126 Dillon Murphy (Bethlehem Catholic Hs) TF Nicholas Montanye (Boyertown Area Hs), 15-0 2:37

132 #3 Kenny Herrmann (Bethlehem Catholic Hs) F Dominic Sheridan (Boyertown Area Hs), 3:01

138 #6 Matt Lackman (Bethlehem Catholic Hs) F Evan Detwiler (Boyertown Area Hs), 0:26

145 Jamir Jiminez (Bethlehem Catholic Hs) F Connor Neiswender (Boyertown Area Hs), 2:36

152 #2 Cole Handlovic (Bethlehem Catholic Hs) F Brett Breidor (Boyertown Area Hs), 3:47

160 #1 Luca Frinzi (Bethlehem Catholic Hs) DEC Evan Mortimer (Boyertown Area Hs), 9-5

170 #17 Jaden Youwakim (Bethlehem Catholic Hs) DEC Alan Alexander (Boyertown Area Hs), 7-3

182 Tavion Banks (Bethlehem Catholic Hs) F Preston Fox (Boyertown Area Hs), 1:48

195 Logan Huls (Boyertown Area Hs) FFT

220 #3 Jacob Miller (Boyertown Area Hs) DEC Jarius Rosado (Bethlehem Catholic Hs), 5-3

285 #13 Jase Crouse (Bethlehem Catholic Hs) F Jacob Sonder (Boyertown Area Hs), 3:30

106 #7 Dante Frinzi (Bethlehem Catholic Hs) DEC #16 Julien Maldonado (Boyertown Area Hs), 4-0



#2 Kiski Area over #17 Owen J. Roberts (50-12)


113 Julian Jones (Kiski Area Hs) DEC Joshua Jackson (Owen J Roberts Hs), 6-0

120 Dom Giordano (Kiski Area Hs) DEC David Forrest (Owen J Roberts Hs), 7-2

126 #2 Darren Miller (Kiski Area Hs) TF Jacob Dunleavy (Owen J Roberts Hs), 15-0 3:04

132 Sammy Starr (Kiski Area Hs) F Zachary Englehardt (Owen J Roberts Hs), 0:57

138 Cole Meredith (Owen J Roberts Hs) DEC Jared Curcio (Kiski Area Hs), 4-2

145 #9 Antonio Petrucelli (Owen J Roberts Hs) DEC #21 Enzo Morlacci (Kiski Area Hs), 3-1

152 #1 Daniel Mancini (Owen J Roberts Hs) DEC #3 Cam Connor (Kiski Area Hs), 8-1

160 #4 Jack Blumer (Kiski Area Hs) F #9 Connor Quinn (Owen J Roberts Hs), 1:35

170 #25 Patrick McCutchen (Owen J Roberts Hs) DEC #5 Nick Delp (Kiski Area Hs), 4-2

182 Dylan Mullen (Kiski Area Hs) DEC Matthew Karcewski (Owen J Roberts Hs), 7-0

195 #14 Brayden Roscosky (Kiski Area Hs) F Thomas Dempsey (Owen J Roberts Hs), 2:54

220 #15 Troy Kuhn (Kiski Area Hs) FFT

285 #24 Stone Joseph (Kiski Area Hs) F Richard Nathan (Owen J Roberts Hs), 0:54

106 Antonio Giordano (Kiski Area Hs) F Jeffery Woodlee (Owen J Roberts Hs), 1:55



#6 Cathedral Prep over #16 Spring-Ford (47-19)


113 #16 Shane Reynolds (Spring Ford Hs) F Philip Stark (Cathedral Preparatory Sch), 1:4

120 Quinn Tobin (Spring Ford Hs) TF Jamale Crockett (Cathedral Preparatory Sch), 15-0 4:24

126 #25 Ben Tirpak (Cathedral Preparatory Sch) TF Gus Carfagno (Spring Ford Hs), 16-0 2:27

132 #22 Alex Chelton (Cathedral Preparatory Sch) DEC Alex Johns (Spring Ford Hs), 4-1

138 #8 Jack McGill (Spring Ford Hs) TF Caden Farr (Cathedral Preparatory Sch), 16-1 4:55

145 #6 Paniro Johnson (Cathedral Preparatory Sch) TF Zach Needles (Spring Ford Hs), 20-5 6:00

152 Dirk Nugent (Spring Ford Hs) DEC #25 Marques McClorin (Cathedral Preparatory Sch), 3-1

160 Kelyn Blossey (Cathedral Preparatory Sch) DEC Gavin Hartman (Spring Ford Hs), 9-4 SV

170 Luke Sittinger (Cathedral Preparatory Sch) F #23 Chase Smith (Spring Ford Hs), 4:18

182 #1 Carter Starocci (Cathedral Preparatory Sch) MD #9 Joey Milano (Spring Ford Hs), 19-6

195 #23 Kareem Carson (Cathedral Preparatory Sch) DEC Louis Carbajal (Spring Ford Hs), 5-1

220 #2 Dorian Crosby (Cathedral Preparatory Sch) F James Albert (Spring Ford Hs), 1:31

285 #1 Kawaun DeBoe (Cathedral Preparatory Sch) F Seth Brogan (Spring Ford Hs), 0:48

106 #15 Jacob Van Dee (Cathedral Preparatory Sch) F Dominic Ortlip (Spring Ford Hs), 1:08



#3 Northampton Area over Selinsgrove Area (64-9)


113 #22 Alexander Hanley (Northampton Area Hs) TF Aiden Gaugler (Selinsgrove Area Hs), 15-0 4:42

120 Samuel Hanley (Northampton Area Hs) F Cj Boyer (Selinsgrove Area Hs), 1:35

126 Blaise Wagner (Northampton Area Hs) F Carter Horten (Selinsgrove Area Hs), 0:41

132 Ethan Szerencsits (Northampton Area Hs) MD Shawn Matthews (Selinsgrove Area Hs), 12-1

138 #2 Julian Chlebove (Northampton Area Hs) F Ryan Moyer (Selinsgrove Area Hs), 3:14

145 #5 Jagger Condomitti (Northampton Area Hs) F Josiah Foss (Selinsgrove Area Hs), 2:31

152 Erik Schreck (Northampton Area Hs) F Ryan Yetter (Selinsgrove Area Hs), 1:01

160 #9 Michael Kistler (Northampton Area Hs) F Dean Hollenbach (Selinsgrove Area Hs), 2:57

170 #15 Coy Bastian (Selinsgrove Area Hs) DEC Traisach Roland (Northampton Area Hs), 3-2

182 Riley Gallagher (Northampton Area Hs) DEC Ryan Aument (Selinsgrove Area Hs), 8-4

195 Jayden Bortz (Northampton Area Hs) MD #22 Blaise Zeiders (Selinsgrove Area Hs), 10-2

220 #4 Nate Schon (Selinsgrove Area Hs) F Blake Lambert (Northampton Area Hs), 3:43

285 #11 Hunter Werkheiser (Northampton Area Hs) F Aaron Hoke (Selinsgrove Area Hs), 2:19

106 #18 Ryan Stilgenbauer (Northampton Area Hs) FFT



#8 Cedar Cliff over #11 Canon-McMillan (43-16)


113 Costa Moore (Canon McMillan Hs) DEC Mark Paradine (Cedar Cliff Hs), 5-2

120 #23 Creed Bogardus (Cedar Cliff Hs) DEC Jimmy Baxter (Canon McMillan Hs), 9-4

126 #1 JJ Wilson (Cedar Cliff Hs) DEC #7 Ken Hayman (Canon McMillan Hs), 1-0

132 Christian Prestil (Cedar Cliff Hs) FFT

138 John Cunningham (Cedar Cliff Hs) DEC Ryan Clendaniel (Canon McMillan Hs), 4-0

145 #9 Michael Cassidy (Cedar Cliff Hs) DEC Tanner Rohaley (Canon McMillan Hs), 11-9

152 Danny Zigue (Cedar Cliff Hs) F Blake Joseph (Canon McMillan Hs), 3:22

160 Isaiah Auman (Cedar Cliff Hs) DEC Johnathan Shanahan (Canon McMillan Hs), 6-2

170 Bobby Whalen (Cedar Cliff Hs) F Tyler Rohaley (Canon McMillan Hs), 1:26

182 #2 Gerrit Nijenhuis (Canon McMillan Hs) F Jayvon Godineaux (Cedar Cliff Hs), 2:41

195 Evan Miller (Canon Mcmillan Hs) MD Elijah Ikeda (Cedar Cliff Hs), 14-3

220 #5 Donovan Ball (Cedar Cliff Hs) F Alec Hendal (Canon Mcmillan Hs), 2:25

285 #21 Giomar Ramos (Canon Mcmillan Hs) DEC Anthony Shires (Cedar Cliff Hs), 3-1 SV

106 #6 Aiden Lewis (Cedar Cliff Hs) MD #19 Jacob Houpt (Canon McMillan Hs), 16-3