HARRISBURG, Pa.: Central Dauphin head coach Jeff Sweigard didn’t know what to expect from his football players Thursday night.

The foursome of Timmy Smith, Jackson Talbott, Nathaniel Mosey, and Marques Holton just finished their season on the gridiron and had a couple of practices under their belt. It certainly wasn’t enough to be in wrestling shape.

But, it didn’t look that way against rival Cumberland Valley. This quartet went 3-1 and accounted for 13 points to help the Rams blow by the Eagles 39-23 in a key battle between two teams ranked in the top 20 in the state.

“It’s been a tough start with the football players not in there,” said Sweigard, who notched his 500th career dual-meet victory. “When you get those types of kids in there like Timmy, Nathaniel, Jackson, and Marques, they are leaders. When they aren’t in the room, you lose that continuity.

“Those guys came back in and did everything we asked. I was surprised some of them made way, but they were willing to make that sacrifice and drop down. But, they had a good couple of workouts and did the job.”

The Rams won nine of 14 matches. Eight of those victories, including the last three by Josh Miller (126), Tyler Faust (132), and Bryce Buckman (138), let to bonus points.

As for the Eagles, Dave Heckard’s squad was missing Jaciah Whitcomb and Gabriel Belga and couldn’t match the experience of the Rams, who were competing in their first dual meet of the season.

“I thought we maybe could use that as an advantage,” said Heckard in regard to the Rams football players being back in the lineup. “They didn’t have a lot of mat time yet, but they are experienced on top. They are well coached and they have a nice lineup. It’s tough to find a place to beat them and collect extra points.

“At the end of the day, chances are we will see each other again, and things will be different lineup wise for both of us. We will take what we learned here and move forward.”

Below is a bout-by-bout account of the Rams’ impressive victory over the Eagles to kick off the dual-meet season.      


145: Kyler Miller, CV, md Wade McClune, CD, 13-2: McClune takes an early shot and secures a leg. He lifts it up and takes it inside to turn it into a takedown for a 2-0 lead. Miller gets to his feet, but the two wrestlers tumble out of bounds before he can escape. McClune goes for a tilt on the restart but couldn’t finish. The two wrestlers battle for wrist control, with Miller turning a Granby into an escape and gets on top for two. Miller increases his lead to 6-2 with back points before the end of the period. Miller got busy on the start and reversed 10 seconds in to make it 8-2. On top, Miller scored on a tilt to make it 10-2. He kept the pressure on the rest of the period to take a major decision to the third. McClune took neutral and needed a big move. He shot off the start, but Miller stepped back and got on top for another takedown. Miller owned McClune on the mat the rest of the way, forcing another stall call for a 13-2 major. Cumberland Valley 4, Central Dauphin 0.

152: Ty Weathersby, CD, md Ben Belga, CV, 14-4: Weathersby went after Belga and scored on a takedown. Belga slipped out with 30 seconds in the period and won a scramble for a reversal. Weathersby managed an escaped and took a 3-2 lead in an entertaining first period. Belga chooses neutral to start the second. Weathersby picked the ankle and turned it into a single leg takedown to stretch his lead. Weathersby continued to work and turned a double bar into three back points. He couldn’t finish off the fall, however, and settled for an 8-2 lead after two periods. Weathersby was on bottom and escaped in the first five seconds. Belga scored off of an aggressive Weathersby shot to close the gap to 9-4. Weathersby escaped and was able to get another takedown to increase his advantage to 12-4. Belga was hit for stalling with 25 seconds left, but a stoppage for potentially dangerous followed to force the wrestlers back to the middle. Weathersby worked on top for two more and settled for the 14-4 major. Cumberland Valley 4, Central Dauphin 4.

160: Liam Anderson, CV, dec Behruz Anarov, CD, 5-2: The two wrestlers spent the first half of the first period hand fighting and trying to gain position. Anderson took the first shot with 10 seconds left in the period, but he couldn’t finish, and Anarov fell just short of getting behind for two at the buzzer. With the match scoreless entering the second, Anderson took bottom. He executed a Granby and latched on to a foot, but Anarov somehow held on as the two wrestlers went out of bounds. Anderson got to his feet and forced locked hands. Then, he slipped out for a reversal and a 3-0 lead with 20 seconds left in the period. Anderson took that advantage to the third. Anarov took down and slipped out the side for a reversal to close the gap to 3-2. After a restart, Anarov worked for the tilt, but the wrestlers went out of bounds just past the minute mark. Anderson owned the restart, sitting back and spinning around for a reversal and an insurmountable 5-2 lead and the victory. Cumberland Valley 7, Central Dauphin 4.   

170: Vick Mahmoud, CD, dec. Gabriel Hayes, CV, 7-2: Hays got in deep at the minute mark, but Mahmoud used his length to fight off the move and force a stalemate. On the restart, Hayes shot, and Mahmoud again fought off the move. This time, the CD ace turned it into a takedown and a 2-0 lead after one period. Hayes has been good on his feet and took neutral, but Mahmoud shot first and turned it into a double-leg takedown. Leading 4-0, Mahmoud was looking latched in a half and was looking to turn his opponent. Hayes was able to get to his feet, but Mahmoud returned him to the mat. Hayes was hit for a stall and continued to be flat. Mahmoud kept working until the buzzer for a 4-0 lead. Mahmoud took top to start the third. Hayes got to his feet and used his strength to turn the reversal. Mahmoud kept rotating and slipped out for a reversal and a 6-2 lead. Mahmoud locked in a half and started to run it. Hayes was hit for stalling and gave up a point. Mahmoud led the rest of the way and took the 7-2 decision. Cumberland Valley 7, Central Dauphin 7.

182: Timmy Smith, CD, md Dontey Rogan, CV, 13-3: Smith and Rogan spent the first 40 seconds hand fighting, before Smith shot on a leg and scored for a 2-0 lead. Smith kept working the tilt but couldn’t turn him before the end of the period. Leading 2-0, Smith chose bottom. He got to his feet in the first five seconds, and Rogan couldn’t bring him down to the mat. Smith put his hand on Rogan’s face, and Rogan shoved Smith out of bounds. Rogan received a violation, and Smith received a point. Smith owned the restart and scored on a reversal. After the two wrestlers went out of bounds, Smith finally latched in a tilt and took a 7-0 lead with 1:15 remaining in the second. Rogan was able to escape with 30 seconds left to cut the lead to 7-1. Three seconds before the period ended, Smith won a mini-scramble and scored another takedown and two quick back points for an 11-1 lead. The two wrestlers were in neutral to start the third. Smith was hit for stalling in the first 20 seconds for backing up. Smith got busy after a restart and secured Rogan’s leg. Rogan sprawled, and a stalemate was called. The two wrestlers appeared to be in a stalemate, but Rogan managed to get to the side and get his leg over for a takedown. Smith was awarded a point when Rogan locked hands. Smith, who wrestled his first match of the season, led 13-3 and held on for the major. Central Dauphin 11, Cumberland Valley 7.

195: Jacob Lucas, CV, md Jackson Talbott, CD, 13-4: Lucas picked the ankle with 1:20 left in the first and turned it into a 2-0 lead. Lucas let Talbott up and was able to secure a leg after a restart. Lucas attempted to throw Talbott to the mat, but Talbott scrambled and was able to fight off the takedown. It was temporary, however, after Lucas scored on another restart 15 seconds left in the period for a 4-1 advantage. Talbott deferred, putting Lucas down to start the second. Lucas got to his feet, but Talbott was able to get him back to the mat after some work. It didn’t last long, as Lucas escaped with 1:30 left in the period for a 5-1 lead. The quicker Lucas shot in on Talbott’s right leg and brought him down to the mat for a 7-1 lead. Lucas let Talbott up to make it 7-2, and the process started again. Lucas took a shot at the other leg and scored again before letting Talbott to his feet. Trailing 9-3, Talbott shot in on a leg. He couldn’t score, and a stalemate was called with 27 seconds left in the period. Lucas secured another takedown before the end of the period and led 11-3. Talbott was awarded a point on a neutral escape to start the third. Lucas pressed the action and got in on a leg — a common theme for the match — and worked until he got another takedown for a 13-4 lead. This time, Lucas didn’t let Talbott up. With just over a minute left, he worked the wrist and was looking for back points. Talbott did a good job fighting off the tilt attempt and saved points. Lucas rode the rest of the way and took the 13-4 major. Central Dauphin 11, Cumberland Valley 11.

220: Nathaniel Mosey, CD, tech fall Abubakar Saka, CV, 16-0 (5:55): Mosey worked the head and kept spinning until he got behind on a takedown. He got ??? to his back in a hurry and added three near-fall points for a 5-0 lead. Saka was able to fight it off and only trailed 5-0 heading to the second. Saka was on bottom to start the second stanza. Mosey used that to his advantage and had two near-fall points in the first minute. Saka was hit for stalling with 35 seconds on the period, as Mosey slipped in a half. Saka was hit again with two seconds left in the period, which led to Mosey holding an 8-0 lead after two. Mosey went down to start the third. Saka got a little high on the head, and Mosey tried to get out the side and back. The first attempt failed, but he was able to turn the reversal and score back points for a 13-0 lead. With 10 seconds left, Mosey got one more turn for the tech fall in 5:55. Central Dauphin 16, Cumberland Valley 11.

285: Marques Holton, CD, md Connor Mundis, CV, 16-5: Holton was shot out of a cannon early, as he secured a takedown along the edge in the first 15 seconds of the match. Holton continued to look for back points but got lose on top, which allowed Mundis to slip out with 25 seconds left. Holton kept up the pace and scored on a Mundis shot with eight seconds left to take a 4-1 lead to the second. Mundis was down to start the second, but he couldn’t shake free as Holton pushed the issue on top. Mundis was out with 1:00 left, and the two wrestlers went chest to chest. Holton won that battle and dropped Mundis to his back for a five-point move and a 9-2 lead. Mundis escaped at the buzzer, which led to some boos from the CD crowd. In the third, an energized Holton shot off bottom for a 10-3 lead. After a restart, he bull-rushed and dumped Mundis to the mat for another takedown. Mundis escaped and tried a trip, but Holton had too much upper body strength and scored again to make it 14-4. Holton continued to cut Mundis and took the 16-5 major. Central Dauphin 20, Cumberland Valley 11.

106: Noah Groelly, CV, pinned Allyar Nassarov, CD, 1:17: Each wrestlers got off a shot, but Groelly was the only one who could score. He He was able to get a takedown and cradle his opponent for a much-needed pin in 1:17. Central Dauphin 20, Cumberland Valley 17.

113: Matt Repos, CD, pinned Lance Wickerham, CV, 3:37: Repos, who has been working with former CD star Tyson Dippery, got off to a quick start with a takedown. There was a sense of urgency, and Repos wasted little time racking up points. He added three back points for a 5-0 lead in the first minute of the period. Another tilt followed at the 20-second mark, but Repos wasn’t done. He added a cradle in the last five seconds for a 10-0 lead after one. Repos was on top to start the second, which was bad news for Wickerham. The CD freshman added another tilt in the first 30 seconds of the period and turned it into a bar for three more and a 13-0 advantage. With plenty of time on the clock, Repos had plenty of time. He locked in a cradle and scored the fall in 3:37 to give CD some cushion. Central Dauphin 26, Cumberland Valley 17.

120: Ben Monn, CV, pinned Liam Kennedy, CD, 1:37: This one was a mismatch from the start. Monn scored on a pair of early takedowns and cut Kennedy a second time, only to take him down again for a 6-2 lead. Monn wasn’t done. He locked in a cradle and scored the fall in 1:37. Central Dauphin 26, Cumberland Valley 23.

126: Josh Miller, CD, md Ruston Dzielak, CV, 11-3: The two wrestlers got into a quick stalemate with 30 seconds left. Both wrestlers shot on the restart, but no points were scored. Miller tried a couple of half shots but couldn’t execute. He did hit a duck under and put Dzielak on his back for a five-point move in the final 10 seconds for a 5-0 lead. Dzielak was on bottom to start the second. He got to his feet 30 seconds in and was out to close the gap. He added a takedown on a mini-mat scramble with a minute left to get back to 5-3. Miller escaped with just over 30 seconds left in the period to hold a 6-3 lead. The two wrestlers fought in neutral along the edge in the last 10 seconds, but no points were scored. Miller was on bottom to start the third. Dzielak cut Miller and went to work in neutral. With just under 30 seconds left, Dzielak tried to body his opponent, but Miller was too much and fell on Dzielak for the takedown and a 9-3 victory. He added two more back points at the buzzer for an 11-3 major. Central Dauphin 30, Cumberland Valley 23.

132: Tyler Faust, CD, md Mitchell Strous, CV, 14-5: Faust scored on a takedown in the first five second, but Strous was out in a hurry. Strous kept coming and got behind Faust for a takedown to take a 3-2 lead with 1:30 left in the period. The two wrestlers were along the edge, and it appeared Faust reversed. Instead, he was awarded an escape that tied the match at 3. Faust shot on the restart and turned a single leg into a dump for the takedown. He went right after the tilt but couldn’t score back points. Leading 5-3, Faust chose bottom to start the second. He got to his feet on the whistle and turned out with the first 10 seconds. After blood time for Strous, Faust shot and secured a leg. He turned Strous for the takedown and an 8-3 lead. Strous was able to escape with a 1:00 left in the period. Strous reached, and Faust shot with 30 seconds left. Strous tried to sprawl, but Faust was too strong and slipped on top for a 10-4 lead. Knowing he needed a big move, Strous took neutral. Faust responded with a running takedown to make it 12-4. Strous escaped with a minute left in the match, but he couldn’t get past Faust’s defense. Faust turned a Strous shot into a takedown and locked up the dual meet for CD with a 14-5 decision. Central Dauphin 34, Cumberland Valley 23.

138: Bryce Buckman, CD, tech fall Spenser Machemer, CV, 15-0 (5:53): Buckman entered the match with a 4-0 record and looked like it early. He went on the attack, scoring a takedown and three near-fall points in the first minute. Machemer had no answer on bottom, as Buckman hit another tilt and went up 8-0 at the end of one. Buckman — no surprise — took top. Machemer got to his feet, but he couldn’t escape, as Buckman pulled him in from the edge. Machemer fought on the restart, but Buckman worked the arms and waste and was looking for the tilt. Credit Machemer for fighting it off, but Buckman was tenacious in adding two more back points at the buzzer. Machemer chose top to start the third, and Buckman followed with a quick reversal. He added two more back points and got a stall call for a 15-0 tech fall in 5:59. Central Dauphin 39, Cumberland Valley 23.