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Two Pennsylvania freshman wrestlers who had strong scholastic seasons made headlines in Virginia Beach at the NHSCA Freshman Nationals. Overall Pennsylvania had two individual Champions and 18 total medalists in the Freshman Division.

At 152 pounds Mifflin County rookie Trey Kibe won the National title in a weight that was dominated by Pennsylvania. After downing fellow PIAA State Qualifier Lenny Pinto (Stroudsburg) in the quarterfinals, Kibe took out 2018 PIAA State Medalist Cole Spencer (Pine-Richland) in the finals by a 2-1 score. Thanks to a second period reversal Kibe was crowned Champion over Spencer while Pinto bounced back for third place.

PA Power Wrestling’s overall Top Incoming Freshman of 2018 was Wyoming Seminary rookie Cole Rees an Erie native. Rees saw varsity action on and off for the National Prep power Wyoming Seminary but made the most of his appearance in Virginia Beach taking the crown at 160 pounds.

Northampton Area rookie Jagger Condomitti advanced into the Championship finals at 132 pounds where he finished as the runner-up, falling 1-0 in the finals to Connecticut’s Justin Mastroianni. Southern Columbia’s Patrick Edmondson and Cael Crebs (Montoursville) each took third, Edmondson at 113 pounds and Crebs at 132 pounds. View the place winners below.


106 LBS

1st Cooper Flynn (TN) DEC Jordan Titus (NY), 5-2
3rd Drake Ayala (IA) DEC Jacob Mann (MO), 9-7
5th Brenden Barnes (VA) DEC Mason Bush (NY), 1-0
7th Chase Liardi (NY) DEC Daniel Uhorchuk (TN), 11-6


113 LBS

1st Jayden Gomez (CA) DEC Koen Kish (OH), 7-6
3rd Patrick Edmondson (PA) DEC Colton Washleski (NJ), 10-3
5th Benjamin Alanis (AZ) F Jesse Brochu (NH), 3:48
7th Noah Ozuna (CA) DEC Jude Camacho (TX), 6-4


120 LBS

1st Ethen Miller (MO) DEC Caden Mccrary (GA), 6-3
3rd Henry Porter (CA) DEC Cooper Pontelandolfo (NJ), 9-7 SV
5th Victor Jacinto (CA) DEC Cade Lucio (CA), 5-1
7th Nicholas Fine (RI) DEC Tyler Muldrew (OH), 11-4


126 LBS

1st Shayne Vanness (NJ) F Edward Hummel (NJ), 1:58
3rd Aaron Lofton (TX) F Jared Simma (KS), 5:16
5th Jalen Jones (MD) DEC Nieko Malone (NJ), 12-9 TB2
7th Avery Bassett (PA) DEC Johnathon Viveros (CA), 6-5


132 LBS

1st Justin Mastroianni (CT) DEC Jagger Condomitti (PA), 1-0
3rd Cael Crebs (PA) F Mason Dubois (VA), 1:28
5th Ethan Davis (WA) MD Antonio Segura (CO), 11-2
7th Thomas Ketchen-Carter (KY) F Deshawn Cosby (TX), 2:29


138 LBS

1st Joshua Swan (FL) DEC Jack Janda (NJ), 8-4
3rd Brant Whitaker (MO) MD Tommy Dressler (PA), 8-0
5th Bailey Flanagan (FL) DEC Jesse Alvarado (VA), 8-7
7th Caden Rogers (PA) F Dalton Russelburg (KY), 5:34


145 LBS

1st Maxwell Wilner (CA) MD Jack Spahn (NY), 19-7
3rd Aiden Warren (IN) DEC Cuinn Burlingham (NY), 11-9 SV
5th Kamdyn Munro (GA) F Harrison Trahan (PA), 1:55
7th Warren Hoyt (AL) F Corey Showaker (PA), 3:09


152 LBS

1st Trey Kibe (PA) DEC Cole Spencer (PA), 2-1
3rd Leonard Pinto (PA) DEC Paul Jakub (NJ), 11-7
5th Jack Farinaro (NJ) DEC Coy Cohenour (MT), 12-7
7th Jacob Null (NY) F Stephen Roeder (PA), 3:30


160 LBS

1st Cole Rees (PA) DEC Ben Vanadia (OH), 5-2
3rd Kyle Gora (NH) DEC Colin Nation (FL), 6-5
5th Justin Mayes (OH) F Justin Hoffman (NY), 3:30
7th Adrien Cramer (IL) F Darrien Stewart (MA), 2:35


170 LBS

1st Landon Foor (NC) DEC Dominic Falcone (PA), 8-7 UTB
3rd Tyson Meyer (MN) DEC Kaden Krouse (WA), 5-2
5th Ethan Pappas (OH) DEC Clayton Lundy (IN), 6-0
7th Aiden Hanning (NH) DEC Remington Winmill (ID), 7-1


182 LBS

1st Trett Joles (WI) M FOR Michael Misita (NJ), 9-2 3:48
3rd Justin Hart (PA) DEC Carsten Rawls (CA), 9-6
5th Holden Cypher (NC) F Owen Amburgy (OH), 1:25
7th Parker Bennett (TN) F Jon Owens (PA), 1:56


195 LBS

1st Peyton Craft (NJ) MD Brandon Hoselton (IL), 10-2
3rd Danny Stradley (DE) DEC Scott Schlett (NJ), 8-4
5th Todd Degroat (NY) F Aidan Gardner (PA), 1:25
7th Jackson Crawn (NJ) F Kaleb Walley (GA), 1:28


220 LBS

1st Kyonte Hamilton (MD) F Nathaniel Deasey (AZ), 1:31
3rd Justin Darter, Jr. (CA) DEC Mason Arnold (FL), 8-6 SV
5th Sean Horner (NJ) MD Michael Toranzo (NJ), 10-2
7th Dawson Dietz (PA) F Ty Jordan (MD), 1:07


285 LBS

1st Dylan Fairchild (GA) F Cross Henderson (NC), 1:49
3rd Ryder Wiese (OK) F Drake Davis (SC), 2:46
5th Trayvon Jamison (SC) MD Seth Schneider (OH), 14-4
7th Jacob Moore (AZ) F Tristan Kemp (MA), 1:08


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